Essay: To what extent has the practice of medicine reinforced health inequalities among minority ethnicities?

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In the event of recent years many politicians have said that Britain is on its way to becoming a multicultural country, due to the ever increasing number of ethnicities that live within the city of London and throughout the country. “Britain is a radically more diverse society than it was in the 1960’s, with about 8% of the population nationwide and nearly 30% in the cities like London coming from an ethnic minority background.” (Bloch, A & Solomos, J: 2008) many have talked about in length about how London has become one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United Kingdom. In London alone there is an estimated of roughly 100 different languages are spoken throughout the city such as, Italian, German, Spanish, English, etc. Across the English regions and Wales in 2011, London has the highest proportion of ethnic minority groups and the lowest proportion of the white ethnic group. The largest ethnic minority in London is African 7%, Indian 6.6%, and Caribbean 4.2%. (ONS: 2011) Although there are many ethnic minority groups in Britain, Indian is still one of the biggest but the White British are still what the majority of people identify themselves as. In the Office of National Survey article in 2011, “White was the majority ethnic group at 48.2 million in 2011 (86.0 per cent). Within this ethnic group, White British was the largest group at 45.1 million (80.5 per cent)” (ONS: 2011)
This research will take an objective observation at the different ethnic minorities throughout Britain and the different type of ethnic inequalities that they have to overcome but will focus on the ethnic inequalities in health. I also intend to analytical look at a number of healthcare programmes that the government has created and supported to help society such as the King’s Funds and also the Public Healthcare system and the National Health Service which were programmes to reduce the inequalities between communities and individuals. Lastly we will take time to examine whether ethnic minorities across the country have equal or ease of access to proper healthcare and the difficulties that they have to overcome to receive access to a doctor and proper medical attention.
First we must define what ethnicity is before we can define what it means in the eye of the healthcare system. Ethnicity is a group or population whose members believe that in some senses they share common descent, heritage or culture. Currently the Indian category constitutes the largest ethnic minority in the UK, Indian Migrants who migrate to Britain are mainly located in areas such as London and the Midlands. In 2011, the number of foreign born Indian national’s resident in the UK was 729,000, followed by Poland, Pakistan and the Republic of Ireland. In researching inequalities about ethnicity in connection with health around Britain we have to look at the other aspects of inequalities that surround ethnicity as many theorists believe that all of the aspects of inequalities are the reasons why many people in …

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