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  • How News Outlets Handle Politics
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In their articles, contributors of the Cable News Network and Fox News establish a firm stance on Trump’s recent tax laws. These articles inform Americans about the effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on middle-class people. CNN presents a populist perspective in their article, whereas Fox News writes their article from a conservative point-of-view. The news agencies delivered the articles in the Opinion section of their websites, but the messages depict the news company’s respective political stances. Some Americans believe in the messages of news channels because they align with their personal interests. However, news media agencies can also reveal information in an unethical manner, deteriorating the political atmosphere.

In her CNN article, Trump’s tax cuts are a bust, Jill Filipovic provides a message that represents America’s working class. She believes that the tax cuts solely benefit the “Millionaires and Big Corporations.” Nevertheless, she establishes an opinionated perspective that favors the Democratic party. Democrats plan to increase funding for “social welfare programs,” but Trump’s tax plan runs counter to their ideology. Moreover, liberal government officials need federal tax capital to make education more accessible to people residing in impoverished communities. Filipovic claims that “the median Republican senator was worth 1.4 million.” She includes this statistic to build a foundation for why conservative senators would favor the tax law. Filipovic frames the title in a way that would trigger the emotions of a liberal person scrolling through CNN’s news feed on their smartphone. Kay Cole James and Cathy McMorris Rodgers also offer their opinion on Trump’s tax law, but it favors another audience.

In the Fox News article, Tax cuts only help the wealthy? American paychecks show otherwise, James and Rodgers believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act favors people at every level of the socioeconomic hierarchy. Because of the law, Americans receive “bigger paychecks and more jobs.” James and Rodgers provide an article that gains support by conservative people. To enhance their argument, they employ the appeal to logic by utilizing statistics. For instance, people living in New York’s 15 district will experience a 30% drop in their income taxes. James and Rodgers utilize the first person pronoun “we” to appeal to the emotions of Americans. The title of the article includes a rhetorical question that makes the audience contemplate about the issue before reading the text.

CNN’s and Fox News’ article target two distinct political audiences: liberals and conservatives. When news agencies present articles favoring one political side, their credibility drops tremendously. They represent the catalysts that stimulate unhealthy political opinions, and these opinions divide the Congress into two parties. To promote a favorable political environment, citizens need to gain insight from objective news agencies such as The Wall Street Journal and The Economist because such news outlets publicize neutral information. Moreover, objective news sources will ensure that citizens do not form judgments based on an argumentum ad populum. Congress should pass regulation laws so that news media agencies reveal ethical information that do not persuade people to favor a specific political party.

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