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Back in time it was a matter of course to get married, maybe people did it because everyone else did it, og maybe because of tradition. It wasn’t as special as it is today, back then you were much better at compromising. Today most of us think it’s a big deal to get married and get committed in such way to another human being, because we know it’s can go the other way around too. Many people are having a divorce, and when we hear that, we don’t get as surprised as we should, because it happens all the time and we know that almost every marriage ends up in a divorce. We change all the time, and our generation is a lot different from the generations before. In the short story blackberries, written by Ellen Hunnicutt in 1987, you meet a married couple who has been married for many years.
The short story Blackberries is about a couple who has been married for a long time. In their relationship is it the man, who is trying to keep their marriage alive, and he seems excited for splitting fire logs and picking the blackberries. It might be the husband who arranged the excursion. His wife is more straightforward as a person. She is a bit more passive, quieter and fragile than her husband. Even though she likes her husband, she forgets one of the most important things in a relationship – to give him compliments. It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to keep their marriage alive, as much as her husband. Actually she’s just sitting on a blanket and talking about things that are not useful.
The husband is the symbol of this marriage, therefore is he also the most important character in their relationship. He is very lively and happy, but also careful with what he is doing, he is not only washing the blackberries he is washing them gently. When the husband finally eats the blackberries, is he eating them very carefully and slowly, to make them last. That symbolizes their relationship: he wants their marriage to be when they were just married and in love, he wants the excitement and passion to reappear. This short story takes place late in summer, because the wife says in the end of the story: ‘It’s almost September’ We know that summer is the time of life and that winter is time of death, so we know that when the narrator talks about winter or fall, it can mean that the story ends in a tragedy. The blackberries can symbolize the woman’s menstruation time, therefore can we replace the meaning of the blackberries with the wife’s period. When the husband is splitting the fire logs, it could be the splitting of her eggs before her period. ‘the summer is almost over’ She says right after this, which could symbolize that her is coming, and that it will be too late to get pregnant when she has her period. Women have the biggest chance to get pregnant right before their period, so that means that this is right before her period. Then she starts eating some of the berries which properly means that she has gotten her period. In the end she says ‘it’s almost September’ – it is too late for her to get a baby, after the husband says ‘we have lots of time’ that means that he has no idea of the woman needs.
In this short story is the narrator a 3.person omniscient. A 3.person narrator is a narrator who is an observatory story teller, the narrator is not bound to any of the characters. In this case the author has chosen not to let the narrator know the characters feelings, even though the narrator usual can jump in and out of people’s minds. The 3.person narrator always tells exactly what happens
The couple’s communication is not as good as it should be, they are talking past each other because the wife is talking about one topic, and the husband is doing the same, even though they are in the same conversation, we see that when the husband is talking about the cattails and blackberries, then his wife starts to talk about something different – like she wants to go see a movie and that they don’t have any milk left. The wife is worse than the husband, when he is giving her a compliment about how good she is looking in her bathing suit, she completely changes the subject, and talks about something else. They don’t pay attention to each other, but he is definitely more interested in her than she is in him, he is the one who is fighting for their marriage. The husband is enjoying that they are camping, and talks about how nice he think it is ‘I saw cattails, you’d think there would be too much woods for them. They need sun, but they’re there. You can slice up cattail root and fry it. In butter’ but his wife just worries about that they don’t have any milk, she is actually just interested in their normal life.
The topics of this text is love, natures surroundings and partnerships, because we hear about the discussions the couple are having, and that they have troubles communication with each other, because they always are ignoring what each other are saying. But still, they are a married couple so there must be some kind of love between them. Being out camping brings them out of their safe zone, and in the nature. The message is that life is too short and should be lived leisurely without much worry.
The ending of the short story is open, because the last sentence is: ‘we have ..

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