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Essay: Influence of Project Management in IT advancement

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The world is evolving quick. A wide scope of patterns and difficulties have an immediate bearing on the eventual fate of IT industry. Its achievement lies in finishing ventures inside time and spending requirements. Advancement and imagination are the key segments of significant worth creation, while representative desires and working societies are changing constantly. We are seeing new types of working that are empowered by computerized advances, on tasks that are both intricate and worldwide. Understanding and dealing with these progressions is essential, on the off chance that we need to keep on giving arrangements that really address the issues of our customers and partners.

Project Manager Role:

The project manager is responsible for results of the project team and must have related project management and technical knowledge and experience. Leadership, planning, coordination and communications play an important role. A project manager influences his/her project, organization, industry, the professional discipline and other disciplines as well. As part of these, the influence is spread to other managers, customers, etc.

  • He leads the project team to meet the project’s objectives and stakeholders’ expectations.
  • He works to balance the competing constraints on the project with the resources available.
  • He performs communication roles between the project sponsor, team members, and other stakeholders. and
  • He provides direction and presents the vision of success for the project, to the team.

PM makes a positive impact for satisfying the different needs of the venture, and to oversee following

  • Priorities of subsidizing,
  • Receipt or circulation of expectations, and
  • Looking up the project goals and objectives with those of the organization.

Challenges affecting software Project Management

Globalization causing extremely high competition

In the event that your business is in the product business and has an incredible thought, chances are another product organization may have prepared idea of it. if not, there might be no away to decide how shut another organization is to creating it. Time to advertise weights is an unpleasant reality in the product business. Rivalry can be nearby or universal and effect programming organizations as far as evaluating structures, client achieve, client maintenance, benefit level assertions and a large group of different components.

PM should work intimately with entrepreneurs, officials and different partners to flush out all factors that may affect the accomplishment of programming related ventures. There have been numerous product organizations that have created and actualized awesome programming just to discover the arrival on their venture was basically not there because of high challenge.

Legacy systems and infrastructure issues

Regularly organizations have contributed critical monetary and HR actualizing, upgrading, keeping up and fixing more seasoned inheritance frameworks and foundations. Thus, there might be extraordinary hesitance to supplant them, regardless of whether these frameworks never again address their issues, making a situation where it is a difficult task for creative programming organizations to get their foot in the entryway, despite the fact that they have a choice arrangement that organizations can enormously profit by.

Quality testing and bug fixes requiring numerous software iterations

In this industry frameworks usage ventures are bounty and consistent. Inside these undertakings, different emphases of testing happen all through the venture cycle to guarantee the genuine result meets the planned result. Usually to find issues/bugs all through the testing stages that require settling and retesting until the issues are settled. It tends to be amazingly troublesome for venture groups to detach issues, expecting heightening to increasingly senior IT staff/engineers. Undertaking chiefs need to prepare sound judgment to guarantee all issues are settled preceding frameworks going live. The testing stage is basic in guaranteeing no extra revise is required in the wake of going live, and to evade client disappointment.

Revenue recognition reporting requirements for the software industry

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are explicit income acknowledgment prerequisites that are explicit to the product business that should be calculated in all through undertakings. These necessities can influence the organization’s everyday bookkeeping just as client contracts and how they are executed. Venture administrators need to guarantee detailing prerequisites are adequately tended to with a CPA/bookkeeping proficient contribution all through the undertaking lifecycle. Not tending to this key factor can result in ramifications for a product organization.


Technology has made a lot of things in life easier, it has changed it in every conceivable way. Advances in software, hardware, communication technology and other areas have transformed the world of project management over the last 20 or 30 years, and things are changing even faster today. While new capabilities often lead to heightened expectations from customers and senior management, the net result is that project teams are able to achieve more in less time than ever before.

Project Management, Cloud Computing Style

Cloud software comes with plenty of advantages. One of the primary benefits for project management is super-easy sharing. Because the software is hosted in the cloud, an entire business team can access the most recent tasks, schedules and progress updates anytime, which makes cloud software ideal for travel and real-time collaboration.

Speaking of access, another great advantage to cloud software is portability. An internet connection is all it takes to access the program anytime, anywhere, from any device, including a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

There’s also cost and time to consider. Traditional installed PM software can cost thousands and may require hardware upgrades. Installation and upgrades are not only expensive, they also slow deployment. Cloud software, on the other hand, doesn’t require installation, just a login and password to access the latest version of the software. The pricing structure is also much easier on a company’s budget, as most cloud project management software is sold as subscription-based software as a service (SaaS). This means low monthly payments instead of hundreds or thousands upfront. In addition, most project management software doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

Distribution delays, time-zone problems

With cloud service, everyone can gain access to company data from a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet from anywhere there’s a reliable internet connection.

Project collaboration

Forget cumbersome emails, employees can work on a project over the cloud and submit changes that will be available to the rest of the group in minutes. This allows disparate employees to work in near real time, just as if they were in the same room.


By having documents in the cloud, companies are protected against hardware and software failure.

Unlimited storage space

The cloud never runs out of space and is accessible from almost anywhere. This allows companies to archive files, allowing team members to continue to access them in the future, even remotely.

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