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Hurricane Andrew started as a tropical wave off the west coast Africa Aug. 14, 1992. Hurricane Andrew didn’t hit homestead until august 24th. Hurricane Andrew, an alarming storm to impact South Florida in decades, early morning with 138-mile- an- hour winds, killing at least two and leaving destruction from Fort Lauderdale to the Florida Keys. The most destructive United States hurricane of record, at the time. Andrew was responsible for 23 deaths in the United States and three more in the Bahamas. The hurricane caused $26.5 billion in damage in the United States, of which $1 billion occurred in Louisiana and the rest in south Florida. The majority of the damage in Florida was due to wind. Damage in the Bahamas was estimated at $250 million.
A slow start to an intense storm it was a week storm many thought would fall apart. It didn’t become a hurricane until the 22nd two days before it hit south Florida on the 24th. Which didn’t leave too much time to prepare for the deadly hurricane. Andrew made a direct hit on Homestead it damaged 33 percent of the coral reefs at Biscayne National Park, and 90 percent of South Dade’s native pinelands, mangroves and tropical hardwood hammocks. It also created 30 years’ worth of debris. Andrew crashed into Dade County, knocking down houses, toppling palm trees, and leaving thousands without a home and
Very frightened.
After making landfall, Andrew tracked west across the Florida peninsula and entered the Gulf of Mexico. By August 25, the storm shifted gradually northward and headed for the central Louisiana coast, which it struck on August 26 as a Category 3 hurricane. The hurricane was so destructive winds up to 175 mph which left one-quarter million people homeless. Andrew occurred over a period of 12 days. Andrew also affected other areas like Louisiana and the Bahamas. Some of the deaths had been confirmed in the Miami area, Chiles said — one a heart attack victim, another person killed by a falling tree. Four people were reported killed in the Bahamas late Sunday night.
The most difficult problems were loss of phones and power which made it difficult to communicate for help. The worst damage in Dade was from Kendall Drive south to the Monroe. Hurricane Andrew made the record books. It was the third strongest hurricane to hit the country in the 20th century. It was dangerous to even be outside due to the high winds glass covered streets. High water made the streets impassible. Miami Beach tourist and other homeless residents were housed at nearby high schools for shelter. The 9,500 traffic signs and signals, 3,300 miles of power lines, 3,000 water mains, 59 health facilities, 31 public schools, 32,900 acres of farmland and 82,000 businesses.
Hurricane Andrew was a devastating hurricane causing an estimated $26 billion damage in the United States making it the most expensive natural disaster in United States history.
Born as a tropical wave off the west coast of West Africa making its way through south Florida causing major damage .The devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew over South Florida was huge. A total of 126,000 houses were destroyed or damaged, and 9,000 mobile homes were demolished. At least 160,000 people were left homeless in Dade County, and many were left without jobs either temporarily or permanently. The loss of human life, directly or indirectly resulting from Hurricane Andrew, was very low. In Florida there were 44 fatalities with only 17 in Louisiana.

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