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  • Interpretation of Leadership
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The interpretation of leadership varies on what different individuals believe is a true leader. Although, with all the different explanations on what a leader is, it is impossible to advocate what a true leader is. Steven M. Smith states, “Leadership is the ability to adapt the setting so everyone feels empowered to contribute creatively to solving the problems.” But in my belief leadership is more complex. In this passage I will touching upon the topics: leaders and managers the same? Are leaders born or made? How an individual becomes a ‘leader’? And lastly the reasoning to why Malala Yousafzai is a prime example of a leader in the twenty first century.

A leader has many tools and skills, a leader is one that gives commands but is able to listen at the same time. Leaders are compared to managers a lot in the sense that they both overlook people. A main role of a leader is to inspire and influence workers however a manager’s role is to clarify goals and plan meetings. A manager looks forward to accomplishing his goals, yet leaders look forward to the future. Leaders create a vision, managers create goals. Next, another debatable topic is whether people are born leaders or made leaders. My belief is that leaders are made not born. Leadership consists of skills that can be adopted. This is proven by a study, according to the professors from the university of Illinois, “Only 30 percent of leadership qualities are in genetics.” Also, some that someone can do to help obtain the qualities of a leader is learning to able to get through to people and be a role model that will make them want to go and work harder.

A person that I believe in this day and age is a great representation of a leader is Malala Yousafzal. Malala is a young Pakistani female who grew up in a society where female education isn’t valued. Malala decided to speak up against corruption in the education system on behalf of all the women around the world. In the country Malala is living in there is a lot of terrorist groups that have control. Later Malala was targeted by the Taliban terrorist group. Malala was on her way back from school in a bus when men rushed the bus and shot Malala in the head with a gun. It was a miracle that Malala didn’t die. Malala is not only considered a leader but is also considered a hero for all the young females experiencing this but are too scared to speak up. Her leadership is shown through her courage to speak out against this corruption despite the fear of the Taliban. Malala didn’t choose to follow the crowd and not to speak out because of fear she stood up for what was right and inspired and impacted millions of females all around the world.

Malala is a leader that is different from any other leader because of the number of things that she has went through and sacrificed not just for her but people she doesn’t even know. Malala sacrificed her life and the safety of her family to change the lives of millions of females around the globe. It is proven that Malala is not the only person that feels this way, there was a petition created in support of Malala’s movement and dream to help females around the world get an education. This was supported by the United Nations and they got over 2 million people to sign it. Malala said, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” This is Malala inspiring people to speak out for what they believe in and is paving the path for the future and standing up for the people that can’t. Also, due to all of Malala’s hard work she was given a Nobel prize in recognition of her strength and her story. In short, Malala is one of the greatest leaders of all time and is a prime example of a leader in this day and age.

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