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As It is my ambition both as an artist and a businessman to reach as many
consumers in the market as possible, I feel it is crucial to capitalize on this trend in

the market by identifying the key customers who make up this demographic.

According to the “Digital Market Outlook” Survey Published in July 2015 by Statista,

(Digital music – worldwide |Statista market forecast, 2015) ,the majority of Digital

Music Consumers are under the

age of 34 with 41.43 million users

out of 148.7 million being under

the age of 34. This demographic of

the population are made up

generally of youths and working

adults, most of whom (due to

applications in work and school as

well as socially) are expected to

have a decent understanding of

modern consumer technology, IE:

Smartphones Laptops and Tablets.

These products are central to

everyday life of 16-

34 year olds in 2016 and are the vessels through which streaming platforms operate.

The appeal of such platforms is that they provide an enormous amount of choice of

music for a little price with a miniscule amount of storage needed from the device to

run. With new advances in wireless Bluetooth technology in home and car stereo

systems it has never been easier to connect your smartphone to a loud speaker and

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