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Ernest Hemingway was one of the most significant novelists of the 20th century. He revolutionized the idea of what an American writer was, though he was the biggest celebrity of his day and age .He was born in twenty first of July, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, as a young man he worked in the school newspaper and then in graduation instead of going to college, he went to the Kansas City Star to work for newspapers, that background in journalism had a lot to do with his later literary style . Ernest Hemingway writing style was significant because he was so brief and straightforward with his short concise sentences. During world war one he served as an ambulance driver and then he moved to Paris when he wrote his first novel’ The Sun Also Rises’ in 1926. His works had a big success, but his life was stormy, he had this pathological thing that as soon she married one woman he fell in love with another one usually much younger one and his happened over and over again . He was married four times, with his first wife Hadley they had a son John with his second wife Pauline he had two sons Patric and Gregory, he was then married to the journalist Martha Gellhorn and then finally to Mary Welsh. In 1951 Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize of ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ and three years later he was honored with the noble prize in literature. In his later life he felt depression , anxiety probably mental illness , he suffered with alcoholism with an ongoing battle with entertainments in his life .He committed suicide when finally he found that all the virtues that he could have valued such as self controlled ad health productivity had to come and end. Hemingways greatest work may have been his life , the life that he lived, he continued being a writer, not just sitting in an isolated room but gambling and make a show about it . Ernest Hemingway wrote the Moveable Feast at the end of his life by 1956 Hemingway was in a horrible state, in both body and mind , but he could still continue with writing as a lifelong phenomena .The work is not just a traditional auto bibliography of Hemingway, but is a memoir that presents both roles of Hemingway as a man and as an artist. Hemingway writes about the sketches of Paris and scenes from his life there. Hemingway punctuated the memoir with emotions, he mentions with each single detail the unique taste of food specialties that he had to eat in Paris restaurants . Moreover he describes the moment when he is in a particular square in Paris and enjoying the characteristic smell of autumn rain in that place .Then in one brief chapter he describes the whole evening that he spend dinning with a painter, and where he explains how organized and particular he is when it comes to writing , if he starts to write for something at the end of the day he should had finished with that story and when tomorrows come he could have written for other new places of Paris and new friends .Such descriptions that bring the beauty and culture of Paris to life makes the book even more interesting and appropriate for both young and old readers .It is a combination of short stories he included his experiences in Paris and the great authors he got to know and meet over there . Anderson was correct when he said that all good writers are in Paris. After world war I Ezra Pound, F Fitzgerald, James Joyce G. Stein and Anderson were established in Paris. He opens chapter 11 with Ezra Pound.he claimed that Ezra Pound had respect for all the authors and he was a mother figure for a generation of modernist authors. Even though F Fitzgerald, James Joyce G. Stein and Hemingway himself have produced innovative work still Ezra edited them, helped the published in the magazines that Pound was associated with, he stands next to them when they are ready to be dying and tries to convince them to give up from suicide. Hemingway for all wrote “The best of Pound’s writing ‘ and it is in the Cantos ‘ will last as long as there is any literature. Then he writes about G. Stein, he described her as a lazy writer and this attitude from Hemingay towards a lady is very harsh since he is a man who valued discipline and should not be allowed to prejudice his colleagues. He mentions all their moments when they had to argue about publishing and writing, he highlights how stubborn was Stein on supporting her arguments and the way she liked to empower other writers. He also makes note of Ms Stein wearing her hairs like a man and when she concealed herself in men’s battle eager . All of this small indirect details are specific to his conservative writing style and let us to wonder is Stein was a real lesbian.In the end Hemingway claimed a new purpose why he had to go to Paris in 1920 and this was to escape the era of the great depression in the US. Hemingway was an artist who denied writing about political events or military precautions and so Paris having a Moulin Rouge of night life, its famous wine and fine cuisine become his moveable feast during the time of depression in the US. As his memoir is titled Moveable that’s what he author Hemingway does where he is looking for a new peaceful sort of living from one event to another visiting the fancy places of Paris. The love story between Hemingway and Hadley is one of the pathetical stories of American literacy. All the perspectives of this love story are mentioned in the memoir . In his later years Hemingway claimed that Hadley was the perfect woman for him while Hadely on the types argues that she was far from Hemingay ideals .Hadley admits that he started to change after his stories and poems were published in prestigious magazines, from that time he began to intend parties and dinning with rich artists and writers. During this time Hadely was shy and uncomfortable and from time to time she could even notice that most of those writers did not like the was that she was dressing .So Hadley highlights that Ernest changed a lot and that he was influenced negatively from this freedom and fancy places in Paris finding himself to test in guns and fishing gears .In Paris Hemingway betrayed Hadley he had a love affair with Pauline Pfeiffer who was fashion reporter and used to travel sometimes with the couple .In 1927 Hadely divorced Hemingway and few months later he married the fashion reporter Pauline .here in this memoir Hemingway emphasizes that Pauline was seducing him and that intention was to steal Hemingway from Hadley . So in this way we see how Hemingway tries to interrelate his role as an artist writing in a clear and direct style all the portraits of Paris with the factual scenes of his life there. The book is based on real events of him in Paris, but in some respects he fictionalizes all of this exposers. (smth about fiction here ).
Notes pg. 57 the phrase about hunger represents how difficult was life in Paris they were young and from time to time without money , hungry but still they were happy under he moonlight of Paris .Pg .176 On the following phrase Hemingway talks about the happy moments when sometimes we forget about the reality the stress of the daily life and just enjoy talking , drinking and laughing with your friend and beloved people .Also this can be those evenings when you are working on something very important and do not want others to disturb you .Pg.211 the last paragraph the memoir brings everything together , telling that we all have moments in life that we are poor , stressful , heartbroken or losers but still when we look back e realize that we were not really uhappy . Life has positives and negatives, it should be a blast and that’s why the book was titled a moveable feast presenting that life is not stationary, but is full of different stories, scenes and is funny how our mind makes us forget the difficult times and call up the good ones although Hemingway was writing about both sides in his memoir .

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