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Gainful employment as the name implies is the employment situation where the employee receives consistent work and payment from the employer. In psychology, gainful employment is a positive psychology concept that explores the benefits of work and employment. Gainful employment is work characterized by the following nine benefits:

1. Variety in duties performed ‘if the employee is always given the same type of work, and there is no variety. The productivity of the employee will decrease and he will feel bored.
2. Safe working environment – Safe working conditions increase not only the productivity but also helps the employee to enjoy his work.
3. Income for family and oneself ‘income is very important for the job satisfaction but high income does not always mean that employee is gainfully employed.
4. A purpose derived from providing a product or service – An individual can derive purpose in his life from the work that he completes. Many individuals describe their work as a calling, or in other words, ‘a vocation to which the employee brings a passion, a commitment to the work for its own sake.
5. Happiness and satisfaction – for the satisfaction and happiness in the work there must be a close match between the individual’s activities and his or her knowledge, attitudes and skills.
6. Positive engagement and involvement – individual must have the sufficient amount of work to complete and have the necessary knowledge and resources to complete the work.
7. A sense of performing well and meeting goals – An individual must believe that he is capable of performing well at work and exceeding the goals that he set.
8. Friendships at work – Positive companionship between the employees have been proven to lead to lesser accidents; more engaged customers, increased achievement, increased productivity and increased job satisfaction.
9. An environment that respects and appreciates diversity ‘in today’s work place the ethnic and racial diversity are increasing rapidly. Manager should try to use the diversity management techniques to handle the increased diversity.

Gainful employment is all about perception. One cannot be gainfully employed until and unless he or she perceived that he is gain fully employed. There are certain factors in the job which makes the employee to perceive that he or she is a gainfully employed.

Happiness and satisfaction
If the person is happy at work, chances are that his or her overall satisfaction of life will be higher. An employed person consistently seems happier in comparison to that of unemployed people.

Performing well and meetings goals
Performing well at work is more likely to occur when workers have clear goals. Lucid goals offer satisfaction when they are met. Accordingly, when work goals are clearly delineated and employees can meet established standards, heightened personal pleasure and a sense of accomplishment result. In this regard, the high-hope leader’s clear goal setting and facile communication provide lucid short- and long-term objectives for the work group. a high-hope boss also can provide greater satisfaction at work. This sequence unfolds this way: the high-hope boss clearly identifies achievable work subgoals, which in turn increases workers’ motivation and the chances of reaching larger, organizational goals. In this process, the hopeful leader also facilitates workers’ willingness to embrace the company’s overall objectives.

Deriving purpose by providing a product or service
One’s work also is an important potential source of purpose in life. a major underlying force that drives such purpose is the sense of providing needed products or services to customers. Workers want, sometimes in very small ways, to feel that they are making a contribution to other people and to their society.

Engagement and involvement
Engagement is the employee’s involvement with his or her work, whereas satisfaction is what we might call employee enthusiasm at work. Engagement is said to occur when employees find that their needs are being met. specifically, engagement reflects those circumstances in which employees “know what is expected of them, have what they need to do their work, have opportunities to feel something significant with coworkers whom they trust, and have chances to improve and develop” similarly, warr (1999) has reported that the most engaging jobs are those with special duties and in which there is a good match between the required activities and the skills and personality of the employees. Engaged involvement at work bears a resemblance to the concept of flow, which entails any circumstances in which a person’s skills facilitate success at challenging tasks.

Variety in job duties

If the tasks performed at work are sufficiently varied, satisfactions come more easily. Indeed, boredom at work can cast a pall. People should maintain as much variety and stimulation as possible in their work activities. One fairly common practice for maintaining variety in workers’ duties in industrial and technological job settings is cell manufacturing. In cell manufacturing, groups of multiskilled workers take responsibility for an entire sequence in the production process. These work teams then put their identifying insignia on the product or portion of the product. Cell manufacturing has been used with some success in the construction of automobiles by work teams. (There have been concerns about this approach costing more, however, which has lessened its popularity among some companies). Lacking variability in work, the employee may lapse into what recently has been called presenteeism (in contrast to absenteeism). In presenteeism, the employee may physically be at work, but because of the mental health problems that often result from aversive and repetitive work experiences; he or she is unproductive and unhappy. Faced with repetitious and tedious tasks and inflexible schedules, employees can become demoralized and lose their motivation. When seeking a new job, it may be advisable to take a position that offers great variety but lower pay instead of a higher-paying position that involves unchangeable, repetitive activities. Thus, the old maxim, “variety is the spice of life,” is nowhere more applicable than in work settings.

Income for family and self
Without question, a minimum income is necessary to provide for the needs of one’s family and oneself. Money is overrated as a source of happiness. indeed, two survey studies show that people seem to understand that happiness and meaning in life are not related in any major degree to the amount of money they make whether this “rational” approach to monetary rewards and work is actually practiced, however, remains questionable for example, making money has been rated as more important than having a cohesive philosophy of life. Though interpersonal relationships have been valued above work .Americans still may think quality of life in terms of how much money they make. The present generation of American workers is spending more time on the job than their parents did. In many two partner relationships, for example, both people have jobs and when making important life decisions, people are most likely to cite financial reasons. It seems as if we are of two minds about acquiring monetary wealth, and this ambivalence is played out in our work.

Companionship and loyalty to coworkers and bosses: friends at work
Work offers people a chance to get out of the house and interact with other people. Because workers may share experiences, including obstacles and triumphs in the work setting, there are reasons for people to form bonds with each other. Friendship in the work place also increases the productivity and job satisfaction.

Safe work environments
Part of happiness at work is a safe and healthy physical environment where it is obvious that management cares about the welfare of workers. If the employee feels safe in his or her work place the productivity and the job satisfaction will increase.

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