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Essay: Arguing for & against two statements regarding God

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View: People use worshipping god as an act of bribing them.


Yes, people tend to do them, with or without any prior knowledge. Sometimes people are forced to do by their families or the society they tend to be a part of. They tend to do this in the name of offerings and here is the list of offerings offered to different gods.

  • Coconut to Lord Ganesha (Hinduism).
  • Milk and beetle leaves to Lord Shiva (Hinduism).
  • Flowers, tulsi and fruit to Lord Krishna (Hinduism).
  • Bread – representing the body of Christ (Catholicism).
  • Challah during shabat (Judaism).
  • Coco leaf (for the Andean natives).
  • Maize corn to the Amerindian goddess of prosperity (Cajun).

In all the above-mentioned instances it is learnt the food offered by the people to god are highly nutritive in nature, and they are some of the healthiest food available in the particular geography in which they belong to. We all know that the offerings that we offer to god are consumed by humans after rituals, which puts light on the fact that these indirectly are meant to make people consume healthy and nutritive food. In some instances offering to god also goes hand in hand with charity and social responsibility.


All of these are not done with the noble intentions mentioned above. Its right to portray in a manner where people feel “I’m offering you this stuff so you’ll grant my wish”. But they rather wish to be stated as “I honour you and respect you, so I’m giving you this stuff to show you how much I appreciate your intervention on my behalf”. They all literally mean the same, but some wordplay makes the first one look raw and more prone to hard feelings, while the second one is a polished version which gives a nice feeling to the reader. Though they have a noble cause like charity and social responsibility, the primary concern is not the same.

A big question arises when we think about this, why different gods are offered with different things? And why can’t we offer every deity with the same of offering?

Well, when this question can’t be answered to the point. It answers another existential question,  the level up to which our ancestors have influenced us about the offering and the detail in which they require us to offering to a specific deity in every religion. They are basically offered with what the deity or god represents.

View: The concept of God was created with a certain significance


Everything that we, humans do in this planet is a process of evolution and all these changes with respect to changing time. Similar is the evolution of the concept of god. It came hand in hand with the evolution of human beings. In the history of mankind, it is learnt that the first profession that man undertook to feed his kind is hunting and gathering. In primaeval time, with negligible technology, it is easy to understand that man had neither weapon to hunt nor tools or technology to preserve food for the future. This explains that humans had no idea about saving for the future, which makes them a must work daily for their food. With this context as the backdrop, it is a common human wish, that is to stop raining on a rainy day, as rain would mean no food, for the day.

Similarly, humans started wishing small changes that would make their lives better. And these wishes slowly turned to be prayers. Now humans wished that they have no fear in their lives, and they started praying for the same. Here fear became the cause of prayer and the element of fear took the idol of god. And when prayers got intense they were being regulated. This created forms of worship, religion, etc.


It is a common belief that God is the creator of the whole universe, and different religions have different ways of creation, but still, it was created by God in the end. Now, this shows the contradiction, it is seen that the concept of god itself is not a created one but a long process of evolution. This is where is the significance in the concept of god is lost. The loss in the track of origin and original ideology puts the concept of god in a stake.

The concept of god is usually underdefined or has no fixed definition. It is said that God Is someone who has the highest degree of goodness, knowledge, power, wisdom, etc. It is argued that God is not a concept as it doesn’t address anything in particular, or cannot be referred to anything, in particular, to tell “this is god”. To put it in a nice manner the notion of god is nothing but a mixture of contradiction and hollowness, with a lot of confusion.

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