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Essay: Political campaigns

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  • Political campaigns
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A political campaign is an effort of an organization to influence the peoples in a specified geographic region. By doing this people can easily understand about the candidate who is going to elected in the elections. In 2018 the most influential political campaign examples are social media and digital Campaign for Political Campaign promotion. In the modern era, Everyone prefers Digital Promotion because they know the impact of the Internet on politics. In tradition approach the paper campaign used in which the candidate only files the necessary paperwork to appear on the ballot. The reach of such campaigns very low and may not very effective impact on the voters. Campaigns are a very important part of your work as a community activist. Campaigns are often the main way that you interact with the public and get your organizations message out to people. You can also use campaigns to pressurize decision-makers, to educate the public and to change behavior.

Mrs. Amelia Mckie is an active community volunteer, a Diversity Leaders Institute Fellow of The Riley Institute; a S.C. Education Policy Fellow, vice chairperson of the S.C. School Improvement Council Board of Trustees, a Leadership South Carolina graduate and FastTrac graduate. She is a member of the State Treasurer’s Office Diversity Cabinet, First Northeast Baptist Church and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She was a founding board member of Friends of Epworth, an advisory board member for Thomas Media Group, and currently serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (guardian ad litem) for Richland County. McKie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and completed post graduate studies from the University of South Carolina. She is a founding partner of Nfusion, LLC, which provides governmental relations and communications/public relations services for municipal, state and private agencies. She advocates for various institutions of higher education throughout South Carolina. McKie and her husband, Stacy, are the proud parents of a son, and daughter  who are Richland Two graduates and students at the University of South Carolina, and Claflin University.

The school board’s primary responsibilities are to establishes rules and policies for the governance of the school district. Approves a planning process to include stakeholders in developing a comprehensive plan for student achievement. Invests the superintendent with those powers and duties in accordance with board policy and state and federal laws. Requires professional leadership from the superintendent. Participates in educational conferences, workshops, training, and professional organizations.

Mrs. McKie’s emphases focused on the importance of a quality education. equality of resources and educational experiences students we serve feels empowered, emboldened and equipped to maximize their potential. As she feels that students  should be able to take pride in their school,’ in which they spend most of their time at. I believe her view appealed to almost every parent who cares about the future of their child or own quality of education as education is a pressing issue for South Carolina since we currently rank number 48  out of the 50 states. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge

After election day, Mrs. McKie won re-election return to her position as chairwoman alongside James Manning and Cheryl Caution Parker. I believe her involvement in the community as well as her connectedness played a big part get re-elected as she is known for her involve all over the Richland 2 school district as well as Richland county. If you were to ever hold a conversation with her she’s very relatable, easy to talk to and down to earth. If I were running the campaign, I personally would do the same thing because she the perfect example of a candidate in my eyes.

What I learned from the electoral process didn’t differ much from what was taught in the classroom. The main difference is the ability to experience it first-hand.. As much as this was a good experienced to have under your belt this experience lowered my chances in participating in another campaign due to the fact I as well as many other students in my class we forced to participate in this as a part of our grade without the consideration that students may have other things going on that would interfere. This was a good idea to expand students horizons but it was executed poorly, (would’ve done more justice as an extra credit assignment).

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