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Essay: Differences between Political Parties

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In America, we have two political parties, Republicans and Democrats, in our government. Both parties’ political philosophies take different stands on issues in the United States of America. These issues vary from taxes, gay marriage and health care.
Both Parties have different views when it comes to taxes. Republicans want to lower taxes to benefit business and the wealthy. Republicans believe that lowering taxes can help drive a healthy economy and the money Americans make should be kept and to invest in their future (Barton). However, Democrats want to increase taxes to for government spending and fund social programs. Most Democrats are Keynesian economics, which believe an economy will grow when consumers or government spends, it funds programs which therefore will help bring money into the economy (Barton). Both parties do believe supporting important services like ‘bridge maintenance and repairs for schools’ (Barton) are necessary to help keep a country running. Both Republicans and Democrats have different approaches to taxes but they both believe that their will help build a healthier economy.
Gay Marriage has become a growing issue today. Republicans are against same sex marriage. A poll was conducted that ‘fifty-nine percent are against marriage equality’ (Sullivan) which being Republican. The Republicans believes marriage is between only one man and only one woman and nothing else. Republicans think there are more important things to focus on in American, like ‘taxes or school systems’ (Republican Party on Civil Rights) than the definition of marriage. Democrats on the other hand, support same sex marriage. Democrats believe all couples should be ‘treated equally under law’ (Democrat Views on Gay Marriage) and be given the same legal assistances as the opposite sex couple. Religion does play a big role between the issues of same sex marriage for Democrats. Democrats believe religion is free to choose what they do but do not see marriage as religious sacrament (Democrat Views on Gay Marriage). Both parties disagree on legalization of same sex marriage but both believe it should be up to the states.
For years, health care has become a rising issue. The Republican Party believes in a free market based system which is more patient centered. Republicans believe relying on this health care system will ‘foster competition and drive health care cost down’ (Republicans View on Health Care). A reformed Medicare is something Republicans strongly favor. They believe in doing so will provide seniors ‘same insurance plan’ and ‘more options’ (Republicans View on Health Care). However, Democratic Party believe health care is centered off the idea ‘accessible, affordable, high quality’ (Democratic View oh Health Care). Democrats believe in firming and preserving Medicare. Democrats idea is through lifetime of work, American seniors have earned and ‘reap the benefits of those earnings’ (Democratic View on Health Care). Republicans and Democrats both disagree on the approach to health care but is important in America.
Republicans and Democrats tackle issues like taxes, gay marriage and health care differently. Viewing the different issues, I will have to choose Republican in the next election. I believe in lowering taxes will help our economy and not hinder. Although, I am for same sex marriage, I believe Republicans outnumber the other topics that need to be discussed. When it comes to health care, I want to make sure when I am much older I will be secure by the government and have more options.
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