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Essay: Psychoanalytic theory

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  • Psychoanalytic theory
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I decided to read chapter 2 Psychoanalytic Criticism. I find Psychoanalytic theory to be one of the more fascinating theories. I enjoy seeing the method behind people’s actions and why some act in certain ways. I was familiar with what psychoanalytic was but never knew that it was called that. I find it so intriguing because this theory is looking at how humans think and are on the inner side. Though we are is unique and different, we also have the same thoughts.

By reading Tysons book I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the theory psychoanalytic. I was fascinated by how how big of an effect it had on people and how in depth it can go. It was interesting reading about how when humans go to form relationships it is through our subconscious thoughts. Tyson gave multiple examples of core issues, to show how in some way they relate to one another. When Tyson talked about how some people who have abandonment issues from their parents, then they might have trust issues when forming relationships with someone they love. When Tyson brought that up I could easily in my mind think back to a time where one of my friends who has had abandonment issues with her parents, said that she has trust issues with males because of what her dad did to her mom. When reading about the core issues what stuck out to me was how tyson said, “The most important fact to remember is that core issues define our beings in fundamental ways” (17). It stood out to me because I never really thought of the core issues such as fear of abandonment, or fear of intimacy in that way. It is interesting how Tyson also talked about that every action or thought done by a human is apart of a subconscious thought from when one experienced a traumatic event. Since Tyson mentioned not a lot of people know about subconscious thoughts, my question is why? Why aren’t there more people aware of how subconscious thoughts play a role in humans?

Tyson’s sample essay on The Great Gatsby is convincing because shows the root cause of the relationships throughout the novel. In the novel Tom and Daisy’s relationship shows that both have the fear of intimacy. This causes both characters to have a harder time forming relationships with others. By reading this you are able to tell that Tom has intimacy issues. As Tyson claims, “He has no desire to be close to his mistress; she is merely the means by which he avoids being close to his wife” (43). This shows that Tom was having an affair with Myrtle, because he was unsure ultimately on how to deal with his relationship with Daisy. Tom uses Myrtle to cover up his core issue of fear of intimacy.

One of the reasons why Jefferies was wanting to prove that Thorwald murdered his wife was because Jefferies has a fear of intimacy. Jefferies in the novel gets better at it but he has a hard time connecting with his girlfriend Lisa. By proving that Thorwald murdered his wife will cause Jefferies continue to run away from intimacy. Jefferies watches Thorwald kill his wife it shows him that marriage isn’t always the easiest thing. Jefferies gives off hints to Lisa that he doesn’t want their relationship to continue to grow. Jefferies also wants to prove Thorwald guilty because he knows it’s the moral thing to do. Jefferies calls his friend who is a detective to turn Thorwald in but at first he doesn’t believe him. But since Jefferies wanted to prove his points so bad he kept watching and messing with Thorwald to get the truth. Jefferies had Lisa help him by putting the letter under Thorwald’s door to mess with him.

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