Essay: Corrine L. Carvalho. Primer on Biblical Methods.

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  • Corrine L. Carvalho. Primer on Biblical Methods.
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As a professor of theology, Dr. Carvalho has immense knowledge in the field of religious studies and other matters relating to religion. In this book, she focuses on the manners through which people interpret both the new and the Old Testament. By doing this, the professor seeks to show the variations in understanding of these two books and consequently have the reader understand the various aspects of religion that he/she could not understand from any other source. The first chapter of the book is quite strong and this is from the manner in which the professor focuses on the various forms of criticism experienced in religion both in the contemporary days and in earlier times. The strength identified is from the fact that many religious writers do not focus on the criticism aspect of the bible.
Another factor that portrays a sense of strength in her work is the fact that she poses typical questions that scholars can provide. This sets a foundation for a better understanding of the concepts she teaches and furthermore this is understood across different ages. One of the major weaknesses in the book is the inability of the author to reflect on literally criticism. Despite the major acclamation made on her focus on criticism, it is imperative to understand that she leaves out some critical information that is of great importance in understanding the difference between the new and the Old Testament.
The doctor’s focus on post colonialism and the changes that have taken place in the religious circles is quite insightful and this is from her ability to differentiate the different kinds of religions, their operations, and their rules before and after colonialism. Another aspect of change that she focuses on in the book is the exploitation of religion that has taken place over the past centuries. She focuses on addressing the history of religion and this is very noble for it shows that her knowledge does not only expand to her lifetime but that she has credible information on matters religion prior to this and the last century.
A weakness portrayed in the book is the inability to focus on the relationship between politics and religion. The relationship between these two has existed for many centuries and this is recognized both in the new and the Old Testament. The fact that the doctor failed to appreciate this by concisely reviewing the information present regarding the two fields makes the book weaker. Politics is related to religion in many ways and an example is the fact that The Deity anoints a political leader. Focusing on this offers greater insight on the matter and were it done it would have given the book more credit.
Dr. Carvalho is a renowned writer focusing her works of literature on a diverse group of topics that affect humanity in different ways on our day-to-day lives. Primer on Biblical Methods has received acclamation from not only readers, but also other writers on its ability to shed light on various devout practices. As initially stated, the book engages in identifying the various bible perceptions and religions that exist in this contemporary age and giving insight on the members and their activities.
The book is rather concise in identifying the manners through which each religion treats the Supreme Being and with accordance to its spiritual books. Carvalho goes further to explain that the spiritual books that each of the religions uses has its own testaments thus ensuring that the followers of a certain religion obey the given rules (Carvalho 17). The book assists the reader in understanding the boundaries that lay between different cultures and religions and thus offering a basis for respect of each religion. The manner through which Carvalho analysis each of the religions in the book is in a rather calm manner ensuring that she does not go to the extremes and ensuring that all religions are viewed as equals without having any treated with more importance than another.
The author also dwells on the issue of human spirituality. This is from the fact that she intends to show the variations that exist in terms of spirituality in an effort to have the readers understand themselves better with accordance to their believes. According to him, this is important in that it assists an individual in her path of self-discovery, which is an imperative aspect when seeking a fully functional life at peace with self and others. In the book, the author states that having faith in one religion is important in that it assists one to focus on specific beliefs rather than having multiple faiths that may have one confused in her activities (Carvalho 124).
Reading the book is also important in that it assists the average human being gain a much deeper understanding of himself with relation to God. The author identifies the fact that God is the creator of all human kind and further expresses the need for human beings to relate with God on a daily basis in an effort to get the most out of life. In the book, Carvalho also seeks to establish the fact that all the major world religions have to exist peacefully. This is from the fact that different religions may have different rules but often reach a converging point where they may require meeting for the spread of common important information to their congregation.
The book is important in that it assists individuals get in touch with their spiritual sides in an effort to achieve the maximum amount of guidance that they can acquire. It is also very clear from the book that human beings have different relations with their Supreme Being depending on the religions that they follow. The book thus seeks to find a common ground for all these religions through an intellectual perspective.

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