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Organizational Structure as per Functional area:-

1. Administrative components

• Components applicable across more than one position at the same organizational level

• Includes Strategic, Financial, Human Resources, Operational, and Admin responsibilities necessary to ensure proper working of the sector, Division or section

2. Core Components

• Components specific to one position and not generally shared by other positions

• Includes Technical responsibilities that apply directly to the performance of the immediate position

• May also include some position specific Administrative responsibilities

3. Municipal System in UAE

The department on municipal affairs has been set up to oversee the functioning of all municipalities in UAE. Executive council oversees following key areas:-

Al Ain municipality (AAM) comes under the municipality system which has been formed as a watchdog by the central government of UAE. Al Ain Municipality was established in 1967 and was reorganized in accordance with the Amiri Decree issued in 1974 to take over the task of overseeing the various city affairs, where the municipality ensures as one of the departments of Municipal Affairs involved in the provision of specialized services to meet and support services for the completion and development of basic municipal services to the territory of the city of Al Ain, which includes the population’s needs eye Foreign areas neighboring the city.

Al Ain Municipality is one of the leading city of Al Ain development institutions due to the discharge of its functions and responsibilities which offers services and programs designed to improve the whole quality of life in the city and improve the living standards to the highest levels.


My world is the efficiency of the system to achieve the desired sustainable development and enhance the quality of life standards in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Provide excellent municipal services and the provision of infrastructure and myrrh Vs service through the optimal use of resources, and community involvement in decision-making while preserving the authenticity of the oasis city.

Customer’s service

We are committed to providing the best municipal services to customer’s world-class standard time.

Attention workers

We are committed to investing in the development of our human resources skills to create promising work environment that encourages creativity and professional work in the municipal system.

The responsibility

We commit ourselves to transparency and accountability in all our projects and our decisions.


Excellence in the performance of all strategic and operational our operations.

Knowledge exchange

Investment in the wealth of knowledge and development and share them with local and international partners to support the culture of sharing knowledge on all technical and administrative levels.


 We are committed to the methodology of creativity in our projects and services provided to our customers.

 Each financial transaction on behalf of the government agency transparency and clarity, and to be properly recorded in accordance with

 Policies and accounting and financial procedures adopted, and to be subject to scrutiny. And therefore, it should:

 Remember all the books and records and the accounts are correct and proper and appropriate detail to reflect all transactions and financial and accounting actions.

 Ensuring that such transactions take place only after obtaining the necessary approvals and they are described in detail and suitable pro necessary documents.

 The financial statements are prepared in accordance with the policies and regulations and accounting evidence applicable government entities in the emirate, and generally accepted accounting principles in general, and other criteria applicable to such statements.

 Determine the responsibility for the budget approved, and to allow the right to use it only in accordance with general administrative powers or private.

 Conduct all financial transactions in accordance with applicable accounting guide government entities in the emirate, taking into account

Above chart is for Al Ain municipality and I found many key loopholes in organizational structure and their service delivery mechanism. There is no clarity of customer care interface and no zonal center to address the customer’s complaint. I have recommended to service department and how they can make organization structure oriented to customer. Because efficient municipality is playing a pivotal role to maintain the city and their citizen. Key infrastructure project, road, building construction, utility bills like electricity bills are monitor by the municipality only. Therefore, they should be customer care interface to make service delivery efficient.

Customer mix of Al Ain municipality (AAM):-

UAE is a world class country and foreigner often enjoys equal treatment. To serve these kinds of customers one should understand their language and understand their woes to solve them quickly. Therefore we need to understand the customer mix of municipality to provide quality services.

Main categories of customers divided into sub-categories based on the demographic distribution, based on the required service requirements.

Emirati citizen: A person who Ihaml the nationality of the United Arab Emirates.

Expatriates professionals: They are the people who came to the UAE from other countries, Arab or non-Arab. Usually enjoys a newcomer skills and qualifications of certain professional, such as a complete graduate or complete a professional training specialist. Expatriates often prefer to communicate in English (or Arabic for expatriates from Arab nationalities).

Workers: This group is also part of migrant groups from abroad. A worker differs from the professional or specialized groups, labor groups that are usually lower levels of education, and practice manual jobs. Many people in this category can speak English, but there are those who cannot speak English or Arabic, and prefer to deal in their own languages, such as Urdu and Hindi, if possible.

Temporary visitors (tourists, members of delegations, businessmen or students) come to the UAE, and this group includes people with varying ratings. This group of hard to put a general description of them, where they come from many countries, and from different cultures.

