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  • Educational leadership
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Today the world has focused on leadership, because all the problems which emerge in the changing circumstances of the world are due to weak or poor leadership style. So, leadership plays a vital role in the lives of people. Similarly in the educational system, the role of head teacher as a leader has its critical importance. Current study is about the relationship between the leadership styles and job satisfaction level of higher Secondary School Teachers. For proficient management of an organization, human resources are its paramount essentials. competent leaders and subordinates give a lot to attain organizational goals. Positive relationship between teachers and head’s performance is necessary for raising educational principles (Khan et al. 2009). During the past decade, schools have undertaken fundamental changes in areas such as curriculum development, teaching techniques, teachers’ roles, and learning strategies. These changes have been brought about a shift in the philosophy that dominated the realm of educational leadership.

As Leithwood (1994) indicated, the form of instructional leadership corresponded well to the period of the 1980s and the 1990s because it met the opportunity of the public and the decision-makers’ expectations from the figure head. However, the changes undertaken during the 1990s could not be dealt with, when the head was functioning as an instructional leader. The concept of transformational leadership steadily moved to the center of the discussion as school heads were expected to bring the imaginative leadership to the institution’a task that was not taken care of, by instructional leaders. Leithwood and Jantzi (1990) showed that school heads that succeeded in their job have used a broad variety of mechanisms to motivate and activate their staff to bring about the changes in their school culture. A variety of leadership styles are used by the leaders but most frequently used styles are autocratic leadership style and democratic leadership style.

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