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Presently, technological advances such as mobile phones and computers through the use of internet create a global network in the world. This global network allows for the crucial existence of businesses and companies on a variety of online platforms, making them accessible potential customers and marketing. On the other hand, the lack of online presence of some companies and businesses is a considerable drawback as their competitors could be striving greatly. The main purpose of this report is to identify a company that relies predominantly on the Old Marketing DNA and explains the notions of both the Old and New marketing DNA in order to able provide suggestions for the business. Also, a research will be conducted on the company’s present marketing strategy and determine its effectiveness before providing beneficial modern day recommendations.

It is not surprising that after making research, New DNA marketing is more potent and beneficial for a business compared to the Old DNA. Therefore, it is of best interest to recommend “Alhaji Suya” to co-operate the modern day means of marketing into their own marketing strategy by establishing an online existence.


The company of choice that falls into the category of Old Marketing DNA is “Alhaji Suya”. This is a Nigerian grill house that specializes in the popular West African food item “Suya” (See Figure 1). Alhaji suya is mainly a takeaway place, with limited seating for about five. “Alhaji” is an African term referring to a gentleman while “suya” is a type of skewered shish kebab that is expertly spiced and grilled on an open flame. From my personal background of living in Nigeria for a couple of years, “suya” is extremely popular and well selling in all parts of the country. The business is owned by a Nigerian man located at 15 Peckham Road SE15 6TR in London. The business lacks a personal website and the appropriate social media presence as it only uses facebook account with a little over 500 followers as the primary means of marketing their product to customers. Potential customers could be lost this way as there are a lot of Nigerians living in the UK as a whole and the annual tourists coming in as well (See Figure 3) if the appropriate measures to New Marketing DNA are not implemented.


3.1 Technology

As explained earlier, Alhaji suya only operates a facebook account as a means of marketing. This Facebook account, in turn, is not handled and managed properly as a visit to the account only provides images with basically no information concerning the range of products they offer to customers. This is understandable after paying a visit to this eatery that the owner is employing a similar marketing procedure to that of Nigeria which is still a developing country. However, this system will be less effective in a country like the United Kingdom where technological advancements are at a peak level, unlike the Nigerian system where internet is not easily available to a majority of the population.

According to Todor, 2016, “It is a matter of fact that we are in the digital era and internet marketing and social media have a significant impact on the way consumers behave, companies do business and it is a must for companies to adapt to the new reality”. This “new reality” is also referred to as the New Marketing DNA or digital marketing concept; “The practice of promoting products and services in an innovative way, using primarily database-driven distribution channels to reach consumers and customers in a timely, relevant personal and cost-effective manner is known in the theory and practice as digital marketing” (Wsi, 2013). Digital marketing makes companies’ relationships with their existing and potential customers better as they are able to access and make contact with businesses in a more convenient way.

Alhaji suya, therefore, needs to extend its social media presence and establish online existence through a personal website so as to maximize their outreach to potential customers.

According to research conducted by Felix R and Rauschnabel in 2017 that states “Social Media Marketing is an integral element of the 21st-century business”. It is therefore crucial for “Alhaji suya” to reshape its facebook page into a professional business page explaining their products, they offer and engaging with their customers not only physically but also digitally through online reviews. Furthermore, the use of other social media tools and platforms like Instagram and Youtube could be highly beneficial as they have a extensive coverage of people. For instance, a Youtube video could be made of the staff physically showing a process of making “Suya” from the raw meat to the grilling process which can be really entertaining and a marketing process simultaneously. Additionally, periodic promotions can be made known to the public through these social media tools easily as opposed to solely relying on word of mouth which is not as potent. The concept of customer insight also comes into play according to a survey conducted by CRM Magazine in 2013 that explains how companies have adopted the use reviews posted social media like Twitter and Facebook to mine data and transform it into useful resources for future purposes.

Secondly, a certified website for Alhaji suya would bring about a new form of customer relationship as they will be able to view virtual a menu and place orders, creating E-loyalty. E-loyalty according to Tsai, 2017 strongly depends on website design quality in order to create and maintain a long-lasting customer relationship and trust. So, Alhaji suya as a business will benefit heavily from an online website. Also, a delivery feature should be included on the website where they make contracts with delivery agencies like Deliver, Uber Eats etc. “About half of 18-to34-year-olds say they are ordering food to go more often now than they were three years ago. As takeout becomes a more widespread and ingrained consumer habit, this service will steal a growing share of a restaurant business. Also, three-fifths of consumers between 18-34 (57%) say they would use mobile ordering for takeout” (Tristano, D 2017). This will bring about a boost in sales as well as most people prefer having their meals on their doorsteps. Furthermore, because Alhaji soya is located in a distant location from Central London and Other parts, the market is primarily dependent on the residents within close proximity. This shouldn’t be the case for any business and Alhaji Suya as well because the market should be open to all potential customers regardless of certain factors such as the distance. However, the delivery concept becomes handy in such situations as customers can have their preferred meals on their doorsteps without having to step out and acquire it themselves.

And finally, I would recommend Alhaji Suya to include an Online Review Management System ORMS platform where customer reviews can be posted on their official website. The information being posted also known as EWOM (Electronic Word of Mouth) can be used to assess the process of the business.

3.2 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

3.2.1 Segmentation

“As consumers attempt to satisfy their various recognized needs, they evaluate several alternatives to determine from which they can derive the most value. By operating under consumer-centric philosophies, firms understand the value of identifying these heterogeneous consumers’ needs and creating valuable offerings for these consumers. To this effect, it is necessary to identify meaningful segments with similar needs in the marketplace, to create the most valuable marketing mixes for each segment.” (Obinna O 2017). As explained earlier ALHAJI SUYA employs a conventional system of marketing but the segmentation is primarily Demographic in terms of race. In terms age as well, the business could separate they customers like students, adults, married. Geographic factors also come into play as ALHAJI SUYA current location is distant from main parts of the city. Most of their customers when I asked were Nigerian students that come in from nearby cities over the weekend. This is because there are very few African Restaurants in London that offer the product Aljhaji soya offers. Apart from the weekends, it is mainly the Africans that are located close the store that purchases their products.

3.2.2 Targeting

According to Romaniuk (2012), “targeting is a key component of any market- er’s toolkit, but the recipe for smart targeting has become more complex”. The first and most important smarter targeting process is by ensuring all targeting measure not only cover your frequent customers but at the minimum all of the current customers (Romaniuk 2012). This is conducted by determining all the segments and their preferences or needs. Alhaji soya should not only be targeting mainly Nigerians but should expand its market all potential customers regardless of their nationality. This can be done through promotions like giving out free samples is some busy parts of London and social media marketing. They should also be targeting events like concerts, weddings, parties as they are also means of pushing their products to potential customers. Bookings of such events can be done via a platform on their official website.

3.2.3 Positioning

“Market positioning efforts, implicitly or explicitly, include managers’ efforts to modify the tangible characteristics and intangible perceptions associated with a given marketable offering in relation to the competition (Blankson C, 2013)”. This includes strategies such as brand name and attractiveness. It is quite clear where Alhaji suya stands in terms of branding as his products speak volumes about their origin. And also in terms of competition, there are very few Nigerian Restaurants that offer the same products so the business is in an advantageous position to make a breakthrough and set a long-lasting foundation. Alhaji suya can adopt a brand bag system where he delivers his products in a unique bag that relates to the originality of the entire Restaurant (See Figure 5).

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