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Essay: Holistic marketing concept

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  • Holistic marketing concept
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The holistic marketing concept is mainly the idea where management board in a particular business considers the entire business as one. The business will have no different departments. In this concept, a different staff in the firm have to decide and come together in which they will discuss and project different and positive ideas that are to be in use to improve marketing and advertise the business to the customers. Due to the involvement of marketing activities that connects to each other, they ensure that customer are provided with necessary information and also promote their products.
The idea of internal marketing is particularly in use when solving problems in the business by building and improving the relationship among the members of the firm. The concept is aiming to consider the staff at first than any other considerations. For the company that has taken the idea of holistic marketing vision, internal marketing is becoming necessary for the business to excel and also succeed. In this case, internal marketing presents that both internal and external marketing of a business are same and should be equality considered and the company is to treat them similarly at any cost for the company to excel.

The field of service marketing provides that satisfaction of the employees in business will change and also improve the way the performance and services that the staff offers to the customer. To satisfy a client by the service provided, quality performance of a person will greatly determine and affect, and thus employee’s satisfaction will is very useful when it come to the internal marketing of the business.

The different organization has been seen to be evolving and using the concept of internal marking and also combining it with various management ideas to improve marketing and services that the company offers to the customers. To improve commercialization of the products from the organization, it will mainly start from the management of the business.

From an article by Investopedia written on 25th April of 2015, (what is holistic marketing and how it can be applied in business), the article supports and internal marketing. The article is saying that the main idea about general marketing is mainly to help toward making decisions in the firm that in turn will create value for different stakeholders in a particular business. The company the values through a clear and also a message that the speakers consider it to be concise in marketing. To ensure all the customers and also the various partners in the corporate sector have to experience the company services equally. Within a particular integrated marketing, adverting, direct marketing, online communication and lastly public relationship are mainly in need by the business for its success.

In conclusion, motivating and also the satisfaction of a person in a different organization are primarily some of the primary considerations and objects of plans involving internal marketing. A competent staff that has the capability to promote and offers the best in marketing has a lot of advantages in competition sector for the company. Therefore internal marketing while considering holistic marketing will greatly benefit a business through the services that they are to the company should offer to the people. In relationship to this, most of the organizations have adopted the criteria. Therefore business should consider using the method to improve marketing. This process also makes marketing more quickly for business.


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