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Essay: Market analysis and marketing environment (Starshot photography)

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The purpose of writing this report is to understand about market analysis and marketing environment. To attract more customers, Starshot photography should promote to environment about their services such as paparazzi and celebrity photography service, graphic art design, web design by ocean effect and private detective services. Starshot also must join a contest to introduce their product and services to gain more customers. That will affect popularity of Starshot and they can attract more customers to come to Starshot photography. So that, they need to launch new products and services by using promotion such as update their website and introduce their new products. Starshot had entered the contest and win an essence of family photo shoot package, couple, pregnancy, and makeover photoshoot package. They need to come out with new ideas such as make a photo as naturally possible and also services with affordable price and give some bonus for customer, for example if people come more than 5 times they will get discount. Their target market should be satisfying consumer needs and wants. If customers feel that starshot’s products and services satisfying their need, customers will become members of starshot photography studio (https://www.lacefactorystudios.co.uk/).

A firm’s marketing environment consists of the actors and services outer marketing which affect marketing management’s skill to develop keep up successful relationships with its objective customer (Kotler 1997). Starshots must design marketing plans. According to Gary Armstrong (2003), marketing management takes over company groups into account, the groups are top management, finance, exploring and improvement, purchasing, manufacturing, and accounting. All these related groups from the internal environment. According to Gary Armstrong (2003), their success will depend on other actors in the company’s microenvironment, other company departments, marketing intermediaries, suppliers, competitors, customers, and various publics, that combine to build up the company’s value delivery network.

Analysis of the Environment

The responsibility of marketing manager is to undertake an environmental analysis of the firm, that’s means the manager needs to break the marketing environment into smaller components to get a better understanding. The parts of the marketing environment include macro environment, micro environment, and internal environment. Marketing manager must be able to overcome the problems and factors within environment. Marketers need to charge with the responsibility of communicating, they operate within a system that reflect our own self belief in sustainable action, but when it comes to sell their clients product. (Chris Mort 2009). According to David Gaines (2009) If marketing is about selling products through there enforcement or change of perceptions then completely, marketing should attempt to drive business behavior. Marketers need a come close to understand how customer identify shopping environments (Catherine Demangeot and Amanda Broderick 2010).

Australia’s market is a free market, which means there is no barrier to entry in the competition such as photography studio. The aggressive environment encompasses the amount of competitors a firm should face, the virtual size of the competitors and the degree of interdependence in the industry (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel 2004). Marketers need to make sure that their company has better quality rather than their competitor in terms products and services. A firm which supplies a product may affect the strength of competitors. Marketers need to monitor the actions of their competitors to determine what competitor plans and strategy and how those strategies affect their own. Price is one of marketing strategy that competitors monitor. Marketers need to understand the market and what customers want, as well as what competition is provide. That will aid in maintaining a marketing orientation. Information about competitors will influence performance of their own marketing efforts and to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. The important data such as market shares, product movement, sales volume and outflow can be useful for this competition (Pride at al 2006).

Based on Xia Jun, Kimberly Boal, and Andrew Delios that they build up an institute change perception to explain the constraint that can stand between elaborate external environmental influences and internal organizational influences on overseas entries. In internal environment, a firm can directly control its environment. There are strength and weaknesses. Those can affect a firm ability to compete in the market. In external environment, that cannot be directly controlled such as Opportunities and threats (Kotler et al 2009). Starshot have a chance to improve their products and services, but also have threat such as their competitor in the market place.

Each firm should think its own size and industry situation compared to those of its competitors. Big firms with dominant positions in an industry can use particular strategies that smaller firms cannot capable, but being large is not enough. Large firms is winning strategies but also losing ones. A small firm can develop strategies that give them better charge of revisit than big firm has (Gary Armstrong 2003). The mediating effects of team commitment and durability are between managerial faith and team performance. For examples Starshot’s team learning and product success (Dayan, Mumin 2010).

Starshots photography studio have offering such as individual session, family session, corporate session, pregnancy session, couple session for customer needs and want, and they also have promotions for photo session. But others company or competitors of starshots firm also have photo session like starshots. So, to solve this problem, they need to think about new ideas and come out with different products and services to satisfying customer needs and wants such as add more photo session, add more bonuses and promotions to attract customer to come, add more locations of Starshots.

