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Essay: Dissertation: Engro Foods Limited organisational cultures and leadership styles

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Officially launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation, Engro Foods Limited is as a stepping stone of the corporation to get entered into the food business. Engro has established state-of-the-art processing units in various cities of Pakistan and has expanded its plant operations. Fueled by a vision to bring to the fore innovative food products packed with quality, value and nutrition, Engro Foods’ made its foray into the consumer foods business.

Whereas, Nestle Pakistan Limited (NPL), formerly known as Nestle Milkpak Limited is a company that manufactures, processes and sells food products and ancillary equipment. The food products include dairy, confectionery, infant nutrition and culinary products, coffee, beverages and drinking water. The major brands include Milkpak UHT, Nestle Everyday, Lactogen and Nescafe.

The Consumers consider Nestle as the best quality product manufacturer and the same is reflected in the introduction and launch of Nestle MilkPak. It established its brand image very soon and many other organizations later followed the same pattern to introduce their brands in the same market which has now become fiercely competitive.

The purpose of making this report is to analyze the overall organizational cultures that are prevailing and the leadership styles are being followed in both Engro Foods and Nestle Pakistan Limited. The analyzation is being done according to HR practices implemented in both of the organizations.

The report carries overall information regarding Engro Foods and Nestle Pakistan Limited. Detailed introduction, organizational culture, business orientation and plant operations have been discussed on the basis of which studies have been further extended to draw conclusion over leadership style followed in both organizations, respectively.

To grasp over the relevant information firsthand knowledge and second hand knowledge techniques of gathering information were consulted. In this regard, the questioners were prepared and interviews were conducted at the office of both Engro and Nestle.

During our research we found various differences between the said organizations despite carrying somehow same operations. Later on a comparative analysis has been drawn to provide a lucid understanding to the readers. The overall attitude of Engro’s management was found people centered and sense of collaboration among employees was found. While management of Millac is somehow business focused.

In last, few recommendations have been made in this report, some of which are even difficult to analyze due to our limitations of time and space. For more information kindly go through the whole document.


Company Profile:

Engro Foods Limited was officially launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Engro in 2004. Using dairy as a stepping stone to enter into the food business, the Company has established state-of-the-art processing units in Sukkur and Sahiwal, along with an ice cream production facility in Sahiwal.

Top quality brands like Olper’s, Olwell, Tarang, Omore and Owsum have been successfully launched under the helm of Company’s dairy products. To support these brands and their highest standards of quality, Engro Foods has invested heavily in milk processing and milk collection infrastructure.

With an acquisition of Al Safa – a fast growing and established Halal meat brand – Engro Foods is now venturing into North American market starting from Halal Foods category. The new organization, Engro Foods Canada Ltd. with a subsidiary Engro Foods USA, LLC, intends to aggressively grow the business in this market.

With the vision of Elevating Consumer Delight Worldwide, Company’s significant focus will be towards the global operations in the years to come.

Fueled by a vision to bring to the fore innovative food products packed with quality, value and nutrition, Engro Foods’ made its foray into the consumer foods business in 2006 with the launch of Olper’s, our flag-ship all- purpose milk, which soon became a house-hold name widely known for its rich, creamy freshness, high nutrition content and exciting, vibrant packaging.

Since then, we have surpassed all expectations and given the foods business in Pakistan a new direction and a different spin with brands that go beyond the conventional and the ordinary by forging new standards in product innovation.

So as we continue to deliver excellence, Engro Foods will continue to bring premium food brands in the market that will exceed consumer expectations in every way, every step of the way…with firm emphasis on our passion for innovation and promise on quality.


At Engro Foods, we derive our success from the combined expertise, knowledge and skills of our leadership representing a group of highly successful and dynamic professionals, who bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience and steer the company to great ideas that pave the way for new product innovations – and our continued success.

DIVERSIFY: moving beyond the traditional dairy portfolio and explore new categories to delight consumers
DECIPHER: bringing clarity in approach within our dairy portfolio to encompass a wider consumer segment
DISTANCE: the brand portfolio to allow further expansion
DEVELOP: extending physical reach to other geographies for exploring the untapped possibilities

Engro is Japanese culture organization
Low power distance and open cu
Engro Foods is working on open door policy
In Engro Foods suggestions are always we welcomed from the employees
Engro has always got the award of highest paying company since many years


People at ENGRO FOOD LIMITED are very dynamic and vibrant with an attitudeof challengingthe norms, at the same time these people are highly professional, ethical and result oriented.

These are people who want to shine, make a name for themselves and for that they are willing to go the extra mile.

