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Essay: Development of Happiness and Well-being

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  • Development of Happiness and Well-being
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We take some steps in life in order to be happy. These steps can be taken in daily life starting from food until places we visit and thinks we do. People can choose different ways of developing their well-being. The answer to question why is well-being important for individuals is that most of our body is controlled from our brain. Because of this, we should keep our mental well-being always in good situation. This text will discuss some ways of how can people develop well-being. The example of these ideas will be related to two research papers that talked about well-being from different points of view.
Our health depends on how good is well-being of an individual. If the human does not have enough well-being, the organs of human body will not function properly. Many researches have been done about this fact. Example of part where Deci and Ryan (2006) in text “Hedonia, Eudaimonia, and well-being: an introduction” also talk about relevance of well-being to our body is: “Research by Ryff, Singer, and their colleagues has shown that higher levels of psychological well-being is associated with better neuroendocrine regulation, lower cardiovascular risk, and better immune functioning.” (Deci and Ryan 2006). This idea attracted us to the fact that well-being is important for people to have healthy body. If their psychological well-being does not function well, their body can also be affected negatively. This idea was also presented in Mohsen Joshanloo’s text “A Comparison of Western and Islamic Conceptions of Happiness.” In Muslim culture, following rules of holy book Quran is very important for individuals. The reason of that fact is because all of that rules were written by God. People in Muslim culture believed that if they would follow rules of God, they would benefit themselves. Having faith would be good way of developing well-being. Example from (Joshanloo 2013) would be. “This understanding of religion indicates what virtue amounts to in the Islamic faith: to submit to the supreme power and be afraid of him. This fear is believed to lead to more complete submission. Only through submission to the will of God and by obedience to his law ”can one achieve true peace and enjoy lasting purity” (Husain 1998, p. 282).”
Enjoying the life was another idea that both texts had in common. Deci and Ryan (2006) in their text told that eudaimonic concept of well-being was getting pleasure from life. Every individual would understand the word “pleasure” differently from each other. For some it would be buying something that made them feel happy. For another person it would be going out somewhere or eating something, and for some it would be honoring parents just like what I said in my last analytical summary. Because of this fact, some people chose not proper “pleasure” in life to develop well-being. Mohsen Joshanloo presented also an idea that could be applied to getting pleasure in life. Example of that sentence is “Muslims should not choose for themselves the evil pleasures of this world as the goal of their life (Q 7:169),” (Joshanloo 2013). This idea was taken from Muslim’s holy book Quran. Idea that I previously presented had some similarity with Joshanloo’s. Both of them suggested individuals to be careful while choosing best way of enjoying life and developing well-being.
We should always be careful with our health. Without it we would never fully enjoy our life, which means we would never fully have well-being. This text discussed ways of developing well-being which were taken from texts “Hedonia, Eudaimonia, and well-being: an introduction” Deci and Ryan (2006) and Johasnloo (2013) “A Comparison of Western and Islamic Conceptions of Happiness.” These ideas presented in this text were some ways of developing well-being, which also showed importance of well-being for people.

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