Essay: Areas within an event from a security perspective

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  • Areas within an event from a security perspective
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Security Schedule


This document provides a table of all areas within an event from a security perspective and the number of staff required by each as well as the hours that the member(s) of staff are required to work for. The document covers every day the site is in use from the build phase through the event to de-rig including both day and night shifts for the duration of the event.


This document provides a guide on the anticipated security staffing levels across the venue at any one time. This allows for checks to be preformed, ensuring adequate resources as well as the ability to redeploy staff from an area with reduced demand to respond to another area requiring an increase. As the document lists total hours it could also reduce the risk of staffing providers over-billing preventing unplanned for costs being incurred and allows for a reasonable estimate to be included within the event’s budget.

2009 Big Chill – Site Rules


This document provides a detailed list of rules governing all persons working on site; prohibiting certain activities unless criteria are met; and other activities altogether. As well as prohibiting activities it also details tasks and actions that must be carried out, considering them mandatory. Most of which are including in existing legislation.


The document provides the event manager the ability to set regulations specific to the event, reinforcing those provided by existing regulations and focusing on known high risk activities within the given activities regularly carried out in an event’s build stage. It enables the promotion of safe working through prohibiting and making mandatory certain activities. In including the production of specific documentation it ensures records are maintained and up to date. The consequences for not following the listed rules appear to be focused on remuneration in; not being permitted to work on site or, the delaying of payment for services provided. This offers a financial incentive to those carrying out related activities to ensure the rules are adhered to.

BC09 Event Risk Assessment


The document provides a detailed summary of the task in terms of providing a “safe” environment throughout the various phases of the event. Also included is a break down of potential hazards that could be encountered by the public, staff and contractors. Each identified hazard is scored based on an included matrix that covers the severity of potential injury and the likelihood of occurrence, which in turn produces a score. This initial score is then amended to include control measures designed to reduce the overall risk.


This document allows the event manager to systematically and objectively analyse potential hazards throughout the event to any or all personnel on site and specific or generic stages throughout the event. Once hazards have been identified they are clearly able to be rated which provides a method of scaling risk, which allows for priorities to be set and actions to be taken or procedures to be put in place to negate or reduce the identified hazard or level of risk associated with it. The document also provides a record that can be shared with key stakeholders to demonstrate safe working practice and implementation of procedures to reduce risk. This is a key document required for the application of a license to allow the event to take place.

BC09 Fire Risk Assessment


This document provides an overview of the operational requirements in terms of fire safety. It details many perceived fire safety hazards across the venue through its various phases including build up; the event and de-rig which focuses on and is relevant to all visitors to the site including staff, contractors and the general public.


This document provides the venue, event manager and all other key stakeholders with a tool to analyse potential hazards to personnel from a fire safety point of view. It enables the level of perceived risk to be calculated alongside the likelihood of occurrence that can then be used to ascertain overall risk. This used effectively allows the event manager to formulate methods to reduce or remove the risk of injury from a potential hazard. Once a reduction method is in place the risk factor is recalculated providing an amended indicator. This action allows demonstration of ongoing work to mitigate risk to personal on site that is often focused upon by key stakeholders. This tool is highly useful in terms of providing a safe environment and complying with current relevant legislation.

Live 8 Event Safety Plan


This document provides the information and documentation pertaining to the entire event, it includes detailed guidance and procedure for all elements of the event including the build and de-rig phases. The document explains in detail the fundamental elements required for the event to operate safely, successfully and in line with legislation.


An event manager would use this document to ensure planning in terms of core infrastructure and operations were being adhered to, appropriate resources acquired to allow for full operation and contingency, relevant licensing and certification sought and acquired during the build phase. The document would be used during the event to ensure staff levels were appropriate for the suitably calculated capacities to enter and occupy the venue safely. It incorporates welfare planning for staff, contractors and members of the public including cleaning, catering and waste management. The document would be used as an overall guide to meeting the legislative requirements relevant to the type of event.

Live 8 Event Management Plan


This document provides the information required to effectively provide a command and control structure detailing the key personnel and there responsibilities as well as providing the limits of authority allowing for clear leadership across any potential occurrence within the venue. It also details how these positions change or move through different stages of the event.


This document allows the event manager to specifically delegate key tasks or area of responsibility to designated individuals, which in turn removes ambiguity limiting the occurrence of confusion within the command structure. This is of considerable importance during the event stage of the overall plan as the number of individuals the event management team is at its highest with the most responsibility and the least margin for error. The document also enables the relevant personnel to have a full and complete understanding of their role across a variety of scenarios from normal; to emergency; to crisis. It provides detailed information from role to role providing an event manager with key points of contact to facilitate specific actions required to effectively run the event.

Summer Sundae Production Map


This document details the venue layout, clearly identifying the site borders, stages and marquees as well as facilities both for the use of the public and production. Access points and egress, both normal and emergency are clearly displayed. The key provides an easy to read index of the various elements included in the document.


The document provides the event manager with a quick and easily disseminated overview of the event footprint which can be referenced to others using grid reference allowing for precise location or relocation of facilities or resources. It offers the ability to provide all staff and or members of the public with an easy to read overview of the event without having to signpost or show around. This document is of upmost importance in responding to and dealing with incidents or emergencies such as a medical emergency requiring paramedics who can be provided with a very accurate location to avoid confusion and save valuable time in providing the required assistance.

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