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Essay: Critical Issues At Rio+20

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Rio+20 is the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012 ‘ twenty years after the landmark 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. The 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or ‘Rio+20’ is a forum on how to make sustainable development a reality for seven billion people today, and to define the future we want for nine billion by 2050.Sustainable development is about people. It is about creating jobs and improving lives while respecting the environment. Eradicating poverty, preventing conflicts, empowering women and girls, and building responsible governing institutions are critical components.
Officials with the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development have identified seven issues critical to ensuring sustainability ‘ jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disaster response.
The first issue ‘Jobs’ . Economic recession has taken a major toll on both the quantity and quality of jobs . There are currently 190 million people unemployed and more than 500 million will be looking for jobs over the next 10 years . Economic and social policies to create gainful employment are critical for a well-balanced society . Work should be geared to the needs of the natural environment. ‘Green jobs’ in agriculture, industry, services and administration contribute to preserving or restoring the environment . Green jobs also help ensure biodiversity, reduce energy consumption, de-carbonize the economy, and minimize of all forms of waste and pollution .
There are many stories from the field about how countries have dealt with the challenge of developing skills for green jobs.
1) Saving energy and creating jobs in Cape Town .
2) Skills for Green Jobs: Selected stories from the field .
3) Feed-in tariffs in Kenya .
4) Waste management in the Republic of Korea .
5) Renewable energy in China .
Above picture is about working with solar panels in Senegal .
The second critical issue is about ‘Energy’ . By 2050, energy demands are expected to increase by 50 to 100% according to the UN. An issue brief prepared by the UN in advance of Rio+20 notes that transportation may be a key sector for new sustainable development goals. Some viable options that could help make transportation more sustainable include efforts to make engines and fuels less carbon intensive, the creation of electric vehicle charging stations, the expansion of public transport and overall improvements in transportation efficiency.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to sustainable energy for all :
1) Solar loans for rural homes in india .
2) Energy Star products in U.S .
The third critical issue is about ‘Cities’ . On the eve of the Rio+20 conference, UN officials note that much progress has been made in regards to the creation of sustainable cities. Indeed, a number of cities are now cleaner and greener places than they have ever been before. Recycling programs are expanding. Air quality is improving. However, serious challenges remain in many urban centers such as the need for further improvements in sanitation. Additionally, cities are now facing new and emerging challenges in regards to reducing risks from disasters and adapting to climate change.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to sustainable cities :
1) Sustainable urban planning in Brazil .
2) Cities and climate change-some case studies
3) Making cities Resilient
4) Transforming a dumpsite in Mumbai.
The picture above show ‘dumpsite In Mumbai ‘.
The fourth critical issue is about ‘Food’ . In a preliminary assessment, the UN notes that little comprehensive progress has been made on food security and sustainable agricultural issues. In advance of Rio+20, several organizations have put forth ideas for the development of goals that will help move us towards a more sustainable food system. Some of these ideas include the use of best management practices to reduce erosion and nitrogen runoff from farms, increasing the use of integrated pest management, increasing the efficiency of irrigation technologies, creating natural refuges in agricultural rich landscapes to protect pollinators, pest control services and soil fertility and reducing farm to fork waste. At Rio+20, leaders will likely grapple with the articulation of clearer sustainable development goals pertaining to food production and consumption.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to food security and sustainable agriculture :
1) African Leafy Vegetables( Bioversity International)
2) Agriculture key to addressing future water and energy need (FAO).
3) Conversation Farming in Zimbabwe(IFAD).
The picture above show rotations with different green manure cover crops in CA .
The fifth critical issues is about ‘Water’. For years, countries have been making slow but steady progress to reduce the number of people who lack access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. While a strong focus on access to safe drinking water will likely continue at Rio+20, discussions of sustainable water use may broaden to include improvements in water use efficiency, improvements in water quality, the protection of aquatic ecosystems and management issues such as capacity building, technology transfers and stakeholder engagement. Emerging water scarcity concerns will also likely need to be dealt with in the upcoming decades.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to water for the world :
1) Cool spring in Moldova.
2) Water Harvesting in Malir ,Pakistan.
3) Parched plains of Iran gain new life.
The picture above show the safe drinking water in Senegal.
The sixth critical issue is about ‘Ocean’ . The oceans are widely recognized as being important to sustainable development. Problems that affect the oceans such as overfishing, pollution and invasive species have received a great deal of attention at past conferences on sustainable development. At Rio+20, discussions will likely emphasize the need to speed up the implementation of previous commitments to ocean conservation and to improve cooperation among countries. Emerging ocean issues that may also be addressed include ocean acidification, eutrophication, ocean noise and geoengineering technologies.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to ocean for the world :
1) UN Secretary-General to Launch Oceans Compact at Yeosu International Conference.
2) Protecting coastal and marine ecosystems along the sub-Saharan African coastline.
The picture above show the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Turns 30
The seventh critical issue is about ‘Disaster’. Hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and other natural disasters can have devastating impacts on countries. Disaster risk management is an area that is increasingly being recognized as deserving greater attention on the global sustainable development agenda. Efforts may be taken at Rio+20 to allow better integration of disaster risk reduction measures in sustainable development polices and planning.
There are many stories from difference country which is related to Disaster-resilient Societies :
1) Cape Town :What it takes to be a role model city
2) Saijo City Japan ‘Steps Up’ with school disaster risk reduction education programme.
3) Children’s Charter for DRR : Protecting your village.
There picture above show coping with Disaster :Sandstorm in Kenya.

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