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  • There is no happy ending
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Whether I will be the hero of my own life or whether I will be the murderer of myself, these words should be acknowledged and known. She considered this while sitting in the bathtub holding two, 2 in 1 inches’ razor blades in her hands. The water was warm and it reflected the dim coffee-candles light which was decorated everywhere on the ground, which took her back in time, way back, when she was younger, happier and with the only person she loved and care for.
The warmth of the water evoked the night they went out.

He said, “This is my favourite street!” she could not disagree. The noises of cars and taxis hooting and honking at each other and the number of people passing or staying on the street increased unbelievably. Anyone who stopped by to watch the street was amazed at the number of vehicles passing or crawling along the traffic lights. “This is probably one of the weirdest streets I had ever seen, one side is completely full of shops, restaurant and bars but on the other side there was nothing except the beach and the endless ocean.” She thought this while smiling at nowhere in her loneliness.

In that hustle and bustle, the aroma of various foods from different fast-food shops and restaurants floated in the air and wafted under their nose, but one aroma was different and recognizable. It came from a Persian restaurant, took her back in time, where her mother used to cook. The pungent smell of vegetables and spices made her unconditionally feel calm and safe. It has been a while she hadn’t had any Persian food, better to say about 10 years from her mother’s death. He saw her gazing at the restaurant and asked her if she wanted to have dinner there. She agreed. After dinner, they had coffee while watching the crowds gradually disappear as the evening transformed to night and as the sky changed colour from pink, red and purple to the dark blue-black sky. The darkness began.

She remembered when they lied down on the beach and she placed her ears into the calmness of his chest, heard the rhyme of his heartbeat and fell terribly in love with the way her loneliness and thoughts fall so suddenly and irrevocably into his chest. His scent was like a drug to her! Like her personal brand of heroin. They talked for a long time which made her feel they have known each other since their childhood. He said some of his funny memories and she laughed. He watched her laugh and her laughter was as boisterous as the seagulls on the shore.

After their long talk, he felt thirsty and went to buy drinks and when he came back he saw her, better to say stared at her for 1 minute without blinking. “He loved me, he loved me, he actually loved me, no one ever loved me as much as he did!” She recalled this while touching the sharp edges of the razors. She was naked and her skin looked as smooth as a soft peachy coloured silk. She felt his stare at her body and turned back. Skinny dip? He delightfully accepted. “After you” he said. He watched her as she walked with her slender frame. She looked back again. Her eyes were as dark as the night sky and her hair was a wavy, wispy wire curling down until her lower back.

“I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.” He said this while entering the water.

“But in my vocabulary of love and life, there is no happy ending. Neither is here. My life is no fairy-tale. Why him? Why did God have to take him from me? The only person I loved and care in this world. The only person who loved me. Why did he have to be the victim of the car crash? Why didn’t we die together? Without him, my life is full of nothingness!” She said this out loud and her voice echoed in the bathroom.

So, she took the razor and started slitting her arms, right after left, while screaming and crying in pain “we are always together”. The bathtub was as red as a crimson rose. Her blood flowed thick in the beginning and she bled slowly for the rest while her lethargic body was lying in the bathtub. The razors fell to the ground. Her life flashed over her eyes. A moment but felt like a thousand years, both and neither. It all happened at once and she is gone…

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