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I have had a miserable vacation at the Dursleys. These are my only remaining family members after the dead of my parents when I still was a child. Luckily for Me. Fred, George and Ron came get me with a flying car.
The next day we arrived at the train station to go to Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry. We have to take platform 9 ??. But for some reason we can’t about it. I believed the spider end told the whole story to Ron and Hermione. I, Ron and Hermione went to the library to find more information about it but I found a diary, and started writing in it. The text disappears every time until I write my name in it. After a while the diary starts writing back, that way I know constantly more about the chamber of secrets. Hermione made a drink so you can change for an hour in to someone else. I and Ron drank it up so we can be Crabbe and Goyle (to get more info about the beast, because we think Draco is the one who released the beast) but he says that he didn’t do it.
After a while Hermione also turned into a stone and Ginny Weasel was kidnapped. Ron is upset about it and I found a secret entrance at the toilets. I take Ron and Gilderoy Lockheart to the toilets and talks like a snake to a washbasin, after it a sort of slide appeared behind the washbasin. We glide into it and come into a dark room, the chamber of secrets. After a time of walking Lockheart gets scared and walks back, He first tried to steal the magic want of Ron and tried to kill me and Ron but Lockheart hurts himself, so Ron had to stay at him. I continued and saw Ginny lying on the ground, when I tried to pick her up, I saw someone coming to me, Tom Riddle (the one who wrote back in the diary). He says that he is Voldemort. He sends the Basilisk (a big snake) to me, but I get a sword from a bird named Felix (the pet of Dumbledore), I hit the snake a few times and it died. Voldemort tried to kill me after it but Felix flew back to bring the diary, I grabbed a broken teeth from the Basilisk and hit it through the heart of the diary, and Voldemort disappeared. At the end everyone who was a stone turned back into itself.

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