People at ENGRO FOODS are driven to achieve greater success they look for new and exciting ways to return value to their customers and shareholders.

There are more than 700 experienced employees and in ENGRO input of every employee is encouraged.

ENGRO is striving to become employer of choice by providing a work place where people feel confident, valued and provided with training.

Consumer Centric

Ever since Millac Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. began its pioneering journey, it has strived to serve its consumers with brands of supreme quality. The taste preferences and well being of the consumer base is of paramount importance, paving the path of interpretation and imposition for any decisions taken at Millac is to meet the bar of consumer demand so that their expectations could be met.

On the other hand, Engro is working on the same grounds; Client’s satisfaction is our top priority. The Company’s culture is dynamic and energetic, with emphasis on core values and loyalty of customers. The work environment promotes respect for the clientele.
The tone for corporate culture and the importance of customers was set after the Company was bought out by employees in 1991. As the Company grows, it is determined to keep our culture open and transparent, and inclusive for all our employees and customers.

Recall among Consumers:

Four exhaustive decades and more hits than trials and errors later, Millac claimed to have succeeded in making the most trusted name when it comes to the choice of dairy in millions of households in Pakistan. Millac Foods believes that whatever is ‘made in Pakistan’ must be a direct representation of all the hidden potential, unrelenting hard work and emphasis on quality that our human resource base holds. Millac Foods will never compromise on these basics.

Here at Millac Foods, recall among consumers valued alot – without the hard work and consumers’ trust, the relationship would never have grown to be this strong. Millac achieve so much by empowering the human resource for recalling the company name among consumer market- it remarked business recall as most valuable asset. That is why the ensure developing systems that facilitate efficient operations and a complete focus on total quality management.

On the same lines Millac Foods brings out the multi tasker you never thought you had in you! We strive to perform in line with the aggressive business philosophy and culture of the company. Millac Foods is extremely dynamic- there are no limits to creative thinking and debate and questioning are welcomed. There’s little wonder Millac Foods is considered to be one of the most encouraging and progressive places to work for young professionals.”

Health and Safety Environment
Engro manage and utilize resources and operations in such a way that the safety and health of our people, neighbors, customers, and visitors is ensured. The Company believes in safety, health and environmental responsibilities extend beyond protection and enhancement of their own facilities.

On the other hand Millac has claimed to provide a dynamic work environment where working on a wide range of assignments related to accounts, management reporting, costing, forecasting, budgeting, variance reporting, co- ordination of management meetings, finance, taxation, legal and other corporate affairs takes place- Millac Foods strive to perform in line with the aggressive business philosophy and culture of the company. Millac Foods is extremely dynamic- there are no limits to creative thinking and debate and questioning are welcomed. There’s ittle wonder Millac Foods is considered to be one of the most encouraging and progressive places to work for young professionals.

Business Development:
In overall conversation it was observed and it is quite natural that Business development is the foremost priority of both Engro foods and Millac foods.


CSR Activities:
We believe that a successful business creates much bigger economic impact and value in the community, which dwarfs any philanthropic contribution. Hence, sustainable business development is to be anchored in commitment to engage with key stakeholders in the community and society.

On the other hand Millac is not actually initiating such projects.

People Centrism

Engro strongly believe in the dignity and value of the people. The organization consistently treat each other with respect and strive to create an organizational environment in which individuals are fairly treated, encouraged and empowered to contribute, grow and develop themselves and help to develop each other.The Company does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.

While at Millac concentration is more drawn towards production.

Innovation and Risk taking
Success requires Engro to continually strive to produce breakthrough ideas that result in improved solutions and services. The Company encourages challenges to the status quo and seeks organizational environments in which ideas are generated, nurtured and developed. Engro appreciates employees for well thought out risks taken in all realms of business, and for the results achieved due to them, acknowledging the fact that not all risks will result in success.

Millac comparative to Engro is not that much acquainted with the culture of taking risk and experiences the thirst for success.


Engro fully supports employees who wish to positively impact the communities around them. Their volunteering efforts are supported through the company-wide initiatve “EnVison” (Engro Volunteers in Service of the Nation).

The initiative is managed by a team of Engro employee volunteers through an EnVison Council. The EnVison ouncil is jointly responsible for selecting, implementing and promoting volunteering opportunities for employees across engro companies. Employees self nominate themselves to become part of the EnVison Council; this processe empowers employees to demonstrate strong leadership skills to bring positive social change.

On the other hand, in Millac we did not find such extra efforts.

