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Essay: Assignment: Write a letter about writing

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Dear Professor,
Writing is the most important part of my life. If i have good writing it will help me for more opportunity and success in my carer . Writing helps me to focus on topic . Writing my thought and imagination down helps me to look back and see where I was lost in my story , where I get confused , what kinda mistakes I make in paragraph. Writing helps me to getting a new ideas and thoughts . Writing improve my thinking , emotion and imagination ,which is help me to be better person . Sometime when I get really stressed then I start writing it helps me to release my irritation and negative thought in my mind. Writing helps me show my opinion , imagination and thought to reality . Writing everyday improve my vocabulary and visual thinking and also help me to make smarter. Writing something down is active process which help flow my thoughts. Good writing skills also help to get a better job.
I like yo write about essay and stories and I really enjoyed writing too., but I really had hard time to write . There are so many idea that I plan to put in my writing, but I never do,its because I can never forced myself to plan it all out before hand , and if I do I get bored and stop writing that. There are so many mistake I make during my writing but one of the biggest mistake I make not staying on the topic . Another big mistake not using the proper vocabulary and staying away from my personal opinion. Sometime I have hard time staying on topic . I feel like my ideas jump from one to other no clear connection . I just going from sentence to sentence , not very sure of where or how I am going finish my essay . Sometime I get upset when I think about the writing . I get stress I feel like I cannot do it. I think that if somebody see my text then they can see how stupid I m . I know that I have ability to write , but it seems not able to get them a paper . Sometime I have lot of idea ,but when I need those idea can’t come up with one . Its very difficult for me there is the idea I lose interest in few after few sentences and there is the idea I thought was a paragraph , but its actually short story . All the idea I have very common , but ideas that get my brain thought flowing is less . Sometime I can’teven come up with ideas . Its kinda where I just have empty page and I keep typing and erasing.
I cant even write a word, I have no clue where to start or what story I wanna tell. I
stopped before I even start. I have outline , but I can’t get pass this one sentence because its boring , or I just don’t know how to combined sentence to another . I have two sentences , and I don,t know how to get from one sentence bit to other . Sometime I stop writing in middle I don’t know what I am gonna do next. Actually , here what seems to happen I start writing essay , write a whole lot in paragraph and than I start reading ,last couple of line I just lost track .I thought I left things in great place to pickup and now I just stuck in one place. This is worst. I have a bad feeling my essay took a wrong turn . I keep imaging people gonna say my essay is suck. I had wonderful story in my head and now I try to write down its suddenly dumb . During writing I m not hearing only bad feeling ,but there are also good one two. I like to write about stories and essay . Writing essay , stories kind interesting. Sometime when I start writing it come up exactly what I am gonna say or even better , I love it when
this happened .I know ,if i practice every day writing , good writing is not hard to learn . This fact encourage me , all the people with good writing skills not gifted or born with that they work hard for this. If I willing to work I can improve my writing too. There is no rule for writing , many people learn easily and for some people really have a hard time to learn. I know I have to work hard for this no secret. I never upset by the thought writing barely comes to anyone. I always thought that daily practice will help me to be better writer.

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