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The summery of the book
Tuesdays with Morrie It is a sad and true story. It is talking about an old professor who loves his life and having fun all the time. One day he was diagnosed with ALS disease. The Media started to broadcast it on TV. Once they did one of his favorite students saw him, he remembered when he graduated from college he promised the professor to stay in touch, but once he went out to the real life he did not have any time for himself. He worked as a sport journalist, his job took all his time also he didn’t pay any attention for the girl he loves. The young man went to visit his professor when the professor talked to his student he had an aim to finish it before he die, it was to teach the young man how to live a better life by teaching him the meaning of family, fear, and death.
The professor and the student met every Tuesday, because when they were in college the professor’s office hours was every Tuesdays, the young man used to call the professor coach and he still does, so the coach teaches the young man how to live happy and satisfied. So the Student organized his life and he proposed to the girl he loves. The young man was wandering about how can the professor be still smiling and he is about to die, the answer was ‘once you learn how to live you learn how to die’. (250) words.
Choose one of the main characters of the book and write about that person as he/she is presented in the book.
Morrie schwart, he is an old professor that has a really nice personality he likes to eat, and dance, but he has his own way of dancing. One of his favorite dances was tango, but in his own version. In 1994, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, this disease paralysis the person gradually until it paralysis the whole body and kills the person. He always said that he is lucky because he still has time to learn and time to say goodbye, he arranged his own funeral before he died because he wanted to hear his loved ones saying good and beautiful things to him. He scheduled time for himself to feel self-pity and cry and ask himself what I did to deserve this. All of that early in the morning before anyone wakes up, but that did not stop him to give the last course before he goes, and it was to teach his favorite student the meaning of life.
He lost his mother when he was a child and his father never showed him some love, but when his father remarried he started to get some love from his step-mother and also she is the one how taught him English and encouraged him to be a professor. When his father died he did not cry or even tear because all of what he remembers is his cruelty. But now he only has one question that he wishes to ask him, it was why you are ignoring me? (250) words.
Recommendation: why or why not.
I recommend the book to the entire student and to my family because it is a beautiful true story. Yes it is sad and it did make me Cry, but there is something in this book that touched me. This book taught me how to live my life and how to forgive people. It showed me that how should I get used to the fact that I will die eventually as everyone else. He taught me how to never give up even if the mission is hard, and learn new things. As long as I am breathing I should study and learn new things just like Morrie did he was dying and he was still saying that he is lucky because he has time to learn and time to say goodbye.
Also, by reading the story I learnt how to stick to my principles and have my own purpose in this life no matter how hard the situation will be. Moreover I liked how Mitch Albom did with his professor story how he published it to the world so everyone can feel Morries pain, how he helped him even when his professor become really ill and cannot move a mussel he helped him and he learned how to help him without hurting him, regardless what Mitch use to do before he sow Morrie schwart. So Morrie did help his favorite student after all. In the end everyone was happy about what Morrie do to his favorite student before he dies. (250) words.

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