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  • St. Mary’s Hospital
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St. Mary’s Hospital was built in recognition to the need for high quality healthcare service, to provide the population appropriate medical services and reduce the need for patients and their families to travel far and to foreign countries. This strategic plan is to provide direction to this institution on its journey toward healthcare quality excellence.
From the beginning, we have confirmed our strategic initiatives as follows:

• To be the leading hospital in the region
• To have well placed and stabilized operations
• To have a harmonious working environment
• To be customer service oriented
• To provide high quality healthcare service

Through these strategic initiatives, we built the hospital’s mission, vision and core values designed with the philosophy and methodology of continuous measurable improvement in the quality of service to patients.
Our ultimate goal is to keep our patient safe. St. Mary’s Hospital will provide an enriched and stabilized healthcare service with a goal of being recognized as one of the best in the region. The leadership of St. Mary’s Hospital highly supports all activities, which are not only provided by a single personnel or department, but rather a team commitment. Any achievement made is due to the collective efforts of all hospital staff.
“Quality” is one of the core values of this institution, achieving our target require us to provide the highest level of quality services we provide.
With this, and our commitment to improve the healthcare system in the region, we will create a high quality medical care legacy for the people of this community.
The need for high quality healthcare provision in the community and region is now widely recognized through the influence and insight of the government.
St. Mary’s Hospital has three fully functioning Centers of Excellence: Oncology Center, Cardiovascular Center and Neuroscience Center, and four clinical divisions in: Surgery; Medicine; Imaging and Laboratory and Emergency Medicine.
St. Mary’s Hospital is committed to provide an enriched and stabilized healthcare service with the goal of being recognized as a leading medical hub in the region, and achieve the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The staff, doctors and nurses are being continuously trained with the latest medical technologies, and continue to be committed to delivering professional services and outstanding patient care. As a testament, the institution was awarded recently the Gold Seal of Accreditation from the Joint Commission International.
The hospital recognizes the current challenging times in healthcare with more emphasis on delivery of quality healthcare service.
St. Mary’s Hospital is striving to become the leading medical institution in the region. The commitment of the staff and leadership ensure that we achieve this through the services we provide.
Mission Statement

We provide an enriched and stabilized quality healthcare service by providing internationally renowned medical services and facilities and ensure a sustainable healthcare resource for the community.
Based on our Mission Statement and to build a patient focused quality service, our vision provides the direction.
Every staff at St. Mary’s Hospital places the patient as the central focus of the hospital’s purpose, and to achieve excellent patient and customer experiences via our core values.
• Leadership commitment and support in providing a safe and high-quality services
• Strong drive to deliver service excellence
• Focus on operational efficiencies
• Developing policies and procedures based on evidence-based practice
• Teamwork and support from all departments and units
• Experienced and diverse medical staff
• Open communication
• Highly accessible
• Misunderstanding caused by diverse nationalities and culture
• Financial restraints for further safety improvement activities
• Involvement of front line in improvement activities
• Resistance to change due to culture
• The only hospital in the community and region that provides excellent and specialized medical services that are not available in other JCI accredited institutions
• Heightened motivation of staff
• Institutionalized culture of safety and quality improvement
• Multi-cultural staff sharing experiences and methodology
• Raise the standard of healthcare service by complying with evidence-based practice and highest standards
• Increase access to excellent healthcare and help keep the community healthy
• Promote staff development and involvement
• Multi-cultural staff with different ways and experiences
• High flow of new policies
• Cultural resistance to change
• Growing organization with some services not fully operating at optimum level
• Rapidly changing medical technology and its cost
• Change in population needs and wants
• Continue the drive towards quality improvement excellence by ensuring full compliance with JCIA standards
• Continuity of educational and training activities by utilizing the internal and external audits
• Participate in national and international conferences for new and latest medical technology advances and treatments
• Integration of quality management program into ongoing operations with a high compliance to international standards and high level of awareness from all staff aiming to provide high quality and safe patient care
• Prioritizing efficiency and productivity improvement through continuous quality improvement activities.

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