Business: Usually what businesses need to services on the basis of a year without personal services? Requests shall be submitted by these institutions to get work permits in a collective manner, for example, note that the personal value of the service in this case, may be less important than dealing with individuals, with a focus on opportunities to control secure the required services, which is of obvious importance in these cases stand.

Division of Al Ain municipality:-

I am working in a customer care department where I am dealing with the day to day customer visiting in the office. Hearing and registering their complaint and solving them with the help of senior authority. Handling all kind of administrative task and playing the role of liaison between the internal and external stakeholder. I am a customer service representative, providing municipal services (92) service in addition to government agencies other (50) services. In addition to this, I create and prepare documents for government service centers service Excellence Emirates Program Project (7 stars) and the specification of the international standard of excellence in the services.

My key roles & responsibilities during my internship:-

I have observed many issues while working with this department.

• Technology adoption is very low

• Employees here are not soft spoken and they don’t know how to lodge the complaint

• There is no dedicated team for visiting customer

Customer service department: An empirical learning

First of all let’s see what is mean by customer care executive?

Customer care executive is a person who works for a particular organization or company. Executive can answer calls to customers to provide information about products and services to them, take or cancel the orders or obtain details of complaints.

Customer care is the word that describes that taking care of customers in positive manner.

So in short the executive is the link between the company & the customer.

General roles & responsibilities of Customer care executive;

• Answer calls of customers to provide information about products and services to them, take or cancel the orders or obtain details of complaints.

• Maintaining the customer records, complaints.

• Resolving the product & service problems by clarifying their complaints.

• Executive must have to show the standard of company.

• Making call to customers & follow ups.

Customer care executive in municipality:

Many people have somewhat work with the municipality whether it is applying for municipal services, paying a bill, registering for recreational programs. But all the time it is not possible for them to go there and work according to their time. So people used to make call in municipality and ask for their queries. People want 24-7 access to services from their own home. This is the situation in today’s municipality.

Municipality is also working hard to give the better service to the customers. Municipality put an executive for resolving the problems of customers.

Every municipality have aim to ensure that customer will receive a clear response to any service request or enquiry within a stated period of time as defined in the Customer Service Charter and that what municipality do will be right first time.

• A good customer care executive with respect to the municipality should:

• Treat people with good manners, dignity and respect.

• Treat people how they would like to be treated.

• Treat people in their language of preference.

• Provide a good quality service in a friendly, efficient and helpful manner.

• Give people the information they need and providing an explanation if the service is not available.

• Keep the customer informed of progress in addressing their complaints/requests or enquiries.

Objective of customer care department:

• To focus on the customer needs in responsible & active manner.

• To create positive & cooperative relationship with customers. The customers are responsible for the payment of services received, and the municipality, and where applicable, any service provider.

• To make easy financial help & basic services for the customers.

A good customer care with respect to the municipality includes:

• A customer must be able to contact the municipality easily, reaching the correct department to handle its request & enquiry.

• A customer should be welcome properly in municipality building.

• A customer should be comfortable in their language of preference for communication.

• A municipal member of staff should identify himself by name when communicating with a customer, listen carefully and respond appropriately.

• Providing customers with relevant, accurate & updated information with their explanation.

• Once the complaint, request or enquiry has received, proper action should be taken & a proper response is given to the customers within the stated period of time.

• In case of big problems, customer should be kept informed of delays.

• The customers, whether they are residents or visitors, or do business with municipality, must receive uniform, consistent high standards of customer care in all departments within the municipality.

Key roles for customer care executive

Efficient service model:-

Basic customer service standards and service staff values.

• Are the Secretariat and integrity, justice and quality of the products and services provided?

• Striving to satisfy customers with a government agency and building long-term business relationships based on trust and common interests.

• Each breach of the employee’s job duties or that person act forbidden by the business, or a breach of the duties prescribed by the law signed under penalty of law.

• All staff should be on ethical conduct and professional True, which requires them to comply with the following:

• a public servant within and outside the scope of his job to avoid what would affect the dignity of his job as prejudicing the people and considered them, and he has to avoid the infamous acts Taiba, thus Vthomps considered public office and dignity.

• Committed employee that exhibits in his attitude consistent with what was assigned to him from public office, and it should not come in his behavior outside work that may affect it at work or on individuals look to him.

• Refrain from seeking or accepting gifts or grants or commissions or bribes or advances from any party has worked with the government agency relationship, which could affect the independence or objectivity or employee loyalty to his work.

• Treat all colleagues and superiors, and dealing with all the tact and wisdom, and objectively, with respect for the rights and duties of everyone.

