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The short story On Pale Green Walls is written by Clara Wigfall and was first published in 1997.
Communication and the possibility to express oneself is an important part of (human) life.
Having troubles doing that will often develop into connection problems and ‘missunderstandings’ between people, which is also (the theme) seen in this story where there are connection problems between the little mute girl Violet and the people around her. (f?? ordet theme med ind I det)
The story starts in medias res. It begins a freezing cold evening in the Christmas time where the narrator Violet and her family is going to church. The story is chronological, there are no flashbacks and the ending of the story is quite open. ‘She just stared’ And like a silent tableau we waited.’ We do not know what there is going to happen with Violet and which punishment she possible will get.
There do not appear many persons in the story. There is the little girl Violet, her mom, her dad, her brother, an old man and the priest.
The main character is Violet, who also is the narrator in the story. You see all through her eyes, and you hear her thoughts on people and events through the story. (inds??t citat hvis du kan)
A characterization of Violet:
Violet is the main character of the story. The story does not tell the age of Violet, but implicit you can see that Violet highly probable is young. ‘Frightened by his wrinkles, I shrank into my mother’s legs.’ p.8 l.11 In this quote it is easy to see that Violet is a little girl. If she was a grownup it would be inappropriate to shrank into her mother’s legs, and it also tells us that she cannot be very tall.
You are also able to feel the childishness of Violet, when she sees the little bird laying on the ground. ‘I stared at it in fascination and wonder. My fingers itched’p.10 l. 87 This quote shows her childish and curious mind. She cannot wait to hold the bird in her hand; she simply needs to have it as fast as possible.
Just like any other children Violet is innocent, honest and curious about the life. She does not know anything about unwritten rules and acts the way she feels without thinking about the consequences.
When Violet is visiting the priest together with her mother, she does not know which serious situation she has put herself in. ‘I wanted to giggle because it sounded like he was farting’p. 10 l. 110 Violet do/can not understand that it would be inappropriate to laugh at the priest.

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