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Dear citizens, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President and members of Congress. Tonight, I can ensure you, that Osama Bin Laden has officially been declared dead. This task couldn’t have been completed without the help of our highly trained Navy Seals.
Osama Bin Laden was the leader and commander of the infamous terrorist group Al Qaeda. These extremists were held responsible for 9/11 as well as the genocide of the Afghan people, who refused to follow their beliefs.
14 years ago one of the worst acts of terrorism occurred in America. The consequences of this tragedy could be felt throughout the entire world. 9/11 is a day that we always will remember; it has been imprinted into our minds. Flames emerging from the depths of the Pentagon, two buildings, two planes, an explosion and panic, this, is what we now associate with 9/11. Thanks to the courage of many heroic citizens, we were able to save many lives and prevent even more destruction and heartbreak.
The people suffering the most are the ones facing the consequences from this directly – a parent who’s forced to face their worst nightmares and live with it for the rest of their lives; a parent who’s only memory of their most beloved child can only be refreshed by digital photographs; a parent, who has to take plushies off the shelves and put them up for sale; a parent who will never be able to comfort their child again, never be able to watch them grow up, never be able to see them graduate, never see them at their wedding, never see them truly happy.
Over 30,000 lives have been lost, leaving nothing but the memories of them in our hearts.
This devastating event has shaped the world as we see it today. We have learned that we never, and when I say never, I mean never, can or should underestimate the power of these terrorists. This is, why the United States of America declared war against Al Qaeda and is working to exterminate their terrorist cells. The purpose of this war is to prevent any tragedy of this scale in the future.
The past 14 years our military and heroic citizens have helped us recover and shape a better and more secure world for the American people. I would like to personally thank each and every one of them, for their astounding work for this nation. Countless terrorist attacks have been prevented and it has created a feeling of safety and security throughout this nation.
The Taliban government in Afghanistan has officially been taken down – this used to give the Al Qaeda a place for them to stay safe, but not any longer, we will hunt down each and every one of them and their allies, and finally create a safer and more secure America, as well as Afghanistan.
Osama Bin Laden slipped through our fingers and managed to escape into Pakistan, but the terrorist group Al Qaeda continued to act as puppets for his evil master plan.
I took action, and directed the director of CIA, to either capture or assassinate Osama Bin Laden. He was commander in chief therefore our top priority.
Last year I was briefed by the intelligence community, there was a potential lead to Bin Laden. Therefore I met with the national security team and discussed the agenda; meanwhile the field agents located Osama Bin Laden into a compound in the furthest corners of Pakistan. Last week we decided to take action, because we had enough intelligence to authorize an operation to capture Osama Bin Laden – dead or alive – to bring him to justice for his cynical acts against the American people.
The United States’ objective was to infiltrate the compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan. This operation was carried out by our fellow American soldiers and field agents. This team was the cause of the operations success, because these individuals had extraordinary courage and capability.
In the operation no Americans were harmed, and many precautions were taken to prevent civilian casualties. After the firefight, the Seal Team 6 managed to annihilate Osama Bin Laden and they took custody of his corpse to confirm it was him.
His death doesn’t end the war against terrorism. I have doubts that Al Qaeda, and many other terrorists groups, will continue to threaten us. Therefore we must remain alert both abroad and at home.
I’ll just make it clear that our conflicts against terrorism shall not be associated with Islam. Osama Bin Laden was not a Muslim. He was an extremist and mass murderer of Muslims. His demise gives us a belief in peace and human dignity.
We can thank the government of Pakistan for their counterterrorism cooperation; they helped us to find Osama Bin Laden in his hideout. Today I called President Zardari and we agreed that Osama’s death is a significant and historic day for both our nations.
We did not choose this war. Their vicious acts of slaughtering the innocent led us to this fight. We all know the cost of this war. After 14 years of struggle and many sacrifices, these efforts have been a heavy burden for all of us, but we still managed to stand together through this experience.
We will never tolerate the United States being threatened, and tonight we can tell those families suffering, justice has been done.
Lastly, we’d like to give thanks to the intelligence and counterterrorism professionals, who worked in the shadows. Even though their identities are unknown, they are feeling the satisfaction of justice. These people are the modern superheroes, and they showed great patriotism towards our nation.
Maybe our country’s security is not complete, but tonight we can remind ourselves that the United States of American can succeed with whatever we set our minds to. We can succeed ‘ not just because of our politics and wealth ‘ but moreover of who we are.
Thank you. May God bless the United States of America.

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