• Maintaining all confidential information and their own party as well as the documents in their possession, and do not be disclosed except in accordance with the powers and the prescribed limits, and full compliance with what came in (to acknowledge and pledge of confidentiality) attached to a contract of employment.

• Not to exploit their positions in the government or the use of information that may be available for their personal benefit or for the benefit of any other party, and is located on the employee’s responsibility to inform the immediate superiors

• Commitment to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of the employee and his actions inside and outside of work, and to preserve the reputation of the government agency and the appearance of its employees.

• Uphold the highest ethical Principles of ethical conduct in all the transactions between government agencies and the orientations of government agencies is to work with honesty and integrity. For the employee, the moral decency and duty and obligation

Key observations & recommendations:-

The current organization doesn’t reflect the real governance model. It had been changed twice internally and had modified little division after the nodding of managing director itself. The new unit called “Technical unit” had been placed under the design division and planning and managing a project function had been shifted from Project design to project execution and all changes took place internally. The box which has been highlighted in blue was a new change took place in 2012 and 2014. As per observation there is a lack of coordination between Municipal body and central authority. Because there is no approval of these changes from government. But as per law and governance model, these changes should be approved by government machinery after all.

The current organizational structure has been rephrased internally twice in the year of 2012 and 2014 after the nodding of Managing Director. And found there is a change in two functional units which is in the incorrect department within the functional division.

Following are the key observations as per governance perspective:-

1. There should be a approval from government machinery for all those changes which had been made after the internal approval from their respective managing director. From project management perspective these changes are quite pragmatic as it is a capital intensive project. But still it is a prerogative of central government that how final governing body should look like so that they can control municipal corporation as it is a part of government machinery. Any government machinery whether they are Municipality or others has to be approved by central government from governance perspective and for smooth functioning of any organization. Therefore, there should be a formation of function of corporate affairs that deals with government such as corporate communications, reporting internal changes to government, reporting government relations, and regulatory affairs.

2. Traffic safety should be the prerogative of Traffic service department instead of technical unit in design department. First, the function of traffic safety has been embedded within the technical function and placed under the project design Division. This is an issue because traffic safety is an organization-wide issue and needs to be placed under the traffic service department. In addition, there should be added responsibility of road & maintenance department for operational safety and quality and should be placed within the road & maintenance. Also there should be one function in quality department to monitor the quality of project and material being used to construct the road.


• AAM should change the organizational structure but they should seek the approval from civil service council.

• Is not provided documentation of human resources policies and did not reward policies available and estimate includes all staff

• Is not provided evidence of policies uh processes followed

• The Centre should evaluate the risks to the public at regular intervals once a year at least and prepare an action plan to take the risks that have been identified Management

• Al mqam should also assess the status of customer environment and the workplace at regular intervals quartz and at least annually to ensure suitable working environment for employees

• You must circulate measurement results on the staff and use the results to improve

• The organization must check on the international standard for service excellence using the audit on the website and perform the audit tool twice a year plan

• It should center on performance trends analysis and dissemination of the results of benchmarking, dissemination and use the results to improve policies and processes and service standards

Area of improvement:-

• HR, Development and Training Policies

• Health and Safety Policies

• Assessment of Work and Customer Environment

• Delivery Channel Assessment

• Customer Service Online Site Assessment

• Service Quality Benchmarking

Problem area of Website, web portal and customer service department:-

• No information is available on the special website of the Municipality Customer Service Center and foremost, is that information is available on the Al Ain Municipality within the website b Affairs Department Albuldah-E-Government Portal system Municipal – Abu Dhabi municipalgateway.abudhabi.ae, Is available on the website information about system downtime and services available to the list only in Arabic determine service requirements and service charge, but does not specify any of the services offered at the center place

• Available products and services through the website in Arabic only.

• It does not provide information on after-sales services to customers as well as provide no policies or operations of these services

• Are not knowledgeable staff assess the level of customer service, note that within the process of deploying Customer Service Guide (Circular No. 21 of 2015 on customer service guide in government circles) has been requested. That raises quarterly reports on the results of the application directory

• And an assessment of the performance of employees and ensure action valuing the efforts of staff on an annual basis and all employees are aware of guidelines for evaluation and is developing recommendations on areas to improve

• An estimate for the staff “Employee Distinguished” efforts on the basis of the most achievement in the number of transactions and speed per month

• It is not provided evidence of the existence of the analysis of public perception

• It is not provided evidence of the existence of classification for clients

• It has been providing evidence of the evaluation of service delivery channels (mystery shopping) according moments value being at the level of the Department of Municipal Affairs

