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Essay: A PR campaign for Chelly-YourDesign

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1.My public relations campaign will be designed to establish my knowledge among my peers, the press, or my potential clients or costumers. So, the campaign is for everybody.
-I would like to make a planning for each section to make everything obvious before the deadline is coming up.
– My Goals: That everyone who wants to design a product will be happy with it”.
(1/2) Negative Public- If they aren’t happy with their product:
– If it doesn’t look: How they asked and want to have it different. I talk about it with phone/mail/message etc. how he wanted to have and maybe there is a price involved but that depends.
– If it looks: How they asked and want to have it different.
I am going to talk about it with my client with phone/mail/message etc. how he want to have it. And in this is a price involved because, it isn’t the error of the designer.
– The target is for all ages, Woman and Men. I think it is around 10 years old +. And the brand needs to be really obvious for each age. That it isn’t to girly or the word ”too cool” for a boy.
– When some people are saying to me which people would like to design as well a product. So, for this situation I would like to do: They sell for example 10 shirts and they get back a shirt for free or for example 10 euros. This is an option to still get clients coming up to you to buy something.
Time Plan: I first finish all the shirts after the 10 or if I know that the 10 shirts are real sold than, I finish his/her free shirt in one-week time.
– In my logo you see already what the brand means. So, it is very obvious for the public/clients what my brand is about. ”Chelly-YourDesign”. The letter C in my nickname Chelly is with a paint spatter. The paint spatter stands for that I am designing your product with paint. ”And YourDesign” means: That you are saying what kind of design product you want to have. For example what kind of t-shirt, what kind of effect or would you like to have a picture on your shirt.
– Need to choose three from the list:
1. Articles in Magus
2. Customer success stories
3. Radio/Television
(4). Press
1.I would like to have articles about my product. In the articles I would like to show clients a picture of themselves who are happy with their product and promoting me for example: ”this is nice to do you need do it as well”. But in the article I would like to show the clients more effects, new products what you can use or offers.
2. Customer success stories. I would like to have some stories on a blog or on my coming up website where customers can show their products what they wanted and I designed for them.
3. Radio/Television: I would like to make my brand more stronger to get an interview what my brand is about and how I get clients how they wanted their products. So, in short words talking about my brand. Or I would like to have a small TV commercial about new products or for example new effects.
4. Press: I would like to have my magazine with some models and clients who designed a product. I would like to do as promotion as well Flyers, Business Cards etc.
– Present my Brand work.
– Having an A3 Cover with all my Ideas. ‘DONE
– Need to create a flyer / poster (Would like to do on photoshop)
– In my advertisement page by written stuff will include:
New effects, discount, offers, new products etc.
– I would like to use as social media:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs. (Website)
Already have:
– Facebook: Chelly-YourDesign
– Instagram: Chelly-YourDesign
Mail: [xxx]
Phone: [xxx]
– Creating my 5 tweets:
1. Chelly-YourDesign has new effects for designing your product has a look on these pictures:
2. Chelly-YourDesign has discount on the scarf product by using the colours blue and yellow, doesn’t matter which effect you want to have as design.
3. Chelly-YourDesign is coming up with another social media: Pinterst ! Follow, ”Chelly-YourDesign” for getting ideas for making your design product.
4. Chelly-YourDesign has a Cap as new product on their website. You can look on the website for more information. Here a picture of a Cap with a nice effect.
5. Chelly-YourDesign has offers. You get half of the price, if you design two shirts. www.Chelly-YourDesign.nl/com
”Mission Statement”
Chelly-YourDesign is aim to getting new products with new effects or having glow in the dark designs on your product.
Chelly-YourDesign provide with having happy clients
Chelly-YourDesign believes in promoting a lot for getting clients attention.
Chelly-YourDesign understands that there are coming more clients if you offers discount to encourage new clients.
Marketing Fashion Book:
Promotional Mix:
-My promotional mix is including with magazines, flyers, build boards and business cards.
-As Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
(Have already Instagram and Facebook)
-Would like to do a small interview on television by telling all the people what my brand is about.
(For example:
My brands name is Chelly-YourDesign. Chelly is my nickname and YourDesign stands for what kind of design you would like to have as tie-dye product. The client is thinking and getting inspiration in my social media: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. If they would like to have some more information, another design or want to order a product they can get a chat with me on one of the social media. In this brand you can see that everybody has a creative side in them. So, my key message is ”everybody is creative in making their own style”. In my brand you can get all kind of pictures, designs, effects on your product. )
Press: I would like to do promotion with advisements. For example: in a newspaper. A magazine, flyers, business cards, builds boards etc.
Fashion Show: To make my brand stronger I would like to do a random fashion show in the centre of Amsterdam in the weekend on a sunny day. In that fashion show I would like to have a promotion bag for some people with a magazine, flyers, business cards etc. and maybe with a product for example a scarf.
Store: I would like to have a store. But the store is different than other stores. Because, my brand is ”Chelly-YourDesign”. So, it is your design. The store is including with all kind of creative stuff like: Patterns, Pictures, and Paint. In my store you create your own product.
Maybe in the future I would like to have another store with having extra products. What is just made by me, or products where people aren’t happy with and sell them in my store.
Window Displays: Different positions of models and all kind of products. The models need to be a Woman, Gentlemen, and Boy, Girl. In the display, needs to show people that the products are for all targets.
Visual Merchandising and Signage: For this stage I would like to do my store with the same radiation as the season. Like, the products but also the store self. If there are special days, like: Christmas to have my products with the same radiation. Or, showing new trends in the store.
Celebrity Endorsement: It would be really nice to have like a celebrity with wearing my products. If there is celebrity who is really famous and a lot of people like. I think I would get more attention of my brand.
(I am busy with making a website and a clip for my brand)

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