Essay: Non Existence of Gandhi words in India is portrayed in Aravind Adiga’s ‘The White Tiger’

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  • Non Existence of Gandhi words in India is portrayed in Aravind Adiga's 'The White Tiger'
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The objective of this paper is to analyse the existence of Gandhian words in India. In the novel ‘The white Tiger’ Aravind Adiga picturises the non existence of gandhian words in India. Bribes, Slavery, Prostitution are some of the vices picturised in this novel. This paper compares society with the novel.
Aravind Adiga portrays the Social indifference i.e., rich and poor, which is still followed in India. Eventhough India is noted for seculadr and Democracy, the peoples still hide their identity to get employment and for social status. The novelist chooses a different style of writing that is a character narrating his biography to the other one.
Religious In difference:
India is noted for secular country. In this country, people can lead their life without any religious and caste in difference. The current situation of India is picturised in the novel ‘The White Tiger’. The character Ram Persad hides himself as a Hindu for the sake of employment. Actually he was a Muslim. The practice of Untouchability is registered in this novel. The Character Mr. Ashok regrets when he taps Balram, because he is a worker and belonged to other community. Even now the particular people of this country cannot minglewith one another for a ceremony.
The most sin in India is Brribery. According to Law, Giving and Receiving bribe is offence. The Character Mr. Ashok and his family are ready to bribe the government ministers for their business without any guilty. ‘We are driving past Gandhi, after just having given a bribe to a minister.’ Through this character the novelist registers the worse condition of this country.
‘Bribery is to go against law in foreign country but in case of India Bribery is given to do the duty.’ Even to recover the dead corpse bribery is given by their relatives.
According to Adiga, the servant in India will remain in the same position for generation. The landlords of this country will not their servant to come up in their life. But if it is in foreign country, they give way to improve the life of their workers and they treat them as fellow human being. The family of Balram remains as a servant for generation when they employ in their village. They were treated as slaves without any respect. But when Balram starts his taxi business to American outsourcing company in Banglore, they treat him as a fellowmen. They won’t care about the community and religion of Balram.
Mafia Bosses:
Mafia Bosses are those who lack humane even though they are rich. The novelist comments them with animalistic name as adjective because they behave like an animal. The adjectives are The Stork, Wild Boar, Raven and Buffalo.
One of the policies of Gandhiji is not harassing anyone and prefers vegetarian. The character Balram shines after murdering his boss Mr. Ashok to lead a better life. Killing of animals is going against Gandhiji, but here he kills a human. It shows how far we are from the words of Gandhi. To survive in this world people are ready to take the life of others. It shows the crucial condition of this human society.
Youth avoid villages:
According to Gandhi Village is the Backbone of India. But now youth are vacating villages and they want to settle in metropolitan city and they never show interest to return to their hometown at any cost. The character Balram represents the youth of abandoning villages, parents and relatives. It results to the increase of old age asylum in this country.
Money minded people:
The character Balram compensate when his driver killed a baby in an accident but he is not ready to see his relatives. He offers only prayer for their spirits to remain peace. He is ready to invest money if he gets profit or in business but he is not ready to spare money for his parents and relatives. The character is an example of money minded people.
According to Adiga, Polygamy is practiced still in India. To register this in his novel, the character Mr. Mukesh forces his brother Mr. Ashok to marry second time to continue his family prestige, after he was left alone by his wife Pinky Madam to Newyork city.
Denied Education:
Education becomes a successful business in India. This sector is treated as a golden egg laid duck by the business men. Education was denied to poor children because of privatization. As a result, the character like Balram lost his education and becomes a murderer. Suppose Education was offered to him, he may be a respectful person in of his intelligence. So denied Education is going against Gandhiji words.
Prostitution in Capital:
Delhi is a capital of India but prostitution is practiced in some parts. One of the cultures of India is to give utmost respect to women society and Gandhi also insist his followers to respect women society but now the condition prevails in this country is a regretful. The country is going to degenerate our valuable culture. If it is not checked at this time, the character like Balram may be induced to go against culture and tradition of this country.
Adiga critises this country and the life style of the people. By narrating the current situation to the Premier of China, he wants the Indians to know that the society is going in a dangerous way. So the novelist alarms the reader to lead a life without harassing others. It is possible only if we follow the words of Gandhiji.

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