In analysis of the environment, there have social and cultural forces which culture are a shared value passed down from generation to generation in an environment. These values determine what social acceptable behavior is. There are cultural elements that can influence a firm’s marketing program such as family, customs and behavior, the educational level, and language differences (Etzel, Walker, and William 2007).

Environment Elements

In Starshots, there are elements that influence their performance such as Macro environment, micro environment, and internal environment. Those elements are very important within a company because a firm must be able to overcome those factors that a firm could satisfy customer needs and wants.

Macro Environment Elements

Macro environment factors which are influence a firm such as political, technological, sociocultural, and economic. In Starshots, marketing decisions are powerfully affected to develop in the political environment. The political environment consisting of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence and maximum value of different organizations and individuals in a given the general public. Governments build up public policy to guide business, set laws and rules which limits industry for the good of environment. So that, Starshots must follow government rules and apply them in business (Philip Kotler 1997).

The cultural environment is prepared by the institute and other strength that affect a society’s basic denomination, preferences, behaviors, and perceptions. Those factors influence consumer to choose which photography studio that satisfy their needs and wants. The major cultural standards of a society are stated in environment’s views of themselves and others, along in their views of organizations, nature, the public, and the world. Starshots need to update their service according to society sociocultural (Philip Kotler 1997). Customers bring to the purchasing decision unreliable types of attitudes and beliefs (Nelson Barber, D. Christopher Taylor, and Sandy Strick 2010)

The technological environment is possibly the most spectacular power now influential our destiny. Society attitude toward technology depends on whether they are more impressed with that luck or that blunders (Gary Armstrong 2003). Starshots photography studio need to improve their technology deeper than their competitor such as makes the photo natural and they also can update their website once a month, so that customer will know about Starshots new services and products.

The economic environment consists of factors which influence customer purchasing power and expenditure patterns. Marketers have to pay attention to major trends and customer spending patterns across and within their world markets. Starshots can make some packages with affordable price. For example they combine men photoshoot packages and ladies photoshoot packages. Starshot’s sales strategy is consistently and absolutely linked with performance as transformational leadership, customer solution orientation, and demand uncertainty (Panagopoulos, Nikolaos G and Avlonitis, George J 2010).

Micro Environment Elements

Micro environment factors which are influence a firm such as the industry, partners, customers, and competitors. The success depends on the company’s microenvironment which combines to make up company’s value delivery system. One of the micro environment elements is the industry. Finance is concerned with finding and using money. Manufacturing is responsible for producing the desired quality and quantity of products. Accounting has to considered costs and revenues to help marketing know well it is achieving its objectives (Gary Armstrong 2003). So, in Starshots, all of these departments have an impact on the marketing department’s plans and actions.

Customer is the most factors that influence overall Starshots Photography Company. The company needs to understand types of customer and what are customer needs and wants. The company must implement measures in order to attract customers to come and make customers satisfactions for services provided in this firm.

These two factors are very influence for Starshot photography benefit and performance in this market competition.


In conclusion marketing manager need to adapt the products offered to customers with a highly efficient price. Marketing managers must also understand what customers need and desired in the market. Marketers must develop technologies and consider to macro environmental factors and micro environmental factors.This world is advancing the needs and desires of each person increasingly turning over time.Marketers must interact with customers and customize products and services in accordance with the needs of customers today.Accordance with the macro and micro factors, as marketers has to overcome these factors without compromising the customer. In the market place there are many competitors that competing to gain more customers and competing about their products and services. In the market, marketers need to know and understand about customer attitude, belief, and sociocultural because every person has different attitude and different point of view. Marketers have to divide goods and services in suitable with the economic stage.Economic level of some people is very high and also some have a normal economy.


In marketing environment there are many factors that influence a firm’s performance, decision-making, and operation in the firm. In this world more advanced technology and more and more competitors are developing their products, so Starshots need increasing their performance such as develop their photoshoot and understand environment trend. The success of a company such as Starshots depends on how they adapt to the environment such as the present trends and future trends.They need a strategy to satisfy customers need and want. People trends change every time. So as marketers they need new strategies, but they cannot think their strategies always benefit for the company. They need opinion from their employee, staffs, and partners in the firm.

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