3.3 Internal Communication Platforms:
Internal meetings for employee empowerment and other managerial meetings on weekly basis held where organizational issues are discussed

On the other hand, in Millac we did not find such extra effort

Work life balance
Engro understand the importance of family and appreciate that the employees need to balance their professional and personal responsibilities. It is their intent to make it easier for our employees to manage their work/life balance more effectively. Engro claimed to encourage our employees to take part in numerous programs aimed at
strengthening their overall wellbeing.

While Millac is leg behind such modern organizational culture’s adaptability.

Engro women network:

Engro believe that networking, coaching and mentoring provide opportunities for people to grow personally and professionally throughout their careers at the Company. Engro is known to be an equal opportunity employer. As part of our diversity initiatives, “WEAVE” was formed to facilitate informal networks and relationships among women employees of Engro across functions and affiliates.
At Millac equal opportunity employer is appreciated but no coaching and mentoring available.

5 Structure
5.1. The corporate hierarchy? Flat or vertical

Engro Foods: The hierarchy is vertical and there is a proper reporting line.
Millac Foods: The hierarchy is vertical and there is a proper reporting line, but at production plant, company has a unity of command, each department has one head, which is responsible for the department progress, all people report him for their work.

5.2. How do you handle diversity?
Engro Foods: Diversity is handled by being unbiased, fair dealing and setting a fair image initially promoting hard work from top to bottom this creates a good impression on the diversity of employees and they also work to maintain this image. No discrimination on ethnic or religious lines

Millac Foods: Management is strict to avoid such situations which create any discrimination. The best way to avoid or control work place diversity is to promote an environment where people will concentrate on their work only. And those people who tiy to create any problem in such conditions are warned on spot.

5.3. Labor demand and Supply?
Engro Foods After the emergence of new food companies, market has become much more competitive and employees are less loyal to the company. Whenever they get any opportunity better than the existing job, they just opt for that. Which is there right, however company is aware of this fact and that’s why they do not have any formal strategy for succession planning. They do consider the people from inside but proper succession planning is not practiced in these days. When they entered into the market they used to have strategy regarding this matter. But now due to market trends they have transformed there new strategies. According to the management if s not useful to invest a lot in the employee at a larger extent. They do develop employees for their career planning but no formal succession planning is practiced.

Millac Foods: Usually we face labor demand and supply issue in marketing, sales or at outlets,
otherwise at our production plants, labor do not switch their jobs very quickly.

5.4. How do you respond to Skilled Worker shortage?

Engro Foods: Due to entering of new companies in food industry the competition has been increased. Like other areas HR departments is facing the threat of employees switching from our other companies. The skilled and qualified workers are being attracted by the other local or multinational companies. That is why we believe continuous learning program for employees, so that they keep learning and if someone in skilled workers left our company, any existing employee could take his responsibilities.

Millac Foods: Unfortunately employees are not so loyal with the companies, like other companies, we are also facing this shortage of skilled labor. To get rid of this problem, we have job rotation system at our production plant. There is not a single person expert in one thing. Or we also focus on one thing that if someone has a command on one thing, should teach his subordinates about his expertise.

5.5. How do you identify and address labor needs?

Engro Foods: At Engro Foods, we have suggestion boxes in each department, labor can give us their feedback through written applications or they can directly contact the concerned person for their needs and wants. However, supervisors/managers are responsible to identify labor’s needs. Once the need is identified, management sits together and discusses the ways to fix it. Labor is also a part of this problem identification and solving it.

Millac Foods: Millac Foods also following the same pattern as discussed above by Engro Foods, but labor involvement/participation is comparatively low in Millac Foods as compare to Engro Foods.

5.6. Is your organization networked? How are people managed?

Engro Foodfl Engro Foods have dedicated teams within our HR setup that engages employees in a variety of different work life-balance activities, angling, camping, sports leagues, talk shows are just a few to names. Communication on healthy living is a major topic of discussion on all our employee communication forums.

Millac Foods: Yes! Each department is connected with the other department. HR plays a vital role in it. Company have different employee involvement programs, marketing and sales team often visit production plant so that they would better networked and a friendly environment is developed.

5.7. Remuneration as compared to industry? Benefits and incentives
Engro Foods: It depends from department to department and employee to employee, but we give better benefits and incentives thats why people are reluctant to switch from organization, usually sales and marketing people are more privileged with perks as compare to other employees, however we offer following benefits and incentives

* Rent Allowances
* Company Car
* Travel Allowances
* Medical Entitlement
* Insurance Policy
* Annual Vacations
* Maternity Leaves
* Employee Old Age Benefit
Millac Foods: Benefits and incentives are given to only those employees who are well deserved, it is true that we do not offer such incentives and benefits which are offered by multinational companies, but at each level we make sure that everyone is catered whatever he deserved.

