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Essay: 'Food fight' (film) – the politics of food

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On walking into a supermarket, people assume that they have the widest possible selection of health foods. Within the course of the twentieth century, some corporate forces that did not seem to have any interest on providing the public with healthy, sustainable, and fresh food interrupted America’s food system. Fortunately, for the country, there emerged an alternative from the California counter-culture in the nineteenth century, where some members of political anti-corporate protesters voiced their disagreements and created a food chain outside of the existing system. This resulted to the development of a significant local sustainable food movement that served to bring back good tastes of varied food for the people. FOOD FIGHT film is very fascinating and creates a viewpoint on how the American Agricultural Policy, together with the developed food culture and the California food movement has established a counter-revolution on large agribusiness.
The film opens with an historical analysis about food production in America and the people’s eating habits over a long period. It is a well-written and shot film that treats viewers to a series of interviews with different food luminaries like Dan Barber, Michael Pollan and Alice Waters. The movie features some character that underrates the American food production system (Brownell et al. 76). It is pointed out in the movie that most of the food is not cultivated but rather obtained from food groceries and supermarkets. Foods from these places are described as barely edible and tasteless. The available processed food is rejected and termed as being the number one cause of fat and sickness in the human body.
This movie offers a direct concrete action that the viewers can make good use and integrate in their daily lives. Additionally, the film creates much personality and attitude with much satire and irony, which makes it deep to, requires some critical analysis. However, it does not provide more complicated issues but points out to the viewers the positive outcomes if they paid attention to their daily food choices. On observing the interviewees, they are all professionals in the progressive food movement. Viewers would rally enjoy watching and listening to the interviewees and would get to know them better. Archival footage is used in the film in a cleverer manner and it shows out how some large food companies have essentially lied to the people for a long period. The 1950’s old time commercial that admires twinkles like a health food and caught the attention of the viewers. This part is very significant and captures the attention of the viewers. It is meant to make them realize their responsibilities in believing or not believing what the type of food would be health and good for them.
The movie reveals a more progressive agenda in the sense that, it reveals much about the necessary actions taken in the fight for poor nutrition and food insecurity. It reveals that much of the food produced are not evenly distributed among many all people in the nation and that lack of these nutritious diets causes unhealthy growths among the individuals(Brownell et al. 45). Members of political anti-corporate protesters with collaboration of many members of the society raise their voice in this scenario to fight for at least a justified distribution of foodstuffs. The film contains much to say about issues that affect all people within the state in every single day. The real issues as depicted in the film is getting local vegetables and fruits into the established stores where individuals can shop into their neighborhoods and make healthy eating at an affordable price. This film is made for all people while it does not feature a specific audience. Apart from its entertaining factor, the movie is also meant to educate people on how to observe health eating with much consideration of what they choose for their meals.
The film has won emotions of numerous viewers who find it interesting to watch. In this respect, it becomes an effective means of communicating the intended message to the society. Many people have been observed to make their way to the Mann Chinese Theater where the movie is shown for almost all the Saturdays. It is therefore an important attempt to watch the movie since it educates people about their responsibilities in ensuring health eating as well as about other vital issues in their daily lives. The agricultural system for food production in the county would move to an advanced level through motivations and inspirations from such a movie if something would make it more persuasive and stronger.
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