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Essay: The relationship between work environment, salary and benefits

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This section sets advance explanation, significant and objectives of the study. This study comprises of problem statement, research questions, research objectives, scope of the study, the significance of the study, and limitations of the study that related to this research. Problem statement will be review to show the limitation towards researchers.
This research study will focus on the topic of the impact of quality of work life factors on turnover intention. Turnover can be defined as the employees’ movement within an organization (Choo, Lee, Ng, Tan, & Tay, 2013). According to (Mohamad, 2006), turnover intention means employees who are have their own conscious and purposeful intent to leave the organization at some point in the near future. According to Mohammad Baitul Islam (2012), employees are an asset for a company because they are able to ensure the organization’s productivity increase if they are satisfied with the quality of their work life.
Quality of work life (QWL) means the degree to which organization’s member is able to satisfy their important personal needs through their experience in the organization (Chib, 2012). QWL in an organization is vital for the smooth running and success of employees (Indumathy & Kamalraj, 2012). Quality of work life is improving the company’s productivity, employee recognition and also the spirit of togetherness and pride in their work (Mohammad Baitul Islam, 2012).
Quality of work life refers to the level of satisfaction, motivation, commitment and engagement of an individual experience with regard to their line at the workplace (Padmapriya, 2012). In a simple word, the quality of work life refers to an employee satisfaction with working life. Each organization needs to provide a good environment for their employees, including financial and nonfinancial incentives in order to retain their key employees in the organization for longer period and for the success of the organization goals (Ssgayathri, 2011). Therefore, it can be said that those who not enjoy their quality of work life are said to have an intention to leave the organization and vice versa.
There are many factors of quality of work life that influence the turnover intention of employees. It is apparent that the effect of work environment, pay and benefits, co-worker relationship, and supervision are important to turnover intention. This review leads to the development of the hypotheses to be test in this study. We also give details concerning the data used in this study, including some descriptive information on our sample.


The study is based on the paper of Chun, Sheng, and Chen (2012). I am worried to find out the extent of influence of quality of work life on employee’s turnover intention within the Hotel Taiping Perdana, because there are few empirical researches and theory have examined in this area of study.
Moreover, the turnover intention of employees is a problem faced by Hotel Taiping Perdana. This study intends to find out whether quality of work life within the hotel such as work environment, salary and benefit, co-worker relationship, and supervision affects turnover intention. Based on Human Resource Department of Hotel Taiping Perdana, salary and benefit level of the hotel have some problems with employees because it is quite low.
Based on the previous research related to turnover intention, the researchers only investigated three factors of quality of work life that affect turnover intention. There is co-worker relationship, work environment and salary level. The result shows that salary level has no effect on turnover intention. This is different from Hotel Taiping Perdana where there are have salary and benefit problem among employees that might influence employee turnover intention. Therefore, the result might be different from previous research or multiple results.
According to Indumathy and Kamalraj (2012), high or low quality of work life can affect such things as employees’ timings, their productivity, performance level, their available leaves and others. This statement is quite true because there was turnover, absenteeism problems among employees in Hotel Taiping Perdana.

The scope of the study is to investigate the relationship between work environment, salary and benefits, co-worker relationship, and supervision towards employee’s turnover intention.
The sample size of this study will include all employees within Hotel Taiping Perdana to achieve confident sample size, in order to assess the quality of work life factors that affect employee turnover intention. Moreover, this research will be conduct at Hotel Taiping Perdana.
This study is based primarily on the quantitative data collection method of the questionnaire. The questionnaire will hand out to the workforce in Hotel Taiping Perdana in Taiping, Perak area in order to obtain their opinion and views regarding these issues. The results from the questionnaire will compare and generalize.

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