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Essay: Describing the modern international politics as a “world in disarray”

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  • Describing the modern international politics as a “world in disarray”
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Describing the modern international politics as a “world in disarray” is a powerful statement. Disarray meaning that the world leaders and their decisions that are controlling the current political climate are a complete disorganized chaos. Even though there are some positive things going on all over the world, I believe that “a world in disarray” is an accurate description of the current political sphere as a whole. Some examples of disarray include the Syrian civil war, the influence of China on the world, and North Korea’s nuclear weapon threat.

The civil war in Syria has caused disorder in itself as well as other countries. The war between the government and its own citizens has drug many other countries into the conflict. For example, the rise of terrorist organizations such as Isis has threatened many countries such as the United States, France, and Yemen or the massive amount of refugees. The United States has also been involved by being criticized for being overly cautious when it comes to stepping in and helping citizens overthrow the government. Russia has also been affected by this war. They have been called in to dictate the country with wealth and political movements. The Syrian civil war is a perfect representation of disarray as many different countries are playing many different roles and being criticed in every move made.

China also plays a big role in world politics. China has huge economic power in today’s world. This means that they are able to dictate international commerce and

change the way the economy works around the world. An example of this being cheaper Chinese labor can lower prices of items in other countries considering many United States and other countries products are being manufactured in China. China also is one of the biggest investors in Africa, taking economic power away from the United States and Europe. The powerful country has been accused of having unfair trade practices and much more. This example shows how success in one country can lead to major disarray in another.

Lastly, the North Korean nuclear threat has caused disarray all across the world. The Korean government can be very unpredictable, putting the world on edge. The country is determined to make these nuclear weapons, and the value of them is enhancing. With these weapons, there is a threat of attacking and taking over South Korea, as well as a threat to the United States and Japan. The United States military is stationed on the border of North and South Korea for this reason. China has also showed support for North Korea, making the threats even more powerful.

These examples all show a world in disarray. A civil war, economic power, and an unpredictable government are all pictures of chaos. Globalism is definitely in effect in all of these examples and in many more events across the world. As globalism increases in modern day politics, disarray will potentially become more of a problem if world leaders do not efficiently work together. The decisions of one country greatly impacts the decisions of many others, and because of this I feel that the world is in a state of disarray and it will be interesting to watch how globalism increases or decreases this state of disorganization.

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