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  • Adriana Bosco
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Professor Grossman

PS 280

2 April 2018

What should be the United States’ strategy regarding North Korea?

Addressing the question of what the United States’ strategy regarding North Korea should be is tough considering the long past between the US and North Korea. As the issue continues to go unresolved, we are more and more at risk of getting to a point where it could be too late for us to be able to make a play or be able to defend ourselves. Because of the severity of the issue and the rocky relationship between the heads of the administrations, I think the United States needs to take matters into their own hands and act offensively, even if that means resorting to using nuclear weapons on North Korea.

One of the main reasons why the United States is in this position of having to choose the best strategy is because North Korea will not even consider denuclearization agreement. Even after being threatened with consequences they will not back down from using nuclear weapons. Ideally, coming to some form of peace agreement or denuclearization agreement would be best so that both sides can put down their weapons and feel safe. This would be the best way to put the people of each country at ease and finally have some form of agreement. But with North Korea working to expand their nuclear programs and missiles, this is not an option. Considering the severity of nuclear weapons, sitting back and doing nothing is not an option either. This issue is not something that will just resolve itself over time because of the development that North Korea has made just proves they want to strike. Some argue that North Korea is using their growing nuclear programs as a defense tactic and will not actually do anything with it, rather use it for regime security and a way to scare people. But this brings about the question of whether or not we trust the North Korean state to just build up their programs and then not go through with utilizing them. This long-standing issue between the US and North Korea and the fact that the Trump administration has been threatening penalties against North Korea and them still not backing down leads me to believe that we cannot trust them to not follow through with a nuclear strike once they have the right technology to do so. If they do decide to strike the US when they have the means to do so, we cannot be the country that decided to do nothing would be the best strategy for our people. (Sherman)

With the interests of all US citizens in mind, I think the United States strategy needs to be to work offensively. We are already making offensive steps by cracking down on the punishments against North Korea and encouraging China to do more to control the North and Kim Jong Un, but they still do not seem to be enough. Even though the US is such an important aspect of the success of Asia as a whole, in the interest of keeping our nation safe we need to be willing to risk our leadership in Asia in order to act offensively and protect ourselves. It may be an unpopular opinion but I think if it comes down to it, the US should strike North Korea before they have the chance to strike us. We cannot leave it up to North Korea to decide to strike us. If the sanctioning and cracking down on punishments not only for North Korea but all of China as well do not work, we need to take matters into our own hands. Threatening the strike should be the first step and if that does not aid in denuclearization of North Korea, then we should strike them. It is risky, but any strategy other than doing nothing is going to be risky as well in order to be successful. We face the risk of harming people and a great risk of war, but if we do not act offensively now we will have to act defensively when they strike us and war will still break out. Most strategies have a risk of war, it is inevitable, but I would rather us be ahead of it rather than behind it trying to play catch up. This strategy would need to be well planned and have the nuclear weapons and missiles tested to ensure the strike is as controlled as it could possibly be to avoid miscalculations to cause as little harm to innocent people as possible. (Farkas)

I believe that we cannot trust North Korea; therefore, we cannot choose the strategy of sitting back and doing nothing. We have already tried placing more punishments on them and China, but that still has not stopped their nuclear efforts. It is time the US takes this matter into their own hands and strikes North Korea keeping us on the offensive before they strike us and leave us of the defensive. North Korea’s nuclearizing efforts are a threat to the United States and when considering the past between North Korea and the US, we cannot trust them and have to protect ourselves first.

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