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Essay: Working in a Group

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  • Working in a Group
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Working in a group
Some say working alone is more beneficial, some say working in a group is more beneficial. Working either in a group or alone is personal preference. But working in a group is mostly more beneficial because there are more ideas, people with different skills work on sudden parts, and work can be done sooner than expected with a better product.

Although working in a group is more beneficial, but some people feel working alone is more convenient for them. Sam Ashe-Edmunds believes,”If you own your own business, you only answer to your clients, who have little say over how you do your work”. Working alone makes them feel free, concentrated, work on their own without disturbance. It makes people able to stay alert and work much faster.

When it comes to working in a group, one of the main benefits is there are more ideas. Lynda Moultry Belcher deeply believes, “This type of collaboration benefits the project and gives team members an outlet to bounce around ideas to find the best fit.” . Let’s say there are several good advantages about working in a group, but a member unsure which is the most appropriate one, so it gives other members an opportunities to give their ideas or opinions to help finding the best fit. A mistake that usually occurs is the project drifts off the topic; however, each member gives out good ideas that orient the project help it purposely stay on the topic. In a spirit of cooperation, be prepared that it may not work as planned, find alternative solutions. Also the group can be seen as a resource. Members work on their tasks , but further information might be needed, according to their experiences and knowledge, they will help.

Moreover, working in a group is about teamwork, people with different skills work on sudden parts that they are really good at and can get help whenever they need. Chitra Reddy demonstrates, “To solve complex problems and to complete difficult tasks, team works better than a individual.”. It drives people crazy when working in a group where there is no talking and freedom. People management skills that a group develops in order to communicate. Teamwork is not just work; it is about communication and motivation. People can’t just sit around when other people are working; there gets to be a purpose that they work in a group. When working in a group, people have to have a problem to solve; otherwise, they just aimlessly mess around. As it says earlier, people with different skills work on sudden parts does not mean they are good at those let them work on it individually. Teamwork is where members need encouragement to put their views across, make it exciting , interesting, and motivating.

Lastly, working in a group is that it enables the group as a whole to be more productive, more creative, and can get work done in small amount of time. Lynda Moultry Belcher emphasizes that,“Another key advantage of group work in the office is that it can increase efficiency”.Groups that work well together can achieve much more, creativity thrives when people work together. One of the benefits of working in a group is that it helps to raise the complete output. People work together using their best skills to make the quality better. A broader range of skills can be applied to practical activities plays an important role. Sharing knowledge excites others, makes them want to share more. Often, a group works well together because members rely on each other to bring individual talents to the business.

To conclude, working in a group helps improve skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Most importantly, it makes the work more interesting, more motivating. working in a group is obviously more beneficial than working alone. People should work together and blend themselves into the community.

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