• Evidence was available about the presence of customers we evaluate service using electronic gadget for the International Standard for Service Excellence


• We recommend that the available information about the al mqam center on the website provides background information on the services provided at the center and displays contact details and add the contact us page

• There is no information in the Arabic language just does not convey the information for all should therefore provide information about services in English and another language

• It should establish a procedure or a clear policy to be followed by staff

• Should conduct an assessment of the level of knowledge of customer service staff on a regular basis and that the assessment contain customer service and knowledge about the processes and services and the level of policy performance

• Plans should be made for career development

• It should include reward and recognition policies across the organization’s staff

• Should be conducted in the customer service center of the municipality al mqam analysis of the general perception at regular intervals, at least once a year and assess the awareness about the services provided and that the analysis includes map Value moments operations (the main drivers of satisfaction) for different audiences Jmoat

• Should the Foundation classifies customers into categories and conducting analysis to classify customers on a regular basis, at least once every year and includes analysis of the needs and aspirations of dealers and private collections and demographic data

• You must circulate measurement results on the staff and use the results to improve

• The organization must check on the international standard for service excellence using the audit on the website and perform the audit tool twice a year plan

Problems in Support System of Abu Dhabi municipality:-

• Municipal Training does not have official agreement with the municipalities to coordinate and align training

• Knowledge Tours must be approved by the DMA Chairman

• SubsequenttoanInternalAuditofMunicipalTraining,atrainingplanwasdeveloped

• Course controls (attendance sheets, course curriculum, feedback sheets) are in place

• Knowledge Tours previous to 2012 do not require a summary report highlighting potential improvement, Knowledge Tours in 2012 do require such reports but most reports have not been completed

• Nearly all municipal training is conducted in Abu Dhabi region; only two courses have been held in Al ain and the Western Region

• Most training sessions are only held once, which may lead to resources not receiving training due to other commitments

• A list of active training providers is maintained by DMA Procurement

• No major deficiencies noted

• Business Case template for initiatives not available

• BPR Processes are not used

• Formal project management process is not in place

• Experienced project management, however some project show poor schedule and budget performance (i.e. BPR)

• Several deliverables are not used after completion

• Staff numbers are too low to conduct both Internal Corporate Development role and the Business Support Role

• Interactions & Disputes follows BPR processes and is part of the ISO 9001 pilot. However, templates are not employed to support repeatability of the processes

• A Stakeholder Management Committee was established to support Interactions & Disputes; the DMA Chairman Administrative Resolution defining its roles specifically removes the role of managing disputes

• The Stakeholder Disputes Committee has not been established

• Liaison officers list is not regularly updated and there are missing contact details

• Register of MOU in force with the Municipal System is not present

• There is no performance evaluation of the effectiveness of the MOU agreement in achieving its aims (i.e. knowledge transfer, capability building etc.)

• Musharaka is employed as the working repository of Interaction and Disputes activity

• Basic Word documents and Excel spread-sheets, with minimal formatting, are used to record the MOUs and Focal Points


 Municipal Training should devise a coverage strategy to ensure training reaches all geographical areas and maximum number of staff. This may include holding multiple sessions of the same course.

 Municipal Training should formalize the requirement for Knowledge Tour Reports at the end of each tour and ensure that potential improvements are identified.

 Business Support should incorporate a Business Case template into their initiative prioritization process.

 Business Support should ensure that they have sufficient resources to undertake their original role planned within the organizational design as well as their current internal corporate development role.

 Interactions and Disputes should ensure that they have robust register of MOU’s which includes critical dimensions, to ensure that duplicate and redundant agreements are not pursued. The performance of MOU’s in attaining the stated intent should also be measured.

 Interactions and Disputes should periodically update their Liaison Officer list and try to extend the number of entities included within the initiative.

 Interactions & disputes should develop a performance metric to identify whether concluded MOU’s have attained their stated targets (cooperation, knowledge transfer, capability building).


Based on my empirical evidence, I have analyzed the deep rooted problems in AAM as far service delivery is concerned. I have encountered many challenges in terms of technology used in AAM during my internship period. Hence I have adopted the service delivery system as my internship report and done lot of recommendation to AAM authority based on my observation and academic knowledge.

To maintain the city infrastructure, our service delivery system should be efficient and customer care department needs to empower. I have identified major problems during my short period of working and few recommendations have already been adopted by the AAM authority. They have already improved the website and established the customer care portal where people can register their issues. My work and report was predominantly focused on customer care and service delivery system. I can summarize my report in below chart.

Therefore, we should have efficient service department to run the AAM. I have identified and recommended above how we can make it more efficient to meet the customer needs.


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