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Quote (Kathy: Circumstance)
* My name is Kathy. H and I have been a carer now for over eleven years’ (Ishiguro 1)
* Introduces a sign of what to come
Quote 2 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘Driving around the country now, I still see things that remind me of Hailsham’ (Ishiguro 6)
Analysis 2
* Flashback beginning and shows where the whole story starts off
Quote 3 (Tommy: Circumstance) (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘If Tommy had genuinely tried, she was saying but he couldn’t be very creative’ (ishiguro 27)
Analysis 3
* Shows Kathy’s Ability to emphasize for Tommy and Really care for her friend
Quote 4 (Tommy: State of Mind)
* ‘No I don’t think she meant that, what she was talking about was what’s going to happen to us one day, Donations and all that’ (Ishiguro 29)
Analysis 4
* Shows critical analysis done by Tommy
* Expresses the value of friendship
Quote 5
* ‘I won’t be a carer any more come the end of the year and though I’ve got a lot out of it, I have to admit, I’ll welcome the chance to rest’ (Ishiguro 37)
Analysis 5
* Shows the amount of pressure there is to be being a carer
* Expresses Freedom
Quote 6 (Kathy: Circumstance)
* ‘Oh Baby, Baby Never Let Me Go’ (Ishiguro 71)
Analysis 6
* Kathy P.O.V caused Madame to cry
* Kathy dreams are expressed within this song
Quote 7 (Ms. Lucy: Circumstance)
* ‘All I can tell you is that it’s for a good reason, A very important reason but if I tried to explain it to you, I don’t think you’d understand, one day I hope it will be explained to you’ (Ishiguro 68)
Analysis 7
* Ms. Lucy thoughts about the students not being aware of their true purpose
Quote 8 (Tommy: State of Mind)
* ‘Madame probably not a bad person even though she’s creepy so when she saw you dancing like that, holding your baby, She thought it was really tragic how you couldn’t have babies’ (Ishiguro 73)
Analysis 8
* Shows Tommy’s inability to respond to these types of issues
Quote 9 (Ms. Lucy: Circumstance)
* ‘You’ve been told about it, You’re students, You’re special so keeping yourself very healthy inside, that’s much more important then each of you then it is for me’ (Ishiguro 61)
Analysis 9
* Shows how much Ms. Lucy understands for the students and her true ability to emphasize for others
Quote 10 (Ruth: Behavior)
* ‘Kathy it’s not your one, the one you lost I tried to find it for you but it’s really gone’ (Ishiguro 75)
Analysis 10
* The true honesty Ruth and Kathy have within their friendship and shows the ‘true’ side of Ruth’s personality and her character
Quote 11 (Ms. Lucy: State of Mind)
* ‘It’s just as well the fences of Hailsham aren’t electrified, You can get terrible incidents sometimes’ (Ishiguro 78)
Analysis 11
* Shows the ‘boundary’ the students at Hailsham believe in
* Shows how much emotion Ms. Lucy has about the truth about futures.
Quote 12 (Ms. Lucy: State of Mind/Circumstance)
* ‘None of you will go to America, None of you will become film stars and none of you will be working in supermarkets as I heard some of you planning the other day, your lives are set out for you’ (Ishiguro 81)
Analysis 12
* The truth is revealed to the students about their futures
* Has a significant impact on the students
Quote 13 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘None of us stopped to think about how she felt, Miss Lucy herself, We never worried if she’d got in trouble, saying what she did to us, we were so selfish back then’ (Ishiguro 88)
Analysis 13
* Shows the ability of Kathy to truly emphasize for others
* Shows Kathy’s true understanding about the past
Quote 14 (Ruth: Circumstance)
* ‘I want me and Tommy to get back together again, Kathy will you help’? (Ishiguro 103)
* The ‘Sisterhood’ between Kathy and Ruth is truly expressed
Quote 15 (Ruth: Behavior)
* ‘So that’s it, that’s what’s upsetting poor little Kathy, Ruth isn’t paying enough attention to her, Ruth’s got new big friends and babysitter isn’t getting played with so often’ (Ishiguro 124)
Analysis 15
* Shows Ruth’s ability to move on and think about the futures which provokes her personality change
Quote 16 (Ruth: Behavior)
* ‘Your upset because I’ve managed to move on, make new friends, some of the veterans hardly remember your name and who can blame them’ (Ishiguro 124)
Analysis 16
* Shows the gradual decline within Kathy and Ruth’s friendship overtime
* Shows how Ruth wants to fit in
Quote 17 (Ruth: Circumstance/Behavior)
* ‘I put them in a bin bag, but I couldn’t stand the idea of putting them out with the rubbish’ (Ishiguro 131)
Analysis 17
* Shows how Ruth wants to move on from her past and really think about the future
* Kathy reacts in a shocking way as she wants to remain ‘connected’
Quote 18 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘But when I think about it now, I can see things more from Ruth”s viewpoint, I can see far instance how she might have felt, I had been the one to violate an understanding’ (Ishiguro 129)
Analysis 18
* Kathy shows her realization about her mistake she made with Ruth
Quote 19 (Ms. Lucy State of Mind)
* ‘The problem as I see it is that you’ve been told and not told. You’ve been told but none of you really understand and I dare say, some people are quite happy to leave it that way but I’m not, if you are to have decent lives, you have to know who you are and what lies ahead of you ‘ (Ishiguro 81)
