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I believe in discomfort. The reason for this strange and yet reasonable belief is because it correlates with the expression “no pain ,no gain”. But almost everyone wants to stay healthy and get in shape, but not everybody wants to experience that type of discomfort that is necessary. For example if you want to be very good at your sport. You have to put in more work and to push your limit then you will be getting that progress of getting comfortable with discomfort. It is good to embrace discomfort but given the very hard difficulties and our own inherent of fear of failure. In addition that discomfort is the catalyst graph that shows growth. It makes you want to do more. It changes your focus and forces you to make you stretch and adapt more quickly.

But the comfort zone is like a routine it makes people feel at ease and in control. Think about the times and moments in your life when you drive to the same place, same destination, and the same location repeatedly. Sooner or later your mind starts tuning out most of it. If you don’t get out of the so called “comfort zone” and ascertaining that your running much of your life on a quotidian substructure and that’s not good. That is not good for anyone. That is why being uncomfortable is something you should embrace. Putting yourself in new and unfamiliar situations, include steps in this process for instance clearing the mind. You can’t ever completely clear your head, but you can focus your attention to bring clarity of thought. When you concentrate your attention on one thing, you inevitably engage the parallel act of purposefully ignoring other things. Then continue by identifying the source, The key is to recognize where it is coming from so you can legitimize it and act accordingly. That leads to the greater reward. Also reflect learn from mistakes and failures. Move forward, and finally take the plunge, despite feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Failure is an asset and you should learn to optically discern it that way. It’s a natural inclination to long for erudition and answers so you understand how to better run your business and what what to evade.

As long as you are learning from your mistakes, then you become more valuable with each and every misstep.It’s the sign of progress bit when you push yourself to grow, you will learn how to embrace discomfort. Instead let it guide towards good accomplishments. Cause in that you are going to be having a lot of power. Just getting close to learning how to get out of your comfort zone. All I would want to do is push through the discomfort and keep going forward. That interrupts that existing pattern of fixed thoughts in that the mind creates. This tends to make you stay in the present and observe your feelings and do not become your feelings, be more aware of them. Do not take on anyone else’s feelings. But listen to others and listen to yourself. Ultimately, you have to find the valiancy, vigilance, and understanding that sanction you to visually perceive quandaries and hurdles for what they authentically are opportunities to grow and learn.

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