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This report will discuss and evaluate the scope of practice for osteopath as a health professional group and how osteopath may be varied as future health care needs are considered. It will discuss a brief history of osteopath and the treatment they provided. It will evaluate what differnates it from other profession and how this differentiation made it important to the health profession. This report will discuss the qualifications needed to be an osteopath, the regulations, codes of conduct and guidelines needed to be followed within this profession.
Osteopathic medicine began in 1892 in the United States, found by Dr Andrew Taylor Still, an American physician. Osteopathic give a general approach to health and stresses in a person’s health and well-being. It is a drug free non ‘ invasive manual medicine that aims to give support to the body and the body’s self-healing capacity (Victoria State Government, 2015). Practice of osteopath began in the early twentieth century in various other countries, these countries include the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In 1900 two graduates from the American School of Osteopathy named Edgar Culley and Florence McGeorge were the first to practice as osteopaths in Australia (Baer, 2009).
Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and chiropractors are similar but not the same profession, osteopath focuses on the concepts of the body parts and how the body works as a whole. Osteopaths boasts themselves on having a wide range of treatment options to provide patients with the appropriate amount of patient care needs. Osteopathic fundamental philosophy is to treat the patient rather than just their symptoms (Osteopathicinfo, 2015).
Osteopathic medicine is a noble profession that focuses on the relationship between musculoskeletal structure and organ functions (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2015). Osteopath aims to provide holistic care to the functions and structures of the body and to strengthen the total body, these included skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissues and internal organs (Osteopathy Australia, 2015). Osteopath can recognise the dysfunctions of the human body and uses the right combination of techniques to treat patients, techniques such as massages for general treatments of the soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles) or specific joints, the aim of osteopath is to bring body back to a consistent whole (Healthtimes, 2015c).
Osteopath is the fastest developing allied health profession. At the last report of the National census, it was stated the number of osteopaths have triple from 1996 ‘ 2006. A national health survey conducted from 1995 ‘ 2005 by the Australia Bureau of Statistics, states the people who visited osteopath in the two weeks prior to the survey had increased by 88% to 60,000 (Burke, S. R., Myers, R., & Zhang, A. L. 2013). Indicated by the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) statistics presents a profession growth, from 2014-2015 shows that there is a 6.8% growth to this profession. Although there is still a small number of only 2000 registered osteopathy practitioners, osteopath is mainly a developing health care profession with most of the osteopaths aged group between 25-29, 30-34 and …

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