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Works Cited
“Airbag For Bikers.” New Scientist 187.2517 (2005): 19. Academic Search Elite. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
Honda has already invented one kind of airbag that designed for motorbike riders. When motorcycle riders felled down form their motorcycle, they always got hurt due to the big impulse force. Using this new airbag may reduce most of the energy that impact on riders, because the airbag can slow down the speed where riders fall down from motorcycle. Unfortunately, this kind of airbag only can reduce the hurt from the front side, not from backside or left and right side.
I’m really interesting about this article, because I’m a big fan in motorcycle. Once I was riding a motorcycle on the road and hit on a big stone, and I was thrown to the front of the motorbike. It was a really bad accident, and the doctor assessed my situation and decided let me be hospitalized for three month. In this way, this king of new air bag can reduce the injuries that I got from the accident. However, there are some negative sides on this creation, the airbag can only reduce damages from the front side but not from backside. Although most riders wear a helmet, they still might get hurt on their back or head and cause irreparable damage. I suggest that the Honda should invent one kind of new airbag that may protect riders both front and back side.
Hustad, Karis. “Phone camera vs. full camera: Which is a better deal?.” Christian Science Monitor 15 Nov. 2013: N.PAG. Academic Search Elite. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
Nowadays, most people use their cell phone camera future, and some of the cameras have really good features which might better than a camera. In addition, those smart phones are much smaller than that camera and easier to manipulate. Cell phones also have few features that cameras don’t have, such as sending photos via e-mail. However, cameras also have their own positive feature, camera can switch between different settings which most of the phones don’t have. You are wasting your time to consider whether purchase a cell phone or a camera, and it is not only wasting your time but also those chances to take good pictures.
Many of my friends think it is really easy use phones to take pictures, because carry a phone is much easier than bring a big camera. I’m interested in taking pictures, and I like to use cameras to take pictures, because I think I can gain more interest form using the cameras. Cameras have lots of settings, and these settings may take me lots of time to figure out, but I really enjoy the process. In addition, I can shoot same object by using different setting, if I’m shooting fast-moving object, I will switch to shutter priority mode, which better for shooting moving objects. However, if I did not change the settings, these pictures may looks awful because those unnecessary shadows. In addition, the big camera looks more professional, because I need use my both hands to hold the camera and look though the viewfinder of my camera. Thought cell phones can upload pictures really fast, but I’d like to take some time to modify my photos, and make it looks better. In conclusion, if you are crazy about taking pictures, you should get a camera; however, if you just want take pictures to memory your daily life, just use your cell phone because it is much easier to manipulate.
LEWIN, TAMAR. ” .” New York Times 23 Jan. 2013: A15. Academic Search Elite. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.
Some public universities decide give few example online classes for everyone who wants to gain knowledge. After people take the first few classes, they might interest on it, and part of the people may purchase the whole class. In this way, public university can gain extra money from the student to reduce the financial deficits. In addition, for those who did not start the university classes, they may also enroll in these online classes and there is no risk from stop taking this online class.
I think some collages offer free class to public is a really good decision not only to those colleges who offer online class but also has a positive effect to the whole society. After university offers some classes, it may improve the universities’ popularity. Such as the university of Texas they posted few online classes on their school website, this might lead more and more people recognize the university of Texas from taking these online courses. A students who just graduate from high school may consider what major should they study in the future, and by taking these online classes they might gain interests in certain area. In other way, the university does not pay too much fee for the online class. The only thing the university should do is build a website, take video for a class, and post it on the Internet.
MAHARAJA, PAUL. “Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life.” PC World 31.9 (2013): 195-197. Academic Search Elite. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
The author Maharaja Paul gives us some suggestions to improve the personal computer battery’s life. The first one is people should always charging their laptop; this can enhance battery’s life. Second, keep the personal computer’s screen light at a lower level, which not only can protect our eyes but also can reduce the battery consumption. Also, delete all the apps that have errors, and shut down some apps when you are not using it, such as Bluetooth. These are several ways that can improve the battery’s lifespan.
Nowadays, most people need their personal computer everyday, and sometimes it is embarrassed because the battery is out of power. The article gives us some suggestions to keep our battery working in high efficient; however, there are several ways, which I observed from daily life, can maximize our laptop’s battery. First, don’t always shut down your laptop, because always shut down the laptop may cause a bigger damage to the battery than just shut the monitor off. Second, clean the dust on the battery at least once a month. When you open the back of the computer, you can always see lots of dusts on the battery, and dusts may reduce the battery’s cooling efficiency. In conclusion, changing a battery may cost few hundreds dollars, and these suggestions are not hard to finish, so why we don’t follow these suggestions may keep our battery’s life longer.
“Teachers In iPad-Equipped Classrooms Learn The Benefits Of Tech Tools.” Curriculum Review 53.4 (2013): 8. Academic Search Elite. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
The article mainly talked about the benefits that the iPads give to elementary students. Most of the elementary schools have at least one computer lab for students, but iPads have more benefits than computers, and here are some reasons. First, teachers are easier to teach in class, because different level of students may use their own iPad to gain certain knowledge, so it become more flexible. Second, using iPad can let students be more creativity, they can use the iPad send e-mails, and drawing on the iPad.
Nowadays, the iPad is fashion product, and lot of young people and pursue it. I think iPads not only can improve students’ knowledge but also have a positive effect in students’ daily life. In the study, iPad make learning easier, more convenient, because students do not need take books to school, in my history class I just bring an iPad with me instead history textbook, which is more than few hundred pages, and weight more than 8 pounds. In this way, no school bags give students a chance to relax their shoulders. In addition, Students won’t forget their homework again, because the only thing they need is an ipad, they can finish all kinds of homework on iPad, and it is really easy to edit mistakes that students have in their homework.

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