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Essay: Difficulties in employment

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I started my job as cashier at general store.At the starting time I did not face any difficulty,every thing was fine but after some time my collegue left her job and all the responsibility came on me.then I had to manage the store and also to do all necessary work like slove the problems of customers if they did not find any thing and keep the store clean and all stuffs upto date, side by side the job of cashier for which they pay me.my store was very famous in the town so people preferd to do shoping there . at the rush hour store becomes a mess and large queue developed before cash counter .as store is big and peoples problems take time to solve so It was impossible for me to satisfy all people.another problem was my wages rather I was doing work of two people my boss did not pay me well he paid me only for cashier work and for other he made excuse that he is searching for new employee and soon he will recruit one.despite of my brilliant work he did not award me a single penny.another problem that I faced was security a lot of incidents was occurred in nearby places but my boss did not improve security devices. One incident occurred to me also .one guy tried to rob store’s cash but I tackle with him and somehow saved the cash of store .local police man appreciate my work but these incidents compromise my security and I was much worried about my security . My topic of this report is stress at workplace. In my point of view the best thing which we all like about our workplace is the environment of our workplace that how your colleagues treat to you and how’s the behaviour of your manager toward you. Nobody comes to their workplace with same level of engagement, motivation and passion every day. A lack of engagement at workplace that means they are not much satisfy with that job and that will be make loss for company. If they are not happy at workplace they can’t do their job properly company can lose its reputation and money. There are many things which make employee unhappy at workplace.

First thing is too many tasks Some people have too much work to be completed although it is not possible to work 24 hours a day for seven days a week. These things usually happen in any organization with a small staff. As a result, frustration will occur when you are unable to complete the task because there may be able to od so.

Second thing is a complete source sometimes people do not have complete source and equipment to do a work but due to demand of situation employee have to perform the work.one another thing is distraction some studies shows that distractions like phone calls, noisy environment frustrate employee and reduce work efficiency

Moreover third thing is If employee feel his work is not valued, his salary is not commensurate with the hard work, you may not be able to give 100% commitment to pursue his career. Consciously or not, many employees try to balance between the ‘give and given’ between them and employers. They will do their work based on the satisfaction of the employer. Employees who feel they are not valued will be less work, often taking leave, and so careless.

Moreover , Remuneration is another factor employee may be a great to be able to complete his assignments before or on time. But strangely enough, most organizations reward the hard workers with extra work to replace the more bonus or other benefits. If this happens in your organization, it is possible you will not feel motivated to work harder.

One more difficulty is ‘Burned out’. Referring to the American Psychological Association website, burnout is emotional exhaustion caused by severe stress in the workplace. It may be due to the negative atmosphere of the workplace as employees are often hostile to each other, under pressure to tight deadlines, expectations and hopes too high on something, worry and do work that does not match the ability. All these are the reasons and causes of heart pressure and other aches.

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