5.8. What are the HR policies and practices? TNA, Performance appraisals HR Mission Statement
Engro Foods:
“To lead the organization in enhancing its human capital and creating a winning environment Where everyone enjoys contributing to the best of one’s ability”
Engro Foods achieve this by:
* Inspiring and motivating its people
* Developing its people to strive for higher standards
*Driving an open minded and enterprising corporate culture where people through leadership
At all levels dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail and dare to succeed.
*Attracting and recruiting the best talent.

Engro Foods has a very defined and well structured department and its various policies of keeping each employee productive part of the organization are intoned with the corporate world’s requirement. Employees in the company are largely committed to their organization and have shown progress in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR department. It has one of the best HR systems in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its competitors

HR Practices:
These are few of the HR practices that we have learned from our resource person.
* Planning
* Recruitment
* Selection
* Training & Development
* Compensation
* Performance Appraisal System
* Occupational Health and Safety measures
* Career Planning and Development
* Research and Development

Performance Review:
At Engro Foods, a review is intended to be an open and frank discussion between an employee and their Team Leader/Manager. Generally there are two elements: first is the element in which discussion takes place over the strengths and areas which need to be developed as displayed by the job holder over the past 12 months. The performance is of course judged comparing the performance against the core indicators of Job. The second element is concerned with discussing the training needs/inputs activities that are considered to be appropriate to help the job holder overcome some of development areas discussed in the review and also those activities that are deemed appropriate to build upon their current Strengths

Objectives of Performance Appraisals
* To measure the work performance
* To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance
* And achieving their professional goals
* To identify employees with high potentials for advancements
* To identify employees training and development needs
* To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

5.9. What are the compensation policies? How do you reward and employee?
Engro Foods: The active and effective role played by HR in people development at different levels organizational, departmental and individual is considered to be one of the most critical factors leading to the development of a winning corporate culture.

Reward System:
Engro Foods considers its employees not just as a cost but also as a resource in which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and programs are one of the most important human resource tools for encouraging desired employee behaviors. The advantage of paying above the market average is the ability to attract and retain the top talent available, which can translate into highly effective and productive work force. The incentive schemes and incentive objective have been clearly communicated to all individuals
and weekly progress report is also communicated to all concerned

Compensation and benefit plans:
Engro Foods has a separate department for compensation. That department deals in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this department has all the information regarding who is being employed and how it is performing. What so ever promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it’s easy for them to design compensation plans because they know every employee which is being hired. Compensation and benefit plans are particularly based on performance. If performance is up to the standards and the employee has good conducts he is rewarded. After performance evaluation, results are rechecked and matched with the standards. Based on that, proper compensation plans are designed.

Reward Categories at Engro Foods
Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include:

* Smart/Quality work
* Exceptional performance in a project
* Targets achievements
* Special assignments
* Medical care
* Life insurance
* Vacations
* Relocation
* Recreation
* Club Policy Travel
* Education assistance policy
* Mobile phone
* Business mobile phone policy
* Official Blackberry Policy
* Life insurance
* Medical entitlement
Medical Insurance is given to employees by Adam Jee Health Insurance between the band of Rs. 40,000 to 80,000 depending upon the rank or grade of the person. Hospitalization is given between Rs 10,000 to 50,000.

Millac Foods: We did not find any compensation for employees and facilities, however they offer following rewards and benefits to the employees.

* Medical
* Gratuity fund
* Incentives
* Bonuses
* Recognition
* Appreciation
* Workplace program
* Food Subsidy
* Loan Insurance
* Children Education allowa
* Overtime Clai
* Medical Claim
* Mobile deduction Claim
* House Rent

5.10. Is there a gender bias?
Engro Foods: No. Most organizations these days don’t have any gender bias while recruiting for the required job. It is unethical and even illegal to deprive someone a job based on their gender.
Millac Foods: There are few jobs at which you can not hire females, like at production plant you always need a male with enough strength to perform regular work, overall company does not believe in gender biasness; currently company has all female brand managers.
5.11. What are the gaps in communication process at organization?
Engro Fi Yes there are People – system gaps: People-system gaps occur when the information a person needs from a system is not easily accessible, readily available, or accurate. When people-system gaps occur, systems fail to provide people with the information they need to do their jobs and inefficiencies occur. Likewise, people-system gaps occur when people fail to enter the appropriate information back into systems.

