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Essay: Review of my skills and knowledge

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  • Review of my skills and knowledge
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With the rise of need for perspective human resources, we required to learn as many subjects as possible in different fields and get as much knowledge as possible for personal development.

There is no doubt that professional development plan is an essential for getting or creating a job, developing  technical and job-specific skills , progressing in one’s career, achieving personal fulfillment, contributing to mother-land’s well-being. The list of report is given below:

  • Review of my current skills and knowledge in terms of my future career expectations
  • Discussing the skills that I have gained from the foundation year till now, its potential use in my job career as well as the expectations from the further years of studying at the institute
  • Explaining the practical ways of using those professional skills at concrete work atmosphere

Review of my skills and knowledge

The most important purpose of living my life in an effective and peaceful manner is always be honest whatever you do, be persistent and be delegated towards my work.

Here I’m going to represent my current skills and knowledge and make analyze of those skills required for my future career.


One of my greatest strengths that I have recognized would have to be my ability to be a flexible in any circumstances. I discover that skill while dealing with uncertain, unpredictable work situations while I was working as a receptionist in a hotel, where ability of solving problems creatively and adapting to novel situations or dynamic situations are very essential. Moreover, I believe that flexibility helps in any kind of workplace.  Nowadays, being flexible with employees is good for business. It builds employee trust and commitment, helps attract and keep key talent, as well as drives everyone to find solutions that work for all those involved.

Stress resistance

It is important to note that my stress tolerance is quiet high, which I practically improved. In view of the fact that studying at university sometimes refers to being under the pressure because of the difficulties of subjects, preparing for the exams and etc. Furthermore, it need to be said that employers seek for those workers who can maintain effective performance under pressure or adversity. There are many jobs that require a candidate to be able to work under pressure and who is able to cope with different levels of stress. Moreover, stress tolerance is extremely helps in communication with co-workers and solving any kind of problems at work.


As a matter of fact, my teamwork skills developed from my childhood. Nevertheless, its improved by doing group presentations, assignments with my groupmates. I believe that, having teams can result in faster and efficient outputs with better decision making skills. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”(Ford, 1923). Comparatively, there are various advantages of teamwork for career development. For instance, It improves profitability as well as productivity as all the employees are highly motivated and skilled. A business or cooperation will not survive unless all members work as one team.

Accordingly, people all want to be successful in their working as it also brings happiness to them. To do this, there are considerable numbers of skills which they need to have. There are several learning outcomes that I gained from different modules during study foundation year at university. Those outcomes helped me identify my academic and personal skills, which I’m going to improve during year 2 and year 3. Furthermore those skills provide the basic foundation to get, keep and progress on a job and to achieve the best results.

Academic skills that I have got

Listen to understand and learn

Personally I got skill to listen carefully the lecture for better understanding and learning modules very good during the foundation year of study at university. That skill would also be useful for effectiveness of my job in my future career.

Write effectively in the languages in which business is conducted

Writing business reports, letters, assignments in “Communication Skills’’ lectures helped me a lot  during my study at foundation year at university. When in the workplace, the skill of acquiring and using appropriate language can be extremely powerful.  Whichever profession person can choose, any written documents that produces will be expected to be of graduate caliber, whether technical specifications, staff or self-appraisals, reports and recommendations or business plans.

Research, information and fact finding skills

It also needs to be mentioned that, writing assignments helped not only to improve my writing skills, but also research skills, while searching for information from different kind of sources.  That develops problem solving and analytical skills which are the hallmark of a capable graduate.

Think critically and act logically to evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions

As a university student, I able to think critically about the resources and information I use in my work. Critical thinking helped to ask the right questions when reading the work of others. If we take consideration to the future career, critical thinking as the ability to remove all emotion from an issue and observe the facts objectively to make a logical decision — is clearly advantageous for business

Personal skills that I’m going to improve in year 2 and 3:

Self-esteem and confidence

From my point of view, the level of my self-esteem and confidence is average. However, I believe that I will improve those skills by doing more and more presentations at university. If we consider the fact that giving presentation confidentially is very important skill that is required for any manager. Moreover, it is an essential aspect in every field of work in today’s world.

Communication skills

I expect that after studying year 2 and 3 I can communicate with any level of people with confident. My success criteria will be when I built up my confidence and people start understanding me easily. I’m going to do many interviews from different intelligent people for my assignment tasks , contribute debates and meeting with my friends to able to refuse my average level of self-esteem and to be more communicable one with different people.

Lead when appropriate, mobilizing the group for  high  performance

Leadership skills should be developed by improving my teamwork skills. Leadership skills can play a large role in career development.  Under those circumstances I’m sure that by being more initiative, being able to motivate others to do something good and making people trust to my professional knowledge I can lead appropriately and mobilize the group for high performance.

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