Essay: Carl Lentz and Devotion to the Church

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  • Carl Lentz and Devotion to the Church
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Carl Lentz
As a leader of the church, one is held to a higher standard by God. Not only does one have to lead a congregation, one has to be able to defend Satan from his brothers and sisters in Christ. Also being able to trust in God wherever he takes you is key. Whenever outside of the church one has to be able to represent Christ because all eyes will be on one.Carl Lentz is important because he is a good example to others, opens up his church to everyone, and shows Christ in the dark world.
Carl Lentz, born on November 6, 1978, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Carl grew with 3 sisters, Mary, Bethany, and Corrie. Carl was raised up by parents that have been married for about 50 years, and have always been rooted strongly in Christ. One of Carl’s example of serving is when he went with his dad to prisons to speak life to the criminals. Throughout Carl’s life he began to hide his faith, until he got reconnected with God at a Christian Music Festival. Carl explains how he took a trip to South Africa to visit Phil Dooley. “Today we are going to pray for different countries in need.” (Lentz 5). Being picked to pray for the United States Carl became afraid and runs straight to the restroom to hide. Leaving North Carolina State University, Carl sacrificed his life to the Lord to serve him. However, Carl really never wanted to be a public speaker. “ God I will do anything You ask. Except be a preacher.” (Lentz 4). Carl every Sunday goes out of his comfort zone, to lead people to God.

One of the examples of Carl serving the Lord, was when he was very young visiting prisons with his dad. Carl was a walk-on basketball player at North Carolina State. “ I remember playing UNC, playing Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium–places that I had previously seen as fantasy lands-and thinking, I can’t believe I am here.” (Lentz 3) However Carl decided to sacrifice basketball, and go to seminary school in Australia. Whenever at seminary school, Carl meets the pastor of Hillsong Australia, Brian Houston. From there, Carl decided to start a missionary group where they go and speak about Jesus to people in clubs and parties. Carl and his wife, Lauren Lentz, and his children decide to move to New York where he started Hillsong New York City. Carl holds about 7 services every Sunday, and says he never gets bored!

Right now Carl preaches all around the world, state after state, and church after church. Carl’s church is at the Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom. The center holds about 2,200 seats. Every Sunday the center is filled with desperate christians, and a line wrapped around the whole building. Because of Carl’s church being in the middle of the hip-hop culture, popular celebrities like Justin Bieber, and Kevin Durant followed Carl’s church and started to become a member. Whenever Justin’s music tour was cancelled, people believed that Carl was a huge influence in the decision. One of Carl’s great messages is about how Christians need to pick the right fight for a lost soul. “ If you dont stand for something, you will far for anything” (Lentz 181).Although Justin and Kevin’s background is not great, Carl believes that the past is behind them, and he wants to be a great friend and influence to them. Although Carl receives a lot of hate for being associated with them, they are all still great friends.

Carl Lentz revealed how to be a good example by opening up his church to people like Justin and Kevin who may not have a great background. Even though people may think that Carl is like the world, he continues to prove them wrong to this day. Being a light in the darkness is very important for Carl especially because of where he lives. While being a light in the darkness, people who have no salvation want to be like him.


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