Take the example of a difficult-to-access database. People may neglect to update the database, rendering it useless to anyone who seeks up-to-date information. Likewise, employees may create a “work-around” solution, defeating the purpose of having a database at all. When people can’t easily pull or push information to and from systems, the systems themselves risk becoming obsolete.
System – system gaps: Often times, system-system gaps occur when a business process is cross-departmental or cross-functional. Sharing information among systems from different departments, or among multiple systems in different areas, can present a communication challenge. When different departments or business units use different IT systems, data must be entered and re-entered, leaving room for data entry mistakes and creating gaps between different parts of an organization.

When communication lapses or errors occur in any of these information transfers, it can cause significant inefficiencies, waste, and business process delays.

Millac Foods: In Millac Foods, when communication lapses or errors occur in any of these information transfers, it can cause significant inefficiencies, waste, and business process delays
and to mitigate these issues we conduct weekly meetings to discuss and resolve.

5.12. How do you handle the language barrier issue? Grapevine
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Language Barrier
Hiring of local resources, all people across Pakistan can easily communicate and understand Urdu, so we do not face this issue, but in sales and distribution team we hire People of that specific area to avoid this issue.
Provide training for customer service personnel. Training should include language barrier procedures as well as common phrases in other languages that can be used when handling customer.
The grapevine is always about people, and travels faster than any other mode of communication. People at the receiving end of gossip may even take the drastic step of quitting. An open culture with the freedom to approach the management is important to tackle the grapevine through,
* An open Culture
* Communicate ASAP
* Keep Employees busy
* Eliminate uncertainty

5.13. What kind of relationship exists between the leaders and the followers?

In both companies relationship between leaders and followers is a democratic one where there is good consultation and the employees can feel free to discuss their issues with the Management and seek help if wanted




Best Practices

6.1. Are there any best practices learned or adopted by the organization?

Engro Foods: Company has earmarked funds for development activities; the enthusiasm of its employees for volunteer work has been the most pleasant surprise. Engro volunteers (known as Engro Torchbearers) can participate in and all are surprised when events planned for the weekend drew the largest crowds. Employees at all levels of the company are willing to sacrifice weekend hours to volunteer at hospitals, schools and in disaster hit areas.

Millac Foods: Whether it’s the playing field or the work arena, at Millac Foods you get the best of both worlds. Company’s diversity and wellness initiatives help employees to reach the heights of passion and achieve goals.
In Millac Foods Milk Outlets help you see how your smile can make a difference. That’s why we encourage you to spread smiles through volunteer work in the community. It is this culture of responsibility that makes a career here so rewarding for our employees.

6.2. How you improve ethical behavior?

Engro Foods & Millac Foods:

Ways to positively impact ethical behavior include:

* Act as a role model for the ethical behavior you wish to see in your employees
* Ensure your company has established and regularly trains employees in business codes of conduct and business ethics
* Work with your HR department to ensure potential candidates are screened for highly ethical conduct
* Train all new employees on their expected ethical behavior such as arriving to work on time, treating company expenses as if it were their own personal checkbook, keeping personal time to a minimum.
* Provide an employee ethics hotline.
* Hold open discussions with your employees on how your company or department can improve their ethical behavior

6.3. What is the employee development program?

Engro Foods: Yes, we do. Two years ago, Engro Foods – our 100% shareholder – picked up quite a good team of people from each of the subsidiaries in the different countries. These people spent three to six months in each of the subsidiaries across the world. The training programme was associated with the London Business School and has been very useful. Now that those team members are back, they are adding a lot of value to company.

Millac Foods: There is a continuous assessment of the technical and managerial skills. For the further enhancement of these skills formal training programs offered at all levels. The employees are provided with opportunities to put these skills into practice, in preparation for the move to a managerial role.

6.4. What is the most important factor at the time of selection?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both Companies have almost same criteria for employment.
* Attitude
* Ability to express ideas
* Drive/energy
* Team player
* Organization fit
* Passion/enthusia
* Believe in continuous working
Acceptability of new technology and ideas

6.5. Is there any stress management program?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both companies have a relaxation program to mitigate stress and we conduct exercises to burst stressors on employee day out usually in form of picnics and Pakistan/International Tour. Smoking areas, indoor games, coffee area are a part of it. As compare to Millac Foods, Engro Foods have more such programs.

6.6. Do you conduct exit interviews?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Yes we do conduct exit interviews.
6.7. How do you handle conflict?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both companies have training sessions to mitigate such conflicts, few training session are,
* Conflict management training
* People management training
* Communication skills
* Anger management
* Time management training
* Teamwork training etc
6.8. What kind of leadership does your organization has and how they influence the subordinates?
Engro Foods: The leadership in Engro Foods is democratic and open to discussion and friendly. As a consequence the employees feel free to talk to the superior management and discuss their problems that make for a healthy and good working atmosphere and good team work making a family like environment.

