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Essay: Graham Greene – Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the bomb party

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A. General information:
Author: Graham Greene
Title: Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the bomb party
Published in: 1980
About Graham Greene:
Henry Graham Greene born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, October 2, 1904 ‘ died in Vevey, Switzerland, April 3, 1991. Was an English writer and an agent for the British Intelligence Service SIS.
The novel:
Doctor Fischer is a very rich man. His wife is deceased and has one daughter Anne-Luise hot. Alfred Jones (the protagonist) marries Anne-Luise. Anne-Luise want nothing to do with her father, nor with his “friends” whom she called “toads”.
Dr. Fischer bought his friends as it were, because he gave a lot of parties in which his “friends” gave a little job and then reward rewarded on a gift. It was a very expensive car or a very expensive piece of jewelry.
The parents of mr. Jones are both deceased as his ex-wife. The only one he has left is his wife Anne-Luise. Anne-Luise is much younger than he is, but they’re very in love. Mr. Jones takes her often to beautiful pictures and they go on ski holidays, ski but only Anne-Luise because mr. Jones feels too old for that.
One day, Jones has an appointment with Dr. Fischer was not until he met him. Anne-Luise was afraid that her father Dr. Fischer would invite one of his parties. One day this happened too. Anne-Luise had warned him not to go, but he still wanted one time to look and he would also leave at one time. When he was at the party had the toads as always had to eat porridge and had to perform a task. Mr. Jones found it to be too crazy and i went home.
Anne-Luise had the idea to go back one more time skiing, they skied for a long time and it was also very good. Once they were arrived was Mr. Jones the newspaper in the HOTEL but some reading and meanwhile, Anne-Luise skiing. Suddenly saw Mr. Jones the rescue team into action and went to see what was going on. There were around him said that it fixed again was an exercise. Mr. Jones was waiting at the ski lift at Anne-Luise so once again be the black run came rushing down. But to the amazement of the people turned out really to be someone on the stretcher. Mr. Jones saw someone lying on a red pulli, that was lucky his wife, because that was white. But when he looked closer, he saw that it was still a white pulli who was red with blood. To his horror, it was Anne-Luise. It turned out that she had done nothing wrong on the track, but it’s a little boy who was accidentally on the black run came against her had been clashes. They had been clashes with breakneck speed against a bomb and was unconscious. Mr. Jones had Dr. Fischer called natural right that he had to come, but the secretary of him was not to disturb him.
In the hospital arrived mr. Jones told that his wife was deceased. For the second time he had lost his wife.
Jones was desperate, he wanted to commit suicide. He went all ways to think of suicide. But he received another invitation from Dr. Jones to come on his last party and this time it will be a special celebration.
On the feast of Dr. Fischer got them just to eat and drink a lot of booze. After a while, as usual, they had to do a task. There were six of us and everyone had to pull a lottery ticket, if you would draw a “wrong” lottery ticket will explode a bomb which you dies, but if you have a “good” clasp pulls you have 2 million francs. The people did everything for money and everyone except 1 participated. So even mr. Jones did it, but he hoped he would attract the “wrong” ticket and would die and Anne-Luise encounter in heaven. Unfortunately for him, he chose a “good”. There was one person on and go 1 lottery ticket, so was the bomb in there. Mr. Jones wished lottery ticket buying the last person. When he pulled the lottery ticket did nothing and had Dr. Fischer just bluffing. Everyone asked why Dr. Fischer had done that, but he ran away and shot himself in the head. Jones wanted to go after him, but when he was wearing the gun to his head he thought himself that evil would probably be just as strong as the good, so why would I be able to continue living with Anne-Luise in a “heaven”.
In the story played “money” and “rich people” a very important role. This story would thus be able to play almost all times, because almost all times, there is a distinction between rich and poor people. The only thing that would not quite knock is that there used to be no black runs. Here was the wife (Anne-Luise) died of mr. Jones.
This would also make little difference to the rest of the story.
The story is told in the first-person narrator way.
Everything is told from the eyes of Alfred Jones. Everything he thinks and feels is in the story.
My opinion:
I think the book is: exciting, rushing, moving, funny, realistic, imaginative, interestingly, original and good to understand
-The Book is totally exciting, but that is the intention of the author not been.
-If You are in the story is do you keep reading, so it’s very compelling
-It Is quite touching as the wife of the protagonist dies, but that is the only touching the book.
-It Was I think a bit of the intention of the writer to make the book what’s funny, but I did not laugh once.
-The Story could be true.
-There Is nothing at all of fantasy in the book.
-The Book is quite interesting, because there are pieces that you will think about.
-I Like the subject of the book very original, I had never read a book about extremely rich people.
-The Book was easy to read and therefore easy to understand.
This work has put me quite think, because I had never empathized how it will be if your wife dies and if your father is an abnormally rich man.
This book does speak to me, because it is a different story than normal. Not such an adventure book, nor such a pathetic novel or something.

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