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  • Renaissance Art Movement
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The Renaissance art movement is the period of art immediately following the Middle Ages in Europe. This period is a time where Europe saw a rising interest in classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. This period of art was accompanied political stability and advancements in technology. The Renaissance Art movement began in the late 14th century and continued all the way to the early 16th century. This movement began in Italy with artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. These artist aimed to capture the beauty of the natural world and the experience of an individual.
The Renaissance Art movement has been described as the period when artists began to explore the art of ancient Greece and Rome. The pieces of art that came out of the Renaissance included focuses on naturalism, shadows, and individualism. Artists began to explore these ideas because they believed that art needed to move forward and not remain static. The artists of this time used the techniques of ancient artists to create their own newer art that separated them from the artists that came before them. The figures in the art of this time were based on real people and were not exaggerated like art that had been created prior.
The Renaissance movement followed immediately after the Medieval Art period. The art of the Medieval period focused heavily on religion. In this period religion was the focus of society. People were ranked by religion, people saw the world through the lense of religion and this was shown in the art of the time. This differed heavily to the art of the Renaissance that focused heavily on realism over illusion. During this time period artists focused on creating art that had realistic proportions that looked as if you were looking through a window and not at a manufactured version of the world that the artist wanted you to see. This changed how people viewed art. When looking at the art of these two periods side to side the focuses of the art are very clear to the viewer. The art of the Medieval period focused on divine objects while the Renaissance focused on actual settings and objects.
The art of the Renaissance left an impact on the world of art. One of the main points of Renaissance Art was the focus of humanism in paintings and sculptures. This time period allowed for the popularization of art. During this time artists were given the creativity focus on realistic subjects instead of having to focus their works on religion and scenes of religious events. This paved the way for art periods of the future to explore subjects of their own. Also the artists of the time focused on things such as perspective, depth, and shadows. These techniques were used even after the Renaissance ended and the next art movement started.
During the Renaissance Art period the world was entering the new age of prosperity. The Renaissance came after the Middle Ages which was full of sickness and death. The Renaissance was not only the rebirth of old ideas, but it was also the age of advancement, growth, and exploration. During this time the largest empires were expanding to the unknown parts of the world. This time was also the age of advancements in technology. This was the time of advancements in maps, printing, and architecture. The church was also growing and changing throughout Europe. During this time the printing press allowed the translation of the Bible to spread to other languages during the 1500’s. This allowed the interpretations of the Bible to grow and all people are able to interpret the Bible in their own way.

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