Millac Foods: The leadership in Millac Foods is in between autocratic and democratic, company is owned by an entrepreneur and he is the one who takes final decision, however people are open to give ideas, and are appreciated for problem solving but final decision is taken by the Chairman.

7.1 What do you do to improve people s skills? Any example
Engro Foods: Engro Foods is one of the organizations in Pakistan that have its own training and skill development departments in all metro cities. We offer trainings and skill development sessions throughout the year, and it is compulsory for every employee to attend these sessions. Company conducts sessions for employee motivation, skills grooming, personal grooming, and communication and presentation skills. Company also take employees to outside the office in different clubs and farm houses where people spend time together and play different games so that they can better understand each other and all these activities have a positive impact on their professional as well as personal life.

Millac Foods: Millac Foods also follow almost the same practices, a lot of training sessions; they are in contract with skill development firm. They have skill development programs for other staff but they are less focused on the technical staff.

7.2. How do you stimulate innovation and change?
Millac Foods: In both company’s policy, 6 common attributes are common in order to stimulate innovation and change, but the only difference is that for both companies, every point has its own value and give priority to that point as per their wish or requirement.

1. Be open and receptive to new ideas
Being open to new ideas implies that every idea can be discussed, challenged and enhanced, regardless of its origin. New ideas can come from customers, suppliers, partners or many other sources. The idea is the hero, not the person. Every idea that comes your way should be seriously considered, no matter who came up with it Or how similar it seems to something you’ve tried before.
2. Continuously experiment
Progress requires a regular flow of new ideas that are then tested and experimented with. Just as soloists need to deal with work flow and cash flow, you also need to have an ideas flow. Write down every idea that comes to you, no matter how trivial or unlikely it seems at the time. You can later sift through these ideas to find the ones that are worth developing further.
3. Take risks and allow yourself to occasionally fail
Trying new ideas involves taking risks and not all of the ideas will work. But if you don*t take any risks at all, you pass up the chance of finding a great idea that might break new ground for your business
4. 4. Have fun
Fun is part of the journey of realizing your largely untapped creative potential. This involves a broader definition of fun – it’s not just the fun you have at a party or down at the beach but also the fun of trying things, taking risks, pushing yourself and achieving goals. a balanced life.
5. Retain a focus on results
All the above are important points, but innovation should still be set against the backdrop of producing results including meeting deadlines and budgets, staying fit and healthy and leading
6. Operate on the edge of chaos
Do you work in an environment that allows you to tolerate and work within the tensions and paradoxes that surface? You can occasionally fail as part of a focus on results. You can have fun while being serious about your work and you can make room for innovation and creativity at the same time as running an efficient and productive business.
7.3. How do you handle the work-life balance of employee? How many hours/days does an average employee work? Bifurcate indoor and outdoor working?
Engro Fooc It depends upon the nature of work, we have engineers and technical staff they work in shifts. Our marketing staff works very hard they spend mostly 10-12 hours daily in the office. Our company does not encourage late sitting culture. If you are done with your work can go to your home. Outdoor employees and technical department also work in shifts.

Millac Foods: In Millac foods most of the technical staff is hired by third party involvement and they are less bother for their work load and problems, as far as their own employees are Concerned they have stress management programs. They try to give the employees comfort And peace of mind at work place so that they can easy work late hours; company has a trend of late sittings because of work load.
7.4. Is there any job rotation, job enhancement or job enrichment procedure?
Engro Foods: Yes , we have a job rotation process but this program is not applicable in every department, for example in engineering department we often shift people so that they can learn more and get technically strong, in marketing, CSR, corporate communication, PR, media, research and development and HR department we do not have any job rotation program. We have a plan to introduce Management Trainee program very soon, in which we will rotate fresh graduate business and engineering graduates in different departments. Yes, off course job enhancement and job enrichment is the part of job.

Millac Foods: In Millac Foods, in technical staff, when they hire people on entry level, they rotate them in different segments of the department so that they can better judge the interest of the employee, otherwise in other department they usually hire experienced people, expert in their own field and off course job rotation is not a problem for them. Job enhancement and job enrichment is completely dependent of the skills and ability of the employee.

7.5. Do you have flexi timing?
Engro Foods: No we do not have flexi time culture in our organization, although is a good technique but unfortunately in our organization nature of work or responsibilities does not allow employees to go for flexi time.
Millac Foods: Yes, in few departments we have flexi timings, for example in our call centers, we often give liberty to the senior call center executives to select the shift as per their wish, and people get benefit out of it. But in office work it is not possible for us to manage people in flexi time

7.6. Do the employees feel proud working at this organization?
Engro Foods: Yes! Employee feel proud of working in company, satisfied employee ratio is very high, usually people resign from organization, when they find a better opportunity only, nobody resign because of internal issues or work load or salary issues. Company pays good salaries and gives the employees a very good professional development environment and employees are Happy with the company and its rules.

