Essay: Tipping Becoming the Social Norm in North America

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  • Tipping Becoming the Social Norm in North America
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Tipping is the Social Norm in North America, especially in the Hospitality industry.
This Idea paper will analyze the trend about tipping in North America, and the social factors mainly involved when it comes to customer tipping, this paper will consist of a thorough analysis of this social trend combining surveys and interviews to restaurants in the city of Vancouver that will hopefully support the norm of tipping in North America.

Tipping is the Social Norm

Eating out is more than just a food and beverage, it is about the total experience that comes with it when dining in a casual or a fine dining restaurant.
Tipping has been a social norm in North America and it is common in many other occupations and countries around the world.
Tipping has been a part of food and beverage since most people nowadays eat out to enjoy and pay for good service, there are some factors that determine how a customer tips the employee after the service is done.
The main factors are Social Psychological effects in both negative and a positive way.
Negative: People who are not tipping might result in Psychological disutility due to embarrassment, guilt, and unfairness. Some people may seem they are being unfair to the server who provided the service, especially when they are expecting a tip as this is the major source of their income.
Positive: For the people who tip, it allows them to impress other people, improve a self-image by being kind and generous.
Tipping is consumer behavior, encouraging the server to improve the service quality he/she provides.

Advisory Committees

Christian Gaudreau, Food & Beverage Manager, Century Plaza Hotel
Travis Olsen, General Manager, Tractor Foods

Supervisor Endorsement

Christian Gaudreau, Food & Beverage Manager, Century Plaza Hotel

Second Reader

Naomy Mubenesha, the classmate

In cities like Vancouver and Toronto, there has been a vast majority of Hospitality business that brings in more tourist from all around the world. Tourist and locals dine in casual or fine dining restaurants. People eat out to experience what the restaurant offer and enjoy the Hospitality of the people behind every establishment. Tipping plays a major role in the Hospitality Industry since this is part of a source of income for many people and it is also a consumer behavior that can be studied further to determine how people are tipping.

Purpose Statement
My purpose is to understand how tipping is so important as an added source of income for many people especially the ones who work in the Hospitality environment. As we see more people tipping, it became a social norm for many. I will look into cities like Vancouver and Toronto with a vast majority of tourism and restaurants and conduct a survey and interview people in the Hospitality sector to get their opinion and thoughts about the importance of tipping.

I will use mixed methods and incorporate surveys and interview for this research to support what I will be presenting.

I will be an insider during this research and I will start where I currently work right now and gather enough data to support my research. I believe in tipping right for the good service I get from an establishment that provides service. I think to be fair people should get tips and be fair when giving.
I will try and schedule a 3-month timeline for my draft and that may be changed due to my work or personal activities outside of work, timelines will be changing as sometimes there will be an unexpected delay or a meeting canceled especially from the committees meeting since it is a busy industry.

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