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American culture and the media has imbedded itself into the mindset of today’s society resulting in people imitating and interpreting everything that they see and hear through TV, magazines or radio. This is due to the fact that media has become something like a window to the rest of the world. This is because of the media’s availability, entertaining qualities and popularity with majority of one’s peers. This has caused a mindset to develop where individuals believe that what they see in the media and what is being showed in popular culture is what they should be like. American culture is strongly influenced by media .

The images that have been created is a culture of imitation where as people dress like what they see on T. V. and in magazines, develop beliefs based on what they perceive to be normal. Also go as far as to change their very bodies all in a effort to become what they perceive to be the way they should be as dictated by American Culture and the media. The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a depiction of the end result of a cultural attitude of relying too much on popular media as source of information in one’s daily life. This novel portrays a society where books are illegal and people get all their information from TV or the radio shows resulting in a society where no new ideas are created and lacks ability of being able to learn from mistakes or for people to think for themselves. This example compares to today’s media based on the direction society is going now. Where people have become increasingly reliant on popular media in the form of TV and radio .Bradbury didn’t seem to far off.

What this paper will discuss is the positive and negative effects of popular media on society and how it affects the behavior of society as a whole. Positive effects of American culture and the media’s Cultural Understanding is that Popular culture and the media has given rise to a variety of cultural attitudes portrayed in the media. This has resulted in the spread of the english language to immigrants, the creations of appreciation of the American movie industry as well as a growth networking around the world. Through media people have been connected in a way that hasn’t been present since the start of civilization. Movie stars have fans in the millions, along with various TV actors and music artists. It has come to a point where American culture has almost a religious following in the form of the numerous fans who idolize American stars .

Growth of American business and mass media is an ever growing industry bringing in hundreds of billions of dollars in annual earnings. In the form of advertising deals,merchandising, satellite TV fees and other forms of making money generated by the industry. As a result the culture of America is actually helping to support the U. S. economy since not only are there people willing to buy products that they see on TV or in magazines in the U. S. but there are foreign buyers as well who are just as influenced in buying these products, if not more so.

Negative effects of Media Creation of a materialistic culture Due to the obsession of the public over what they see in magazines and TV the result has been a culture that is obsessed over brand name goods, unique gadgets or anything that their idols on TV are shown to be using whether it be a brand of water or a type of earring the general public becomes so obsessed with trying to look like them that they spend thousands of dollars doing so. No where is this more obvious that with the brand of shoe wear Nike.

In order to get specific shoe models like the Air Jordans or other such version associated with a famous star a lot of shoe aficionados are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to collect items that for them are associated with a famous individual. This is due to the proliferation of commercials portraying their stars using these sort of products which results in people buying just for the sake of being more like their idols even if the product is grossly overpriced and overrated.

Not only that but people in the process of buying these products develop huge credit card debt because of another development of pop culture namely the use of the credit card wherein instead of waiting and saving to obtain a certain product people satiate their immediate desires by using a credit card with its “buy now pay later” attractiveness. Which unfortunately has resulted in a attitude of bad spending and debt as a result of the America’s credit card culture. Creation of a TV centric culture

Pop culture and the media has created a culture literally obsessed with televisions. Individuals spend hours on end watching TV and not moving from a single spot. This is due to the fact that a lot of shows are so entertaining and geared toward keeping an audience riveted in their seats that few people have the inclination to do otherwise. It is due to this that most people prefer watching TV than reading books or even going out for regular exercise resulting in a rise in the number of cases of people being overweight or even being obese due to lack of exercise.

Not only that but a slow mental deterioration has occurred with a percentage of the population since instead of books they prefer the convenience of televisions resulting in a population that is actually more insular and less prone to new ideas and concepts as a result of this preference of TV over books. effects on Society Development of Stereotypes Since popular forms of media such as TV, magazines and radio are thought of as windows to the world most individuals believe that the cultural connotations and the portrayal of individual ethnicities in TV programs as well as their unique characterizations are based on reality.

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