Millac Foods: In Millac Foods, company has almost 96% of the satisfied employees, they love their job and happy with their packages, but the employees on the contract are not that much satisfied.
7.7. How do you involve people? Do you encourage participative decision making?
Engro Foods: Since company has a vertical hierarchy, people have specific decision making power on their level. Yes we encourage them when we need solutions from them. We provide them complete freedom to express their ideas with the concerned authority, it they are shy they can even participate via text, email or phone call. We encourage employees’ participation at every level.

Millac Foods: Yes! In Millac Foods it’s a part of our policy that company should encourage employees for new ideas and motivate them to bring positive change in the organization with their positive attitude towards work life. Employees who took right decision are appreciated a lot and their bonuses and other benefits reflect that correct decision making.
7.8. This organization encourages employees to exercise their own initiative? How?
Partially, because both companies have their own system and they appreciate if people follow them. It depends upon the task and decision, sometimes when a lot of technicalities or customers problems are involved then it becomes necessary for an employee to take the initiative of the decision which he made by himself, it is a FMCG industry and company carft waste time j ust for the approvals from the managerial level.

Change Management

8.1. How do you manage organizational change?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both companies manage or try to manage the organizational change in almost the same manner, since It is one of the major issues for HR people; the first step in managing any type of organizational change understands how to manage change with a single individual. In essence, to make a change successfully an individual needs:
* Awareness of the need for change
* Desire to participate and support the change
* Knowledge on how to change
* Ability to implement required skills and behaviors
* Reinforcement to sustain the change
ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement) describes successful change at the individual level .When an organization undertakes an initiative, that change only happens when the employees who have to do their jobs differently can say with confidence, “I have the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement to make this change happen.”

Because it outlines the goals or outcomes of successful change, ADKAR is an effective tool for:
* Planning change management activities
* Diagnosing gaps
* Developing corrective actions
* Supporting managers and supervisors
8.2. Any example of managing a change?
Engro Foods They didn’t provide any details
Millac Foods: with the change in managerial positions, employees working under that manager feel stress and starts thinking in a negative direction like new boss could be biased, he might wants to bring his own people in the department. Rumors and grapevine also started in the organization. So when we hire any person on managerial position we usually invite him for a lunch or tea with his or her subordinates, so that they can get to know each other. We try our best to decrease the communication gap between the bosses and the employee so that they can better Work together.
8.3. How does the organization comply with the standards formulated by the government?
Engro Foods: Company always designs policies as par government standards, because they have to follow the rules of government by hook or by crook. During making or designing policies for company or for customers we always keep the predefined rules and regulations in mind. That*s why company does not face any big problem from government sector, changing of rules and regulation from the government sector is a big challenge.
Millac Foods: Company does not have any other option to follow governments rules and regulations, no matter they are in favor of organization or not. That is why all policies are designed in such a way that amendments could be done at any time.

8.4. How do you respond the globalization impact?
Engro Foods: Things are rapidly changing outside the Pakistan, new trends are introducing in the world like flexi time, working via internet from home but unfortunately we can*t adopt these practices in our organizations right now. But hope fully we will adopt such standards in our organization very soon. With reference to technological point of view, Engro is the pioneer in state-of-the-art technology; they always bring the latest technology in Pakistan. But over infrastructure is a big issue for us.

Millac Foods: Company always gives priority to the best dairy products to the customers, they believe if people are satisfied with their products then they won’t feel harm in using their new technology, company have a separate research and development department, they do research
On new technology and come up with new technological changes beneficial for the customers.

Gauging Behavior

9.1. How employee attitude are measured?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both company measure employee attitude by conducting survey, in these surveys employees are asked questions which are based on physiology. When HR department check the results, they conclude the result that either employees are satisfied or not. If this unsatisfied attitude is due to any management issues, we try to solve it.
Department heads are much concerned about the attitude of their sub ordinates, they are asked to observe the attitude of their sub ordinates from HR department, HR department itself also conduct interviews and surveys to get to know the employees attitude and job satisfaction level. Because we believe that if our employee is satisfied and happy our custom will also be happy and satisfied with our services.