Analysis 19
* Shows more of Ms. Lucy thoughts about the clones not knowing their future
Quote 20 (Tommy: State of Mind)
* ‘You weren’t doing it for Kicks I could tell, Just like I can now, It’s your face Kath, the time in Charley’s Room, you had a strange face like you were so, maybe a bit scared’ (Ishiguro 136)
Analysis 20
* Tommy believed that Kathy was looking for her possible
* Shows how much sadness it is for the clones and his foolish behavior
Quote 21 (Ruth: Behavior/State of Mind)
* ‘Why do you have to be difficult, now of all times! I don’t get it, why do you want to make trouble’ (Ishiguro 148)
Analysis 21
* Shows how Ruth wants to fit in with the veterans and chooses to ignore her friend
Quote 22 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘It was possible to forget for whole stretches of time who we really were, we somehow managed to live in this cozy state of suspension’ (Ishiguro 140)
Analysis 22
* Shows the suspense of the clones that they have to live with throughout their entire life
* They have to think about donations and nothing else
Quote 23 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘No one would stop us if we wandered off provided we were back by the day and the time we entered into Keffers ledger book’ (Ishiguro 116)
Analysis 23
* Shows how much the students have when it comes to freedom but they still maintain beliefs of the ‘Boundary’
Quote 24 (Kathy: Circumstance)
* ‘Ruth you know, I think sometimes when you’re in a couple, you don’t see things clearly as maybe someone can from the outside, just sometimes ‘(Ishiguro 199)
Analysis 24
* Shows how fed up Kathy had with Ruth not understanding her view point
* Really understanding the true value of friendship
Quote 25 (Kathy: Behavior)
* ‘You know Ruth, we should try and sort it out what happened the other day’ (Ishiguro 199)
Analysis 25
* Shows Kathy’s ability to problem solve and think of solutions
Quote 26 (Ruth: Circumstance)
* ‘It’s Madame’s address, It’s like you were saying to me just now, You’ve at least got to try’ (Ishiguro 233)
Analysis 26
* Shows how much, even after the tough times, Ruth decides to open up at her last moments
Quote 27 (Ruth: Behavior/State of Mind)
* ‘I almost did tell you a few times, she went on, But I don’t even then at the time, I realized your look back one day and realize and blame me for it But I still didn’t say anything to you, there’s no reason you should ever forgive me for that’ (Ishiguro 232)
Analysis 27
* Throughout this chapter, Ruth opens up and shows a change in personality
Quote 28 (Kathy: State of Mind)/Tommy: State of Mind
* ‘When I think of the moment now, Standing with Tommy in the little side-street about to begin our search, I feel a warmth wailing up through me, everything suddenly felt perfect an hour seta side, stretching ahead of us’ (Ishiguro 147)
Analysis 28
* Shows the relationship between Kathy and Tommy and the true understanding they have for one another
Quote 29 (Tommy: Circumstance)
* ‘Kath I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I’ve been thinking about it over a lot, Kath I think I ought to get a different carer’ (Ishiguro 280)
Analysis 29
* Shows Tommy wants to move on and doesn’t want Kathy to really feel hurt for things he has said or done but he doesn’t want Kath to be hurt
Quote 30 (Tommy: Circumstance)
* ‘That’s why I came and found you, I said ‘That’s exactly why I came to help you for what’s starting now and what Ruth Wanted!’ (Ishiguro 280)
Analysis 30
* Shows how the relationships of Kathy and Ruth with Tommy are being affected with this big statement.
Quote 31 (Ruth: Behavior/State of Mind)
* ‘But it is Kathy you’re really one of us and so it’s always good business, you’re right, it hasn’t been good, I know what you mean, the stuff the other day about his animals, that wasn’t good, I told him I’m really sorry about it’ (Ishiguro 200)
Analysis 31
* Shows more of ‘Ruth’s’ regretfulness and her true thoughts for Kathy as
A friend
Quote 32 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘You know Ruth, we might be coming here in a few years time to visit you working in a nice office, I don’t see how anyone could stop us from visiting her’ (Ishiguro 151
Analysis 32
* Shows the sad truth about the students not being able to fulfill their possible future
Quote 33 (Kathy: State of Mind)
* ‘The tape had been a perfect excuse for all this fun and now it had turned up, we’d have to stop’ (Ishiguro 172)
Analysis 33
* The tape incident showed how much Kathy and Tommy relationship remains so connected in a way that it could be understood
Quote 34 (Ruth: State of Mind)
* ‘We’re modeled from trash. Junkies, Prostitutes, Winos, Tramps.. Do you really think she’d have talked to use like that if she’d known what we really were? If you want to look for possible, if you want to do it properly then you look in the gutter, you look in rubbish bins, Look down the toilet, that’s where you’ll find where we all came from’ (Ishiguro 166)
Analysis 34
* Shows what Ruth truly believes about cloning and why she can’t stand the fact about accepting it
Quote 35: (Tommy: State of Mind)
* ‘ I have these dreams where I’m fighting loads of Roman Soldiers’ (Ishiguro 68)
Analysis: Shows how much Tommy has to go through throughout his times with tantrums.

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