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Essay: Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird (Q & As)

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Why does Harper Lee use connections to her life in To Kill a Mockingbird’?

Lee uses connections to her life in To Kill a Mockingbird because it is easier for her to write about things that she has witnessed in real life rather than making up her story from her head. Shield shows a connection between Scout and Lee in his biography. Charles writes that Scout often get into fights at school and was feared by boys, this is just like in To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout and Lee also both wore pants and more male style clothing than dresses and things that were expected of them. Charles also says that Truman and Scout were close friends just like Scout and Dill, and Harper also hints that Truman was Dill when she says Dill was the only character. What might seem like not unimportant similarity is Lee called her father by his name instead of father, or dad. Jem and Scout both do this in the book.

In Marja Mill’s biography she has a picture of a large dark and some what haunted looking house that Harper lived next to. The Radley house could be based of this house. In Harpers Home town there was a courthouse that looked a lot like the one in her book. In the picture Harper is sitting on the balcony just like Scout, Jem, and Dill did during the case of Tom Robinson. Another picture of Harper relaxing in a rocking chair on her porch. Atticus in the book would relax on their porch in a rocking chair.

Q & As

What was Harper Lee’s reaction to winning the Pulitzer Prize?

She was numb with shock when she won the prize.

How did Harper Lee feel when she walked into the publishers’ office?

She felt terrified when she entered the office.

Describe a book jacket that is shown that you haven’t seen before.

Atticus was shielding Jem and Scout. A tree, maybe the one that Boo placed treasures in.

How did Nelle get her money to write?

She made her money as an airline reservation agent. She also receive money from the Brown family.

How does faith play a role in the Brown’s decision?

The money could have gone to waste if her writing didn’t get published

List one person’s reaction, shown in the interview, to To Kill a Mockingbird.

Oprah wanted to be Scout, she felt like she was Scout.

What are two topics that students bring up?

When atticus is questioning mayleu and you can tell that she is lying. One said it shows that one person can change the world.

How old was Harper Lee when the book was published?

34 years old

What makes Harper Lee’s characters indelible? Do you agree with that statement?

They go against stereotypes.

How is Scout an American character?

She pokes at the boundaries.

How does Scout struggle or face conflict?

She is the opposite of what society wants her to be like.

How does Harper Lee push the boundaries of the stereotype drawn about girls and women?

She wears pants and was a tom girl.

How does Scout’s life parallel Harper Lee’s life?

They both didn’t have a mother and where tom boys

How does Crain help Harper Lee?

He was her literary agent.

How many times was the book turned down?

She was turned down 10 times.

Give a positive and negative critique(point) given by the publishing company.

Seemed like a collection of short stories not a novel.

How many years of editing did it take before it was published?

It took 2 years.

How does Harper Lee enlist the use of the specific and the universal?

Because Jem broke his arm and all he cared that if he could play football or not.

When was the book set?

The book was set in the great depression.

How did kids play during the depression?

They made their own toys and games

Who practiced law in Lee’s life?

Truman practiced law and her father.

What did Lee use to type her stories?

she used a old type writer.

Who is the real life model for Dill?

Truman is the real life model of Dill

Which is the only ‘real’ character, according to Lee?

Dill is the only ‘real’ character.

How do deaths influence her life, prior to pursuing her writing career?

When was the book published?

The book was published in 1960

How was the book brave?

It was the first thing that was against the racism. Plus it came from the south.

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