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Senna the movie is not your general let’s-watch-it-with-friends-on-a-Saturday-night like movie. It’s way more serious than this. It’s like a documentary, but it also isn’t. It’s exceptional. The part that is so interesting is that not a bit of the video in the movie is filmed. All are small, well placed, good organized bits of film ”grabbed” from the news, f1 headlines and other television footage. Because of this it makes it harder to name the location, time period, actors and so on. If you would ask me about the main actor I would say Ayrton, even though he didn’t know a movie about him was made. The plot is simple: Ayrton Senna starts as a cart driver and ends up dying as one of the best formula 1 drivers that lived. For the genre you could name a lot of things; drama, action, even sport. The sound in the movie is made up of news fragments, or relatives and friends talking.

The movie certainly brings up some emotions for Senna. Especially in the beginning he seems a good guy who wants to win races. But he’s more than that. He takes (sometimes too much) risks in his driving and doesn’t always care for the other drivers on the track. His squabbling with Prost (another f1-driver who is the top driver in the beginning but Senna starts getting his place and pushes Prost to the 2nd place) also keep the movie very interesting and show who Senna really is. I think Prost is put as a bad guy too much, since he just wanted to win like Senna. Sometimes Senna also acts annoyed or angry towards other people when he thinks that he is threaten unfair or when he can’t win. The ”filming” in this movie was what made it so extraordinary. The fact that none of the minutes of film you see is acted or casted is very good. The director surely brought it like it was. This also made the movie more interesting. The movie makes it like you ”follow” a part of Senna’s life. He starts as a very good, very fast cart driver who begins racing in the Formula 1 and ends up the best of all. You see him moving from teams and you see him in parts of his free time. You also see raging against the F1 leaders and administrators. He complained about the politics of the game a lot, and he sometimes refers back to his ”cart years” that had real racing in them. I think the music in the movie wasn’t what made the movie, but more something extra. The commentators and the racing sounds made it more intense than the music did. If you consider this as music, I think the music was very good. The family members and friends of Senna talking also was good, since they knew Senna better than the commentators so you could see (or hear) how Senna was at home, without a camera nearby. To me, the movie wasn’t very shocking. This doesn’t mean that the director didn’t do a good job on keeping the tension across the entire length of the movie. I think the other people in our class also had this feeling. Because the director has chosen for this way of putting the film together it gives you a feeling of realism that acting wouldn’t give you, because in the back of your head you know that the acting is fake. The director also made it like the movie still had a story line and things like plot twists.

This is a well made movie for both students, parents etc. but also for an F1 fan who maybe already knew the Senna story. I think a good part was that you saw the old race footage. The editing was well done and I am amazed they had all that old footage almost as if this was a film waiting to eventually be. Senna seemed obviously a fanatic of racing and this is the first impression you get. He basically had no other desires in life if you take what was portrayed in this documentary. He apparently had a great desire to help children as well with his riches, which is always a good thing. But I got the impression the film makers were trying to impress us more than we could be impressed with the “man” Senna. I personally got the feeling he was a spoiled rich kid who insisted stubbornly on his way and not some kind bighearted individual who was in any way humble. We often epitomize these sports figures as great people. They are good athletes for sure but I think we can see from this film that is all they really are in most cases. Watch this documentary to see good documentary film making, but see if you don’t feel that Senna was not as impressive of a human as he was a driver.

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