9.2. How do you measure job satisfaction?
Engro Foods: After putting a lot of money in employee’s satisfaction survey, Engro Foods have realized that job satisfaction is related to the salary, if the salary is good the person will be satisfied with his job, since company pays good salary to the employees, its employees are satisfied, but company conduct survey’s time to time to get to know more about the job satisfaction level of the employees.

Millac Foods: Company conducts surveys and interviews, and the most important thing is that employee’s attitude reflects itself that he is satisfied with his job or not? If his absence is increasing, he is not concentrating on his routine work (without having any personal and work place issues) then it is a sign that he is not taking interest in job because he is not satisfied.

9.3. What do you do if the salary structure is known to everyone?
Engro Foods: Company do not try to hide salaries, because it’s almost impossible to keep salary structure confidential, moreover after good friendship employees do not hesitate to share their salaries. And the other thing is that, people working on the same scale lies in the same pay scale level.
Millac Foods: In Millac Foods, it’s confidential and no one is allowed to disclose his salary with Anyone.

9.4. How do you cope up with temporariness?
Engro Foods: Usually company does not face this problem, people feel proud in working Engro Foods and company does not face this problem.

Millac Foods: According to the HR person, it is one’s right to switch his job, but we cannot stop anyone from this thing. We try our best to give the best to employees so that they do not switch quickly.
9.5. Do employees cut corners to meet the targets and deadlines?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Yes! People especially in business development department are much concerned with their targets and deadlines. Company provides them extra benefits and incentives which motivate them to work hard to achieve targets and deadlines.
9.6. How you cater absenteeism and turnover
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
We usually face absenteeism problem in our customer service/sales/technical departments, their working hours are higher than other employees, they deal with customers all the time, customers often misbehave with them, this attitude de-motivate them a lot. That*s why company always has employee’s training programs to motivate them for better services.
9.7. How do you handle emotions and moods of the employees?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
With any change in policies, employee’s mood change, this change could be negative or positive. To avoid their negative moods company give them justification regarding that change. With a proper face to face discussion on issues with employees company can bring a positive Change in the society.

9.8. How do you identify issues down the line?
Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
Both companies have few options to identify the issues down the line, they are common everywhere.
Communication meeting: Head of the department or president dedicate 1 or 2 days in a year in which employee calls him and discuss issues without showing their identity.

Whistle blower policy: If you have any problem with any one you can direct send an email to the HR manager by bypassing your upper management.

Face to face meetings: if there is some misunderstanding between the employees, HR arrange face to face meetings to resolve conflicts and all issues, this helps a lot and company usually use this method to resolve issues.

Suggestion box: Both companies are suggestion boxes in each department; employees can drop a letter without showing their identity.
9.9. Is there any political influence in the organization?

Engro Foods & Millac Foods:
No, there is no any political influence in both organizations. Both companies also discourage employees not to discuss political issues at workplace because conflicting opinions and thoughts can disturb the peace of organization.

9.10. Does employee show respect to each other?
Engro Foods: Yes! Employee give respect to each other, we always encourage them to keep good relations with their co-workers because your organization is a place where you spend the best time of your day in fact the best time of your life so you must be as good relations with them as you have with your family.

Millac Foods: Yes people give respect to each other and in our training sessions we always educate them to respect each other and if they have any personal conflict on anything then do not make it a part of your ego; your personal opinions should not have a bad impact on your professional life.

9.11. Do the employees feel their job is worthwhile / worse than most/enjoyable/desirable?

Engro Foods: Company always encourages employees to discuss their job circumstances with concerned person in HR, they discuss their problems with us and we try our best to figure them out. Job rotation, if possible is the best way to solve their situation. Mostly people feel like that when they have a problem with their boss or sub ordinate.
Millac Foods: Employees are satisfied with their job; they are happy with their jobs; pay levels and enjoy their work.
9.12. More experienced members of the organization take time to help new members?
Engro Foods: We organize a lot of events like corporate dinners, picnics, Eid and Christmas parties, basant and Valentine’s Day where senior and junior employees mingle to create a better understanding level and it helps them to make a comfortable zone for communication and work.

Millac Foods: Yes, off course without the help of senior staff a newly appoint or fresh person can’t get command on system and things, no matter you have a back ground from world’s best FMCG but you need time and require assistance of seniors to settle in any organization. We always encourage senior employees to help junior and newly appoint people.

9.13. Do the executives in your organization lead by example?

Engro Foods : All professional working in organization are the master of their field, they know their work and have guts to impress people with their work. All senior people are role model for their juniors and special trainings are conducted to minimize gap between executives and managerial level employees.

Millac Foods: Company’s executives share their experiences in seminars and sessions to motivate employees, these success stores motivate our employees to work hard for the Company and their career growth.

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